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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Clippers 11/21

Another team that whines incessantly about the refs. It's not like CP3 and Griffin don't get a whole lot of help from the refs, but I guess that's ok. I hope you enjoy today's comments and I'd like to wish all my OKC friends a very Happy Thanksgiving!

I have confidence we may beatdown the thunder. I feel that if we allow durant to get his but lockdown everyone else, we will win easily. Our defense will carry us.

We got this. Barnes on Durant, is better than Butler on Durant. Westbrick will shoot them out the game or go on fire, I predict the former.

DJ is going to have problems against Perkins

Compared to the Clips' bench, how's OKC's?

Compared to the Clips LA should slaughter them. Maynor/Martin/Jones III/Collison/Thabeet

That #35 guy on that other team is kinda good

Why the hell we leaving Durant of all people open?

What an ugly game so far. Thunder arent the team we should be playing catchup vs. Got a bad feeling

Obvious foul on DJ but no call

Making Thabeet look like he's not a bust

Deandre Jordan posting up Perkins? Dumb idea Even Bynum couldn’t move Perkins


They are playing physical ball we must counter

OKC is some punk ass bitches. You're up 6 at home and getting most of the calls and you have to resort to hacking our players?

OKC gamethread has... 0 comments

Still waiting on them to discover the Internet

OKC has to cool off eventually, right?

The shots they've been making this quarter have been easy shots that don't require cooling off

This game has been such a fluke and so poorly officiated...

They ought to be fined for some of this BS.

Lamar Odom looks exhausted after every possession. Not adding anything to this unit.

The whole "playing himself into shape" experiment isn't really working.

Those large oxygen tanks behind the bench are for him

So much for us having the Thunder's number. With our pathetic perimeter defense, it’s the other way around.

Oklahoma is playing the best defense this team has seen this season

Was perk barking at his teammate or the ref?

Knowing him, probably both


I forgot K Mart has always been a Clipper killer.

Pretty sure Westbrook just called the ref “motherf***ER”

OKC biting the hand that feeds them.

Thunder are right up there with the Lakers and Grizz as one of the most ref-coddled teams in the league.

We're not going to lose. I will now allow it

OKC getting their usual help from ref$ at home.

Every time we get close, the OKC ref$ start up with the bullshit calls.

This game is like a combination of everything I can't stand. OKC + fluke jumpers + biased refs.

I f***ing hate Kevin Durant and that grin he’s had on his face the whole game now

His humble act is soooo contrived and phony. This is the real Durant: a cocky a**hole.

Honestly, ref$, OKC doesn’t need the help.


How was that a foul? Durant was out of control

If anything Durant fouled himself

Refs giving this game to OKC

Normally completely against blaming losses on refs but these are some huge calls

You think the officiating is going to be BETTER in the playoffs? No chance in hell we’ll be allowed to beat OKC in a 7 game series at this rate.

Durant wouldn't have scored well tonight if not for the refs

Its funny how okc complaining about fouls lol

Does Durant miss freethrows?

No... He gets lots of practice, though, courtesy of the ref$.

Who the hell is guarding durant?

Noone, we don't respect his shot.

Westbrook has cleanly (and clearly) out played CP3 in this game.

F durant f westbrook and all of the okc

Oh Durant was being fouled boo-hoo refs haven't handed him 20 free throws tonight or anything

Barnes fouled on the 3, but we're not wearing an OKC jersey, so we don't get the call.

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