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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Comments From the Other Side - OKC/Pistons 11/9

Another game, more ref complaints. Not quite as bad as Bulls fans, though. Pistons fans are so busy hating on their own coach and players that they didn't hate on the Thunder as much. Although, Russ did get some hate for his hard foul. Sad when you know your team is going to lose so you cheer for the other team's players on your fantasy team. Enjoy...

We should win this. OKC isn't the same without Harden

Hoping that Westbrick shows up and shoots them out of the game.

Wow Kendrick how do u get beat by Perkins

Durant gets a blocking call in his favor when Knight was in place at the FT line since Durant was about halfcourt. I think that's the longest distance in NBA history where it was called a block.

Some REAL lousy calls

I think Durant didn't raise the ball to shoot until after the whistle, but compared to previous experiences in OKC we are doing well by the refs.

OKC May win by 40

Their blowouts are messing up my fantasy stats. I have Durant/Ibaka in one league, Westbrook/Ibaka in the other. If they do’t play the 4th quarter, it makes me mad!

Question of the game 3rd quarter collapse or 4th quarter collapse?

I'm going with 2nd quarter


I'm actually pretty pissed that the Thunder have "throwback" jerseys. They’re a f***ing 4 year old team.

Did Westbrook just miss three times on the same possession?

Conflicted. I want Durant, Westbrook and Ibaka to get great stats, but I want Pistons to win

KD = Kevin the Dagger

Refs are obviously pro OKC

Maynor Looks Better Than Westbrook

Westbrook 0-5 and Detroit still losing

This is not your last year’s okc okc is not nearly as dangerous without harden 4 some reason

Prince is **** garbage. Boring player that fools our idiot coach into starting him.

Wow Tayshaun, wow Tay Crossover

The refs have been giving okc ever benefit of a doubt, I’m hoping there will be some makeup calls next half

Maynor is **** annoying

Perkins is killin guys with those picks! Adjustment needed..

Did anyone actually send questions to Pistons.com's "Ask Coach Frank"?

He didn't answer my "does your mom pick out your suits in the morning?" question

Or my, "How does it feel to still not be able to go on roller coasters at Cedar Point?"

Sefolosha sounds like a disease

Why wasn't Westbrook called for something serious there?

Westbrook needs to hit the deck. Max, Drummond, Moose, somebody needs to drill him.

Someone better clobber Westbrook. Take that **** out!

Aerosmith guy wearing OKC home jersey.. I guess he's a fan

That chick looks like Stephen Tyler. And the Thunder didn't eve nchange their f***ing mascot from the Sonics...

Huh, we’re playing correctly all of a sudden…

Did Durant just break Dres ankles?

It seems that guys are always having career highs against us...

This HAS to send a message to Larry Frank to turn the kids loose. Dre, Moose, and Singler should be starting.

I'd say yes if we're to build a team from scratch (like OKC)

Newsflash: OKC was in Seattle before they were in OKC...they didn't exactly build their team from scratch.

I mean’t building roster from raw talent

These are the best two consecutive losses we’ve had in a while!

Never been so happy to be 0-5

We're 0-6

I'm not so good at differentiating between 5 and 6 today.

I hope we destroy them when they come to the palace

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