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Monday, November 12, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Cavs 11/11

This is an interesting fan base. Apparently they love Russell Westbrook unlike a lot of fans that hate him.  Good to see Perk getting some credit for slowing Varejao as well.   Enjoy the fact that they didn't blame the loss on the refs.  .. Their biggest complaints last night were saved for the Thunder announcers. It's odd for me after listening to Tommy Heinsohn all these years to hear another team's announcers being called homers. 

Cavs win in a blowout.

Oh god, Kyrie has to guard Westbrook.

Westbrook is going to torch Kyrie.

We destroyed them last year with Hollins. We will be fine. And they had Harden still.

More than anything else I want to see varejao impress the powers that be in okc

Varejaos thunder tryout begins

How does OKC’s blog have absolutely nobody ever commenting.

Internet just got there.

Does Oklahoma have the Internet yet?

Eric maynor looks like an alien

I thought the rip wasn’t a shooting foul anymore…???

So our star never gets any calls, and theirs is still getting calls that are now illegal in the league. Awesome.

I can’t stand watching Martin’s ugly ass shot go in over and over again. Infuriating.

We don’t lose to KD + Westbrook. We lose to Kevin Martin.. Smh

Kevin Martin is so good.

No one can stay in front of Russell Westbrook. Whether it’s Irving, Waiters, Sloan, or Gloria James, he’s going to get to the bucket when he wants to.

Varejao REALLLLY struggling

Perkins factor

How many times did Westbrook travel that second possession? Two?

By the way, they’re shooting 60 percent from the field lol.

They’ll cool dowHAHAHAHAHA no they won’t…

He can’t stay in front of Westbrook enough to force him to help


Except alphabetically

Who is faster, Westbrook or anyone in the NBA?

Westbrook, by a lot

OKC is better than us. We still can’t defend.

Its funny that they mention Kevin Martins 10 points in 16 minutes, but not Boobie’s 11 in 13 minutes. Freaking homers.

OKC TV guys are pretty bad.

We’ve seen at least 3 worse teams this year so far.


My stream is dying..ughhhh

Mercy killing

They might wanna try guarding that Kevin Durant guy, I hear he’s pretty good.

Overrated. Second best player on a borderline team


Of course Westbrook gets off his shooting slump against us. That’s so Cleveland

Dion must be injured. Or Byron’s teaching him a lesson of some sort.

Still doesn’t explain why Andy, Kyrie and Gee were left on the bench for so long while the Leuer and Casspi were in there being an affront to basketball.

I really love Russ Westbrook

Varejao was 2-8 from the floor.

He had Perkins on him.

Anyone want to start a lottery pick thread?

Must we really tank this season?

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