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Friday, February 15, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Heat 2/14

I would say that 3/4 of the Heat's game threads were complaining about the officiating. That is so ridiculous since they get pampered by the refs pretty much more than anyone. I mean does anyone believe that LeBron went 2 weeks without committing a foul?????  And after they spend an entire game whining about the refs, they have the nerve to call the OKC fans whiny?   I know that many don't like reading the losing CFTOS,  but Miami fans are so ridiculous that I figured I'd post them anyway. 

I am expecting total Durant's free throws fest. Stern needs Durant present at least some kind of competition to Lebron

We have to limit their free throws, cant let them get to line 40 times.

That s a loss...stern won t allow his new golden boy durant to lose this game...onto the next one

We have to push them around this game, bully them. Get in their heads. Westbrook is a hothead and usually plays poorly when you get into him mentally.

As far as Russell goes aka ninja turtle he's always bytching about something... I remember they were up 25 against Memphis at home and he started yelling at sefolosha for getting a 5 second violation I mean just look at this dude...


he's just like rondo, both of them have serious temper tantrums & he's also the most immature player in the league next to Dwight Howard... Battier is going to get in his head like always and I can't wait to see it...

I just want to see Westbrook cry in the bench again.

I swear, OKC is the ONE team I think we have a significant coaching advantage against. Brooks is a dingleberry.

Westbrick can shoot all game

How is that not an offensive foul?

Buckle up man, forgot about OKC and their three extra players.

Durant always tries too hard against us

Haha yea I noticed that too... it's like he wants to have his greatest games going against lebron..

Why are the refs so damn whistle happy?

It's called Thunder "Basketball".

Westbrook is so bad against us

Haha westbrook is killing them. What a fool.

LOL look at durant getting mad haha what a baby...

Durant is a big ref-baby.

Durant fake humble

OUCH I heard that one... Man kd I hope he's all right...

Watch the Thunder get even more calls than they have now after this performance by KD.

That looked terrible. Was NOT a foul at all though. This OKC crowd is a joke.

What a bunch of fake though guys. I started to hate this okc team. We should hammer them down.

What was the crowd chanting when KD fell hard on the floor?

They should have been chanting Phantom Flop.

This okc crowd needs to shut the hell up, damn..

The refs are going to fold to the crowd.

Expect them to get away with more stuff now. The refs are gonna fold.

When did Durant turn into such a 'bad boy'? Getting all frustrated, glarey and angsty.

I actually use to like durant and thought he was a humble kid but man that dude is fake af... He tries so hard to be a tough guy now and it's just became annoying

OKC can't handle it when they don't get every whistle.

Allen is getting killed by Martin. He's way too slow for him.

I love Westbrook.

Umm, Westbrook sucks.

I know we're playing good defense but Durant is really struggling

So is Westbrook.

KD lives at the line. Its annoying.

OKC ain't nothing without that free throw line.

Welcome SuperSonics lurkers. Root for the Heat this season. The Heat love to poundOKC and they have Ray Allen.

KD is playing like a scrub. A BIG TIME SCRUB.

They are getting every single call.

Westbrook seems to get the call in his favor every time he drives...

The way the refs are bailing out Westbrook's blind and completely out of control attacks to the rim is pathetic.

I hope okc doesn't make it to the finals, they live at the ft line...

These guys just throw their bodies and expect fouls.

OKC is a bunch of whiney brats get over yourselves

Lebron needs to attack KD, get this nice guy out the game

Soooooooo, the Thunder are gonna shoot free throws every time down the court he?

Westbrook's game is so dependent on the refs calls, and we're seeing it tonight

Durant and especially westbrook jus flailing they bodies waiting for a whistle

These calls are BS.....just straight blasphemy

Unbelievable referee calls. Total ****ing BS.

Refs keepin okc in this

Just a horrible performance by the refs giving the game to OKC

I'm seriously starting to hate OKC almost as much as I hate New York.

I'm seriously starting to hate OKC almost as much as I hate New York.

Durant 2/10 OKC needs more refs help

The next time you complain about Spoelstra, remember this game. The entire Thunder coaching staff is trash.

It's like somebody removed the beard they were hiding behind.

James Harden covered up for a lot of their mistakes with his great pick and roll basketball. He pretty much ignited their offense whenever Durant or Westbrook didn't hit their jump shots.

In OKC, charges are now blocks (for the home team) In OKC, swing your arms sideways instead of forward and get hit, you'll get rewarded with FT not a side out (for the home team) In OKC, the referees are now part of a team (the home team)

Lmao 4 fouls on wetbrook...

Awesome, loving the OKC lack of composure. I want them to feel emotional everytime they think about us.

Westbrook is such a bad teammate.

Omg westbrook is a serious crybaby...

I'm SERIOUSLY starting to believe there is some kind of executive orders being given out to refs for Miami Heat games, something along the lines of, "keep Miami in foul trouble to make the games competitive"

Westbrook didn't even go to Durant, lol Durant about to Call Harden on Speed Dial

What Harden gave OKC was balance between Westbrook and Durant ISOs and ball movement off pick n rolls. They will miss that sorely.

Westbrook REALLY sucks.


Durant gets so many calls it's disgusting

OKC getting all kinds of calls, all day

All calls for OKC.

Their fans make me sick, they get one call against them and they start chanting They have gotten soooo many calls tonight

Westbrick is all athleticism and no IQ

KD is a great player but he's a complete product of the refs. It's sickening.

Wade going straight to the locker room says it all about the officiating tonight

Without the refs, okc is nothing. Too may cheap calls. They shouldn't be expecting these cheap calls in the playoff. This shows how kd is the leading scorer in the league.

I would be pleased if someone called the refs out in the post game interviews. This is past being one sided.

The Thunder are so painfully unimpressive. God it would suck to ever lose a championship to this team. They don't rebound, they're probably the lowest assist team in the league (they never pass it's all one-on-one), they don't run offense, and they play mediocre defense. All they do is shoot free throws.

Close the door on these protected bitches and start this break.

Can't believe Durant padded his stats to 40-8-4 in a game where he's been totally dominated.

LeBron asking for the ball so that he could go for 40 and Mario waves him off so that he could be fouled.

Mario is about to get traded, who the **** he think he is?

KD: King of Garbage Time

Final complaint about the officiating: OKC games are disgusting to watch and I hope we don't play them in a playoff series because of how ridiculously theyre officiated.

I hope okc doesn't make the finals... I know we'll beat them but just watching how many ft's durant get is just so disgusting honestly

I just hate Kevin durant I'm sorry. he's the fakest player in the league by far and it still amazes me how he got 40pts. This dude d-wade has 2 championships & is a superstar and he only went to the ft line 3 **** times and he got fouled out... To be honest I can even tolerate watching Kobe over durant...

The lovefest the refs have for OKC is astonishing!

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