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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Comments From the Other Side - OKC/Sixers 11/24

The poor Sixers fans were bummed out right from the beginning of this game because they found out that day that Andrew Bynum's knees are the equivalent of a couple of lumps of Silly Putty and that he probably wouldn't be playing for them at all this season. Lots of love from Sixers fans for Russ and KD although Russ also has his haters as usual. And, as usual there are the ref rants. They were right about one thing. OKC wasn't going to lose 2 in a row. Enjoy today's Comments...

I really don't think we can win this game.

Not expecting a win, but I hope it's a heated, tight game until the end. Can't forget the heated exchange between KD and Evan during our last game versus OKC.

OKC lost to Boston last night.. Yeah, they are on 2nd of back-to-back, but still, what are the odds they lose 2 in a row?

It will be interesting to see if Jrue can hold his own defensively against Westbrook. Westbrook is a different animal to Irving.

Serge Ibaka, Please be kind to Evan Turner. Thanks,

Okc lost to Boston which means sixers have no **** of winning tonight

Ugh. I can see it now. Turner gets his shot blocked about 20 times tonight by Ibaka alone.

The Thunder are proficient shooters for sure...

Don’t now who’s worse right now. The OKC commentator or Lavoy.

Kwame Brown is not very good at basketball.

But he can bowl Without any injury

Westbrook the Sixers' killer

Holiday cant defend Westbrook The guy expload to the basket like he has a motor up his a**

Holiday can defend many players he just has problem with quick pg's and Westbrook is so explosive no one can defend him

When Thabeet make you look bad you know you suck Yes, I am looking at you Hawes

Holiday will have nightmares after this game But I cant blame him so much, Westbrook is so much better

Can someone explain why they are putting Perkins on our PG?

Maybe they think our bigs are that soft that they can just let westbrook guard our bigs?

So durant is kinda good.

No one told me Cole Aldrich was a free agent! I want him!

Westbrook, shooting 41% a game, averages more shots than Kevin Durant--the best pure scorer in the NBA. In what world should that happen? They picked the wrong guy...should've kept Harden.

2 ft attempts at half.... I know we shoot jumpers... But this is ridiculous... Doug needs to bring this up to the league

I don't think I have seen one missed foul call on the sixers this half

Look at this **** they are calling for westbrook.... **** real We get **** by calls every damn game

Refs are terrible

These OKC commentators are the most ridiculous homers I've heard in a long time. They think Wright plays poorly against OKC because he is so in awe of Durant that he gets caught watching him. Are you kidding me?

Westbrook and Durant make it look too easy. Shades of LeBron and Wade

Durant is unstoppable. If Westbrook was a smarter player they would have won last year Imo

Westbrook with the offensive foul on ET...no call.

Right now , OKC getting all the calls

And okc with their 100009484398137th offensive rebound

Lavoy Allen is garbage Refs are garbage

Westbrook is just so tough

Thunder have gotten more free throws this quarter than the Sixers get in a whole game

With these shots the Sixers will now surpass Kevin Durant in number of free throws attempted this game.

I haven't been this riled up about officiating all season. These commentators making it 100x more unbearable.

I want durant I think we should try to get him Brb using trade checker

These are the times when you want a durant on your team. They have 2 go to guys, 3 if you count Martin.

Feel like just kind of in general you would like a durant on your team but that's just me.

I have to admit he's my favourite player. I'd give a leg to have him play for the Sixers.

Great. Five more minutes for Durant to get whatever look he wants.

More annoying Durant calls

Who’s interested in gathering a group of investors to buy some Philadelphia calls?

Refs are killing us killing us

Kevin Martin’s shooting form makes me cringe

Damn, Turner has gotta go to the Kevin martin Ugly jumper school of shooting.

This coach makes a crash test dummy look smart

That was a terrible shot by Martin So, of course it goes in.

KD is so frickin’ good.

This is what mediocre looks like False hope, can’t get right at the right time. Can’t get an easy shot. Can’t get a call. Mediocre at its worst.

How do you stop Durant?

Land mines

The Oklahoma City Thunder are good at basketball.

I wish turner hit Durant harder on the last foul

They should have been leveling Durant for the entire game. All those ticky tack fouls were bullshit.

The worst thing is: Kevin Durant is impossible to hate.

I despise him because my roommate used to average 40+ points w/him in nba2k. That and the way every single person on this planet gushes about him is annoying. Great player, just tired of hearing about him

Hate to burst your bubble, but Durant is probably the most likable nba player in a decade.

Can't we take Spencer's or Kwame's knee cartilages and hand them to Bynum?

Things could be worse... We could be Seattle fans

Well that sucks I blame this loss on Jrue going so cold from the floor

I blame this loss on the refs. They screwed us on almost every call.

I blame the loss on Kevin durant being a ridiculously good basketball player

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