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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Grizzlies 11/14

I've been just doing these just for wins but these were pretty entertaining in spite of the loss.  Grizzlies fans seem to have a persecution complex.  Refs out to get them.  ESPN out to get them.  Poor guys.   There's some Thabeet hatred and the usual "No Harden so OKC isn't good any more" comments.      My favorite comment was the one where they said that the refs ejected ZBo because they were mad that the Grizz overcame their efforts to fix the game.  Talk about delusional.  I hope you enjoy these, in spite of the loss.

Can't wait to see this game! We are not the Grizzlies of old and OKC don't have Harden.

No Harden is good but one thing REALLY scares me...Kevin Martin

NOOOOOOO Kevin MARTIN NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Another 3 by Martin nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo That's a flop by Martin NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! ^just getting that out of the way.

Durant and Westbrook really haven't been as strong this year without Harden. It's very surprising. Martin isn't really a play-maker like Harden was he can shoot the lights out but lacks the defense and play-making ability Harden had for OKC.

That is seriously the funniest thing I've ever seen from an NBA game. I still can't believe we wasted a #2 draft pick on that fool though...

Oh my gosh! Hahahah! Poor guys looks like a baby giraffe!

The funny part was more of what the commentator said. "He was going to do something special, had he got to the rim"

Pumped for this game. Outside of Kevin Martin and Nick Collison, the Thunder bench isn't very intimidating

Referees will be the W/L reason tonite. Durant, Martin, and Westbrook are all BFFs w/refs Especially Martin.

there's no chance whatsoever that Perkins doesn't pick up a technical foul in this game.

Our bench is way better. We havent won the bench matchup in awhile.

Can you say biased? ALL ESPN talks about is the Thunder.

Durant is the best overall player, LeBron is the most athletic player, Lebron is still a bit out of sync even though his skils are supernatural.

Biased announcers and biased refs... Looks like nobody's on the Grizzlies side tonight.

Gasol gets a foul and tech every time someone bumps into him

Or when he bounces a ball off a "superstar"'s face Westbrook is a drama queen How many times can you REALLY get poked in the eye in a game? I hate the calls that Durant gets.

Can somebody find out what in the heck is wrong with Marc? Shooting 32% will not beat most NBA teams, much less an elite team in their building.

If Westbrook would wear his Sally Jesse Raphael glasses during the game, he wouldn’t get poked so much! Although he’d have to put lenses in

Durant just ran over our defender in the lane but of course gets the block called

Did a bird crap on Thabeets head?

Hasheem Thabeet's still awful

Ibaka always bites on a fake, I wonder why no one has ever capitalized on this since Chris Bosh in the finals.

Zebras affecting the game.

OKC is kidding themselves if they say they don't miss Harden.

Thumder messed up. After Hardin trade Grizz > Thundr

Dang refs are blowing everything for durant

Refs getting the thunder back in it.

Argh! Memphis better win this, I don't want a team that needs help from the officials to get a win against us....

The refs didn't bounce the ball off of Westbrook's head or throw the ball away. The Grizz are doing this to themselves and giving the Thunder the momentum. Naturally, when one team has the momentum, calls go their way but this is all Grizz not the refs.

So Marc bobbles the ball and Westbrook takes a swipe at Marc and Marc gets the tech?!? Wtf?

I may be wrong but it looked like he wanted to do that.

Man we are killing them and the refs are just taking over. It's so blatant and disgusting.

Was thinking that it would be okay to lose a road game to a team like OKC, but after leading by 16 and having the refs rescue the Thunder, man we have to win this now

I'm seriously thinking of boycotting ESPN. This is the most biased nationally broadcast sporting event I've ever seen. I feel like I'm watching OKC's announcing crew.

Should be 18 if it wasn't for the zebras. OKC fans cried about the finals being rigged for the Heat....sometimes it appears as if their whole existence is rigged....

You know it's a good call when OKC fans don't boo.

OKC fans booing the refs, are you kidding me? They have gotten soo many calls tonight.

This just in...ESPN loves the Thunder!

OKC fan yells through my TV, "WATCH THE FOULS REFS" .........LMBO!

That was Westbrick.

I can't stand Perkins. I never say stuff like this but I hopes he rips his ACL, MCL and PCL to shreds and ends his career soon.

I haven't been more happy to see Thabeet in my life.

Refs must have money on OKC

Announcer says Westbrook hits a meaningless three there.Bush league. Stat stuffer.

Because the refs were ****** that the Grizzlies were able to overcome their attempt to fix the game. Basically a revenge ejection from my point of view.

I can't stand the Thunder Glad to have this win

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