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Monday, November 19, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Warriors 11/18

There are a couple of complaints about the refs but for once they aren't completely blaming the refs for the loss.  Most of the chatter on their boards centered on how back their own players were and how much they hated them.  With all that hate for their own team there wasn't all that much left for the Thunder, although Russ and KMart get some as always.  Enjoy....

We will win but it's gonna be close

Here we gooooooo...who the hell is going to guard westbrook?

Maybe westbrook will just decide to shoot low precentage jumpers for no reason.... LOl its happened before

Man westbrook is strong, took all that contact from dre, and still finished.

How do we score against a lineup of Perkins, Ibaka, Sephalosha, Westbrook? (+Durant)

No one stops that Durant fadeaway

Well, we are making them shoot over us at least

I hate Westbrook

He does look like a duck

Thunder Live and die with Westbrook or Westbrick

Damn ... We just got Thabeeten

When you are being brutalizaed by Hasheem Thabeet you still have some problems.

So uh.....OKC doesn't need to play Westbrook and Durant, right? I mean, it's only fair and all....

OKC is too good for these guys.


We are playing the Thunders

The thunder arent even really trying, jus running plays and finding people wide open for shots

Disappointing, but KD is a really, really good rebounder

Not to complain about officiating But they are not calling illegal screens tonight. Perkins and Thabeet both hip-checking fools

Why are the Thunder putting Perkins on Curry? Making fun of us?

Perkins guarding Curry is humiliating for Stephen this might just killed his confidence for good!

Why do the refs have to help out the BEST teams

Because they wont put their money On a bad team

I hope thse "all stars" get a warning for flopping

Did the ref swallow his whistle on our side of the court And suddenly spit it out when Durant make the move

Anyone else think Westbrook is a horrible player? I hate that the dubs are making him look good.

God I hate Kevin martin

Only Durant gets that call..

I wonder if Thunder fans watch that and think “Good call!”

Kevin Martin is ridiculous right now.

I HATE Kevin martin


How come they don't call Durant for switching his pivot foot there?

Because it's the NBA.

He's in too many commercials

Did Durant just cross Green How can a 6’9 so agile like that a freak of nature

I wish we had a competent head coach. Not even good, just competent

We should trade Barnes for Thabeet That guy oozes potential.

Is that what that gold stuff on his head is?

We need to do a better job defending KD He had a triple double tonight.

KD maybe the hardest person to defend in the NBA

Sucks we lost, but we lost because they are better, Not because we are a bad team.

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