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Friday, November 9, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - Bulls 11/8

Bulls fans sure are tough on point guards. I think they are just insecure about their own point guard so they have to trash all the others.  As much as they bashed Russ, they actually were nice to him compared to what they say about Rondo. Of course, there are the complaints about how the refs are stealing the game from them. Seems to be a constant these days. Enjoy today's comments!

The Bulls care about this game. We got this.

Hopefully Russel Westbrook plays for us tonight...And watch out for Ibaka mid range game...The dude is money from there...

Easy loss. Remember playing OKC last season without Rose? *shudders*

Without Harden, OKC is not as scary.

OKC is not a great road team but a really good team, for a national game they aren't likely to be flat or unmotivated.

I like OKC a lot but I don't think they are THAT much better.

I hope Kirk gets all up in Westbrooks face, to the point where he needs to play hero ball and stuffs everything up. That would be pleasant for me.

While I think Westbrook would go off on just about anyone, I'm almost certain that he'll look like prime D-Wade out there if Nate is on him.

Kirk is already irritating Westbrook.

Westbrick looks bad at times

Westbrook building us a house

I really do enjoy watching westbrook struggle

Ibaka is killing us Would someone please guard IBAKA!!!!!!

Thabeet kinda sucks

Thabeet is really awkward and uncoordinated. What a massive bust.

Kevin Martin is so underrated.

Why don't we contest Durant's jumpers? They do know he can shoot, right?

Westbrook's shot selection bothers me and it's not even my team.

Bulls are getting jobbed by the refs. Holy crap, they are getting NO calls.

It seems like refs hate Boozer as much as some of the Bulls fan do.

Ibaka getting in our heads right now defensively.

Kevin Durant screams like a girl, I thought my ears would explode.

Westbrook is just so frustrating at times. Wake up, dude. You're on my fantasy team. OKC fans have to pull their hair out at times watching him play.

Westbrook's b-ball IQ is so ridiculously low.

This is what will always separate Westbrook from Rose in who's better debates.

Westbrick truly living up to his name. I'm loving it!!!!

5 point swing because of the Refs. Worst part of the NBA stars get that call and other players don't.

Bulls depth is about as deep as a kiddie pool.

OKC is not the same without Harden

I hate KevMart

Get back on the bench, Kevin Martin And oh, F*** you

You'd think Kevin Martin was a superstar the way they call fouls for him.

Martin is a OKC player now. Free trips to the foul line

that's the thing about Martin He has such a low release that he gets guys to bite on pump fakes with ease. Gets plenty of trips to the line that way.

Thunder will be fine without harden

I want them to crumble

Rather them than lakers or heat

Thank you based Westbrook for keeping us in this game

F'ing LOVE WESTBRICK he’s our mvp

Man, luckily we have Westbrook stepping up for us in Rose's absence.

Westbrook is Bricktacular right now

I need me a meme generator picture Something along the lines of… You have one of the best scorers in the history of the NBA on your team? TAKE MORE SHOTS THAN HIM!

Only one player dumber than Westbrook in the league And we got him. Carlos f***ing Boozer

Putting aside tonight's game, I really want to see Durant continue to rebound like he did in the first couple of games. It would be awesome to see a SF averaging like 30 and 12. I truly believe he can do it.

No one devalues the assist more than Westbrook

Darkwing Duck checks out. Now OKC has an intelligent PG in the game…

How is that a foul?

Because Kevin Martin flails like a rag doll during a tornado.

They'll call anything for the Thunder.

The refs are really hosing us right now. We deserve to win this game.

Anyone else notice that Durant has 0 free throw attempts? Wow.

Unbelievable how bad the officiating has been.

Man I love the NBA but this **** with the refs really kills it for me. They single handedly decided the outcome of this game, unbelievable.

Can't we just have Rose play in a wheelchair?

If it looks like a duck But acts like a basketball player, it’s a Westbrook.

What the F is Kirk doing?

He's out westbrooking wesstbrook

Bait and switch They get us distracted with major Westbrook suckage and then BAM! Durant happens.

Damn Kevin Durant is good.

Holy crap, Thunder shot 49.3% Even with Westbrook’s 7/22.

Damn Ibaka.

It's downright scary if he can be consistent from outside And it’s looking like that might happen.

Ibaka is the best player on the court tonight. Jeez.

I love KD except when he helps his team win over us.

I usually don't like the blame the refs, but we had a lot of bad calls go against us. can’t help but think we would’ve won the game if they would’ve made the obvious calls.

Why do Durant and Brooks allow Westbrook to take 22 shots?

Pretty sure Westbrook does what he wants.

I like it better when other teams have their superstar players stolen from them because of injury.

Kind of disheartening that our fans boo more when they miss out on Big Macs than when our team loses.

I can take the loss. We got screwed bigtime on calls.

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