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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Perk Hosting at Bayou Place

Vic Elmo & Kendrick Perkins (With Perk's wife Vanity in the background) 
I can go weeks without seeing a mention of Perk in the news in the offseason, especially when he's recovering from not one, but two off-season surgeries.  Today, I got two Google Alerts in a row with mentions of Perk. The first was the Hoops card below and the second was that Perk hosts Live! on Fridays at Bayou Place.

I had no idea what Bayou Place was so did a search and found that they describe Bayou Place as Houston's premier entertainment destination, featuring world-class establishments. Bayou Place is where Houston goes to play. I learn something new every day. So, I guess that along with rehabbing from groin and wrist surgery Perk is doing a bit of hosting in Houston, Texas.   Let's just hope that no crazies hang out there.  Stay safe, Perk. 

Perk's 2012-13 Hoops Basketball Card

2012-13 Hoops Basketball Card #134 Kendrick Perkins 
Oklahoma City Thunder
I don't collect basketball cards but I'd buy this one. 

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Perk Mix and a Few PerkThoughts

I mentioned to Lex the other day how I thought that Perk could be the MVP of the Celtics. I've been thinking a bit more about that. Going back to the 2008 Finals, in games 1-4 and 6, the Celtics dominated inside and the Lakers vaunted bigs (Bynum, Odom, and Gasol) were almost invisible. Then in Game 5, all 3 of their bigs dominated inside. The difference? Perk missed that game.

In 2010, the Celtics were poised to claim another title when Perk went down in game 6. In Game 7, the Celtics were outplayed inside and on the boards and they were edged out by the Lakers (and the Refs). In 2011, the Celtics were playing well. Perk was just back from the injury and then he was traded. And the team went down hill and just couldn't seem to pull it together. It was quite evident that, even though he hadn't played the beginning of the year, the team missed Perk. They knew what Danny gave away and it hurt the chemistry and mindset of the team. Ubuntu was destroyed. The Celtics have tried to replace him ever since and still haven't been able to do so.

On the other hand, from the time that Perk joined the Thunder, they have improved and have become one of the top contenders for a title. They were good before the trade, but now they are considered a great team. The difference between then and now is simply the addition of Perk. Whether anyone else will admit it, Perk is so much more valuable to the team than any box score shows. Perk is my MVP. (Most Valuable Perk)

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Perk - 15 Pts. vs Spurs in Game 4 WCF 2012

Keep in mind as you watch this video that Perk is playing with a partially torn groin muscle as well as a torn ligament in his wrist.  He had surgery on both injuries after the Finals.  Most players would be sitting on the sidelines in a suit with those injuries but not Perk.  He's a warrior and one of the toughest players in the league. 

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Best Trade - Worst Trade

SB Nation blogs are doing a Best Trade Ever series. I'm a bit conflicted on this one. Welcome to Loud City has this to say about the Thunder's best trade ever.
Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic were traded to the Boston Celtics for Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson. These were the pieces, but in reality this trade was OKC forgoing Green to get Perkins.

Perkins was everything that the Thunder seemed to be missing: interior toughness, defense, rebounding, and championship experience. Perkins was also a local guy (he went to high school in Beaumont, TX) who had home town values and fit right into the Thunder identity. He worked hard, played hard, and held himself accountable while keeping others accountable as well.

Over time, this trade has borne itself out heavily in the Thunder's favor. Perkins helped launch the Thunder into a two year run which culminated in a Western Conference Finals appearance in Year 1 and a Finals appearance in Year 2. He has played through injury, adversity, and all of the scrutiny that comes with being the center on a championship contending team. As we saw in last year's playoffs, Perkins was the perfect antidote for the big men who ruled the West (Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol).
Unfortunately, after the trade, the Celtics who were on top of the league and playing very well, began to slide and I believe that the trade blew a chance to compete for the championship that season. Ever since, the Celtics have been trying to replace what Perk brought to the team with little success. The closest they have come was to move KG to the center position, which paid dividends last season. But they still haven't replaced what Perk brought to the team: the toughness and grit and heart that he brought to every game.

So, I'm happy for the Thunder who have indeed benefited from this trade. I've come to love the Thunder They are a fun team to root for. Lots of young players with great character. Now that Dwight Howard is on one of the Thunder's biggest rivals, Perk becomes even more important to them. But with Bynum on the Sixers, he could be very important to the Celtics too.

I started following the Thunder because of the trade and so that's a good thing. But the best trade ever for the Thunder is still the worst trade for the Celtics and I very much miss Perk on the Celtics. What he brought to the team is very hard to replace and will never show up in the box score.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

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Kendrick Perkins Photo of the Day

This is my favorite picture of Perk.  Not sure why other than it shows he is capable of putting the "Oh no" look on LeBron's face.  When LeBron talked trash about Perk when Griffin dunked on him, maybe he was getting even for this photo of Perk totally owning him.  And, about that dunk.  Perk is a defender.  He will get in front of every player going for a dunk and sometimes he will get the block and sometimes he will get dunked on.  I personally think that Griffin committed an offensive foul on that dunk but it wasn't called.   I'd rather have my center willing to step in and try to block a shot and be posterized once in a while than have one who steps away to avoid the contact.  I'll take Perk every time. 

Serge Ibaka's 11 Block Game vs Nuggets

In honor of Serge Ibaka's four year $48 million extension with the Thunder, here is his 11 block game vs the Denver Nuggets on February 19, 2012. Serge got a triple double the hard way with 15 points, 15 rebounds and 11 blocks. Amazing. Congrats to Serge on the extension.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Another Westbrook-Harden Commercial - These Guys are Good

Another great commercial with Russell Westbrook and James Harden for Foot Locker. In this one they are joined by Chris Bosh and Kevin Love. Enjoy.

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Hilarious Westbrook-Harden Commercial

This is too funny. The beard was the best part.

Kendrick Perkins Photo of the Day

I love Perk's game face.  He looks absolutely scary out there.  But, if you ever see him with Li'l Perk, you know that he also can look very happy.  My daughter loved this picture as her favorite food is Pizza Rolls.  She would eat them morning, noon and night if I'd let her.   Looks like Perk likes them too :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

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Howard to the Lakers Makes Perk More Valuable

Perk has been able to handle Dwight Howard quite well in their battles against each other.  When Perk was with the Celtics, he was able to hold Howard to ten points below his average.  And the very important thing about Perk is that he is one of the few players in the league who can cover Howard one on one so that you don't have to double and leave someone, say Kobe, or Nash open.  Perk's value to the Thunder just increased considerably with the arrival of Howard in LA.  I have written many times about Perk's value against Howard on Celtics Green.   Howard's offense has been limited to dunks and shots in the paint and Perk is one of the few players strong enough to keep him out of his comfort zone. 

Perk has always been valuable for slowing down Bynum in LA, and he did a decent job with it.  But  Perk can also keep Howard out farther than he likes on defense also, which opens the lane up somewhat.  The Celtics could use Perk's talents now that Philly has Bynum.  I know that Perk doesn't always match up with the quicker more athletic centers but there will always be that one team with the center like Howard or Bynum that you have to get past to get a title and for that,  Every team needs a Perk.   Back when the Celtics had to go through Magic to get to the Finals,  this headline on a Magic blog made me smile: "BOSTON ‘D’ IS HOWARD’S KRYPTONITE." Now The Thunder are going to need that Kryptonite for their title run.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kendrick Perkins Photo of the Day

Thought this one was pretty funny.  They do sort of have the same scowl on their faces.  Would be better if Perk was still in green, though. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

KG Agrees With Me

Here is a post I put up on Celtics Green on October 11, 2007 during training camp of the Celtics' 17th championship season. KG was getting to know Perk and he felt, as I did that Perk was going to be a big part of that team and would help out his game by being the enforcer in the center and being a defensive stopper in the middle. And Pierce adds that he feels that Perk would be one of the top centers in the East. After that season, there was no doubt that Perk was a difference maker.

For 4 years now, I have been telling everyone who would listen to me that Perk is going to be a great center. I love this guy and his attitude and his toughness and his work ethic. I have been saying since his first season when I saw how hard he worked to get into shape that he was going to be something special. I have been told I was crazy and told that Perk is nothing more than a back up center on a bad team. I never believed that and it seems that neither do Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.

His first 2 seasons, Perk got very little playing time and when he did get into the game, Doc would pull him as soon as he made a mistake rather than letting him play through his mistakes and learn from them. Finally, his third season he got a chance to play and then he injured his shoulder. That summer he had surgery and while Big Al was able to work out with Clifford Ray, Perk was rehabbing his shoulder. Last season he was hampered by plantar fasciitis but yet, only sat out 10 games because his team needed him. But, he couldn't practice and it hampered his movement and jumping ability. He played in pain much of the season but never used that as an excuse.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Paul Pierce Loves Perk Too

This is a post I did on Celtics Green on August 14, 2007, going into the Celtics' championship season.   Perk's play was very crucial to winning the championship.  His importance can be seen in the finals.  In games 1-4 and 6, the Lakers bigs were practically non existent.  In game 5, both Bynum and Gasol put up big numbers.  The difference?  Perk missed game 5.  His importance doesn't show up in the stats but it sure does show up in the results.  

I included this in the Fiddlin' and Diddlin' section, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought is needed to be in a separate post. In the Herald's report on Pierce's interview, Pierce singles out Perk for some praise.
“This is going to make Perk (Kendrick Perkins) a better player, too. But I thought he was starting to show his improvement late in the year. His fouls were down, and that’s him really starting to understand the NBA game in his fourth year.”
I have been on the Kendrick Perkins bandwagon since we got him and have been telling anyone who would listen that this kid is going to break out this season.

Perk got off to a slow start because he was still rehabbing from that shoulder injury in the beginning of the season. Then he was hampered by the plantar fasciitis for much of the season. A lot of people forgot about the fact that he was playing in pain because he was out there every game giving his all and never complained about it. You have to love that in a player. He is as tough as they come.

As Pierce notes, he showed a lot of improvement late in the year because his foot was starting to heal and he could move without being in excruciating pain. He was fouling less and playing some great defense in the paint. Perk never got to work with Clifford Ray in the offseason last year because of the shoulder injury but will have this entire summer to work with him along with Tom Thibodeau who is responsible for Yao Ming's emergence. I love that Pierce is giving Perk some love because he is going to surprise a lot of people this year. Better jump on the bandwagon now because it is going to get very crowded by the end of the season. Just remember - I was there first.

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lots of Love for The Beast

Here is an article I wrote on Celtics Green on December 2, 2009.   I've always said that Perk's value will never be understood from the box scores but in this piece, some numbers do show his contributions.  But his importance to a team goes way beyond the numbers and anyone who has followed him for any amount of time knows that.   Perk is a Beast and there's just no denying it. 

I think back to Perk's first 4 seasons in the league and how many articles I wrote about what a great player he was going to be and how I loved the way he played defense. Way back then, I was a lone voice singing Perk's praises. Well, almost a lone voice. The crack staff over at Perkisabeast were also on the Perk bandwagon with me back then.

I have been so excited to see all the love that Perk is getting lately. And he deserves every bit of it. Here is just a sampling of what I found just in the last day. First, from Celtics Hub:

Kendrick Perkins is leading the league in FG Percentage at 64.3% per game. Let that register for a little bit for a guy who use to be one of the most hesitant shooters on the team, if not the league.

The guy has surely come a long way but Perk’s continued progression on the offensive end has been a pleasure to watch, as he firmly establishes himself as one of the premiere big men, not only in the Eastern Conference, but the entire league

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