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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kendrick Perkins Photo of the Day

This is my favorite picture of Perk.  Not sure why other than it shows he is capable of putting the "Oh no" look on LeBron's face.  When LeBron talked trash about Perk when Griffin dunked on him, maybe he was getting even for this photo of Perk totally owning him.  And, about that dunk.  Perk is a defender.  He will get in front of every player going for a dunk and sometimes he will get the block and sometimes he will get dunked on.  I personally think that Griffin committed an offensive foul on that dunk but it wasn't called.   I'd rather have my center willing to step in and try to block a shot and be posterized once in a while than have one who steps away to avoid the contact.  I'll take Perk every time. 

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