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Monday, November 5, 2012

Player Power Rankings

Royce Young has his inaugural Thunder Player Power Rankings up on Daily Thunder.    Perk is ranked #7 on the team, which seems about right.  I'd maybe rank him a bit higher, but that's just me. Here's what Royce had to say about him:
7. Kendrick Perkins The “Bash Perk Bandwagon” is filling up earlier than usual this season. But give him credit with this: Against the Blazers, LaMarcus Aldridge struggled to find any offensive rhythm, going just 10-of-22 from the floor. That was from Perk’s annoyance, as well as his defense. Perk is Perk and you’d think Thunder fans would accept him as the player he is by now. He’s not a low post threat, he’s not a double-double machine and he’s not going to pull in 15 rebounds. He’s a tough guy that sets good screens, defends the post as well as anyone in the league and adds a little mean streak to OKC’s defense. That’s it.
Thunder fans should heed my warning. You don't appreciate what Perk brings to the team until he's not there to bring it any more. The Celtics found out the hard way.

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