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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Hornets 2/27

Great win by the Thunder.   I was thinking that we'd get through a game without the complaints about the Thunder getting calls.   We almost did.  It took until the 3rd quarter, but someone did start complaining about the calls.  What more can you say about a 40 point game, though.  It's interesting to watch.  As the year has gone on,  the Hornets have fewer and fewer posters in their game threads.  That's the last time the Thunder will beat the Hornets, though.  Next year they'll be beating the Pelicans.  :)  I've highlighted my favorites, what are yours? 

I'm trying to decide if I am going to watch this blowout or not.

I think I'll enjoy some 2k13 tonight instead. Lol I'll record it just in case we win.

Did you watch the other OKC vs NO this year... It was not fun. Durant and Westbrook do nothing but taunt and school our team. It's annoying.

OKC just kill us. Westbrook will have a field day.

We'll see his stupid gun in the holster thing at least 5 times tonight...

Honestly, Westbrook doesn't scare me. It's Kevin Martin that scares me. Excluding Durant of course.

I suspect that we will see a lot of Durant and Westbrook posing and smiling tonight.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Bulls 2/24

Good win for the Thunder and another 4th quarter off for the starters.  Can't ask for anything more.  Bulls fans hate every point guard because they might be better than Rose.  I know they hate Rondo with a passion and looks like the same for Russ.  They seem to hate their own players almost as much though.  Sad.   My favorites are in bold.  What are yours? 

This game will be very ugly.And not in a good way either.

Russell Westbrook is gonna lite up Nate tonight.I almost feel sorry for little Nate.

Nate will get under his skin, and Westbrook will get ejected. He's such a dumb, hot head.

that's not a bad strategy lol. Someone should tell Nate to do that, since he's pretty good at it.

Westbrook is gonna kill Nate, but could also be our slight avenue of a chance, if he starts over chucking.

And you just know that the return of Nazr will motivate the Thunder that much more. It's a painful reminder of losing one of their key players that spurred them to play for hardly no minutes and less money for the Bulls.

There will be blood

And unfortunately it will be ours.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Wolves

Finally a win!  Wolves fans had the obligatory complaints that OKC is given the game by the refs.  If I just read their comments I would think that the poor Wolves never got to the line while the Thunder lived there.  But in truth, the Wolves took 7 more free throws than the Thunder.  Hopefully you'll enjoy this WINNING edition of CFTOS. 

I'm pumped! We will win!

Lets go wolves At least keep it close enough for me to stay awake…

So, what's the expectation? Brutal blowout, or heartbreaking close one?

Ah yes the classic Down 20 the entire game comeback falls short losing by 5. Blowout and heartbreaking.

Want Ricky to piss off Westbrook again

He's ripe for another meltdown

50/40/90 from a 6’10 player…my gawd

Friday, February 15, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Heat 2/14

I would say that 3/4 of the Heat's game threads were complaining about the officiating. That is so ridiculous since they get pampered by the refs pretty much more than anyone. I mean does anyone believe that LeBron went 2 weeks without committing a foul?????  And after they spend an entire game whining about the refs, they have the nerve to call the OKC fans whiny?   I know that many don't like reading the losing CFTOS,  but Miami fans are so ridiculous that I figured I'd post them anyway. 

I am expecting total Durant's free throws fest. Stern needs Durant present at least some kind of competition to Lebron

We have to limit their free throws, cant let them get to line 40 times.

That s a loss...stern won t allow his new golden boy durant to lose this game...onto the next one

We have to push them around this game, bully them. Get in their heads. Westbrook is a hothead and usually plays poorly when you get into him mentally.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Suns 2/10

Not alot of chatting on the Suns boards. I guess most have given up and the ones left are pretty much just counting ping pong balls.  It kind of takes some of the fun out of it when the other team actually WANTS to lose.    The ref complaints were back for this game.   Love their complaints about Jermaine O'Neal.  I could have told them that before they signed him.  Guy is a loser.  Another dominant win for the Thunder.  I needed this laugher after sweating through the 3 OT Celtics game.   My favorite comments are in bold.  What are yours?

Back-to-back against OKC? That just seems cruel.

The Suns are looking forward to another crack at the Thunder. The forecast calls for heavy storms.

This OKC team is the team I'm rooting for (or hopping) to win it all, Westbrook or no Westbrook..

Nothing to discuss here. More ping pong balls!

Not going to lie..... I'm more interested in watching Westbrook put up stats for my fasntasy team tonight than the actual outcome.

For those of you okay with departing with a draft pick for no real reason, remember that the Thunder drafted Ibaka with our pick.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Suns 2/8

Suns fans seem like an ok bunch.  It's nice not to see the incessant rants about the refs giving OKC every single game.  I was really proud of Perk last night.  I think he's finally feeling good again.  My favorites are in bold.  What are yours? 

At one time, I thought Durant was a nice guy. Then he decided to yell obscenities at Suns players for no reason.

Yeah and that commercial... Really showed Durant’s true colors. How could anyone root for him?

What commercial ? I wanna seeeee :(

I was being sarcastic... Its a cheesy commercial about how Durant dunks on people.

KD is not nice 

Wish we had KD I’d beat of many hobos for the chance to have him on our teeam

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Warriors 2/6

Good win for the Thunder.  Warriors fans spent more time complaining about their own players than the Thunder.  They also got the obligatory "This is rigged" and  "the refs are giving OKC the game" posts in there but at least it wasn't as much as usual.   That first picture is pretty funny.  My favorites are in bold.  What are yours?

Most teams wanna bounce back after a really bad loss.... You think the warriors want to lose again? Id expect them to have a better chance winning this one... Considering they lost last night. Then again- OKC remembers a couple weeks ago, and westbrook might go off.

Win but it will be close

I fully expect this team to come out pissed from last night and take it to this team

GSW: 98 OKC: 94 Book it dude!

Booked! Unfortunately once booked I had to file it under fiction… :(

Dubs win in a blowout because championship caliber teams can turn around and do that the day after a humiliating loss, and we are a championship caliber team.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Mavs 2/4

Another game, another ref rant from opposing fans.   There are a lot fewer Mavs fans posting in their game threads than there were when they were winning on a regular basis.  When a team falls on hard times, the real fans come out.  Some fun comments anyway.  My favorites are in bold print.  What are yours? 

We are gonna get toasted tonight. I hope we don't.

 Dirk's back.  We should at least keep it close and either pull it out at the end or lose a close one.  

Good time to turn the season around. Hope Dirk goes off for 30

I feel like this will be our victory game over the Thunder because we actually got screwed the last time we played them. I believe in Karma!!!!!

Mavs play close and lose at the end just like every time they play the thunder.

It's time we beat these losers.   I predict a Mavs blowout. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Cavs 2/2

I know this is a loss but I had already gathered the comments thinking it was going to be a win.  There were some good ones and so I thought I'd post the comments anyway.    The ever present complaints about refs giving games to OKC.   It's always interesting to watch a fan base go from humility and expecting to get beat to being obnoxious because they won.  My favorites are in bold.  What are yours? 

Not looking forward to watching Kyrie trying to guard Westbrook

Pumped to see Durant in person. One of my favorite players.

Cavs like to play to the level of competition. I expect a close game tonight.

I didn’t realize Durant was pulling a 50/40/90 season so far. Just incredible.

Well, I do think we play better against good teams and we are at home so maybe we can….MY GOD THAT’S KEVIN DURANT’S MUSIC

/shudders in terror

Kendrick Perkins always looks bitter.

That man was born angry.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Grizzlies 1/31

Not near as many fans on the boards last night for the Grizzlies as usual.  Like one poster said,  like the basketball equivalent of a funeral.  They complained all the time about Gay before so not sure why they would be unhappy to get rid of him.  It took them a bit but they finally got around to blaming the refs for the loss.  Seems they always do.  The picture of the cat dunking really had nothing to do with anything,  but I liked it.   I've highlighted my favorites in bold.  What are yours? 

Chris Johnson drops 5 threes and the Grizz win by somewhere between 6-10. I can dream, right?

You know zbo and Marc aren't losing to a team that uses thabeet. I think we let mike sit out this one.

This is a win.

OKC/MEM is always a good game. No one should expect them to blow us out the water or something like the Clippers are capable of doing.

Kendrick v. ZBO - someone is bound to get a technical foul in this game.

Big game... I hate them. We must win it.

Wroten was drafted to match up against big guards in the West...I want to see how that looks against little Russell