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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Cavs 2/2

I know this is a loss but I had already gathered the comments thinking it was going to be a win.  There were some good ones and so I thought I'd post the comments anyway.    The ever present complaints about refs giving games to OKC.   It's always interesting to watch a fan base go from humility and expecting to get beat to being obnoxious because they won.  My favorites are in bold.  What are yours? 

Not looking forward to watching Kyrie trying to guard Westbrook

Pumped to see Durant in person. One of my favorite players.

Cavs like to play to the level of competition. I expect a close game tonight.

I didn’t realize Durant was pulling a 50/40/90 season so far. Just incredible.

Well, I do think we play better against good teams and we are at home so maybe we can….MY GOD THAT’S KEVIN DURANT’S MUSIC

/shudders in terror

Kendrick Perkins always looks bitter.

That man was born angry.

I can't wait until Kyrie and Dion get calls like Westbrook just did there.

Damn, refs were so embarrassed for Ibaka getting blocked by Zeller they called a foul.

Kendrick Perkins looks perpetually unhappy. I don't think I've ever seen him smile, ever.

Gee just doesn’t have a chance to stop Durant tonight.

Durant missed a dunk, he must have been fouled...

Durant turning into Wade these days.

Either Durant really sold that foul or Kyrie is insanely strong for his size.

Kevin Durant's flopping skills are on fine display tonight.

They are certainly getting calls, aren’t they?

Like they need any freakin help... Pathetic.

Durant tripped over a water bottle heading into the locker room. Refs called it a 2 shot foul.

Why does Speights look 50?

He is Greg Oden’s younger brother.

what’s the T for?

Being DeAndre Liggins?

Westbrook’s elbow jumper is just killer.

That was some damn good defense by Martin, considering his defensive reputation.

Does Thabeet still suck?

Considering where he was picked, he will always suck.

Durant bitches and moans every game and it gets him to the line 20 times.

Durant has 15 free throws, our entire team has 20, refs sure are fun.

OMG an offensive foul on Durant? NO WAY

They changed it to Perkins haha.

Westbrick is a hell of a masonry.

Maybe it's the old school fan in me, but when Durant is holding his ribs then our bigs better be giving him a forearm shiver to the side whenever he drives into the lane.

Oh man. We broke Durant lol

I think KD might actually be hurt, guys

I would hope so. That is a standard area to aim for in boxing. Take out their lungs/legs


Durant is such a whiner.

I just want the game to get to the point where Westbrook throws a temper tantrum.

“If that’s what you say, bruh”

Kevin Martin’s shot is so pick up game-esque

Apparently blatant moving screens are legal if your name is Ibaka.

Perkins just shut Speights down pretty monstrously.

Westbrook reminds me of D-Wade in temperament.

OKC is one hell of a shot-blocking team.

I used to think Perkins was terrible. I take it back, he certainly protects the rim.

Speights couldn’t beat OKC on Memphis. He’s trying to beat them while on the Cavs

OK Kyrie time to MR. Fourthquarter it up.

Remember Kevin Durant?

I thought Durant was out? What bullshit witchcraft is this?

Quick, someone knee him in the ribs!

I really hate Kevin Durant.

Westbrook = defense fail.

Right in your eyes, Westbitch.

Kyrie is better than Durant!

Might just watch this game during Cavs games for the test of the year

Westbrook trying some heroball there.

Westbrook is a great player. And I have no doubt that Kyrie is better.

How was Durant WIDE OPEN?

Solid pick by Kendrick Perkins.

It's always nice to win a game where the refs try to hand it to the other team. Karma comes back to bite them.


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