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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Wolves

Finally a win!  Wolves fans had the obligatory complaints that OKC is given the game by the refs.  If I just read their comments I would think that the poor Wolves never got to the line while the Thunder lived there.  But in truth, the Wolves took 7 more free throws than the Thunder.  Hopefully you'll enjoy this WINNING edition of CFTOS. 

I'm pumped! We will win!

Lets go wolves At least keep it close enough for me to stay awake…

So, what's the expectation? Brutal blowout, or heartbreaking close one?

Ah yes the classic Down 20 the entire game comeback falls short losing by 5. Blowout and heartbreaking.

Want Ricky to piss off Westbrook again

He's ripe for another meltdown

50/40/90 from a 6’10 player…my gawd

JJ is going to shutdown Westbrook...

it's annoying to be so hopelessly outclassed

Seems our only hope is to let Pek draw as many fouls as possible

He's the only one that will get calls. Westbrook and Durant don’t foul…

11 times out of 10 that is foul if Durant is the shooter

Sigh...is it going to be one of those nights with the refs again

OKC is an NBA darling right now

Really? The refs are the difference between us and OKC?

Westbrook and Ibaka get away with almost evreything

Perk and Thabeet with two fouls each...who's next?!

These freaking refs wont give us anything

Such a shame how it's openly okay for refs to treat bad teams differently.

Westbrook drools at the thought of ball in hand....shoot first, pass 3rd....

Westbrook is 5th in the league in assists...

Yea when will he learn that's not working for him and the team.... Oh wait

Does Durant really need ref help? isn’t the fact he never misses enough of a damn advantage?

These refs are starting to get absurd.

The wolves are shooting 37% Again. We have 5 FTA, they have 6…5 fouls to 6. OKC is shooting 57%. But it’s the refs. Dear lord I give up with the ref whining.

Collison is good at showing a lane Then stepping in and taking a charge He is probably the best at that.

Letting Thabeet score Pathetic

Steamer should be owning Collison. ...nope.

Collison is a nice player. Love to have a guy like that coming off the bench.

KD a god among men

Must be nice to have good shooters.

Perkins stroking J's on us, this is not pretty

The refs completely swallow their whistles so the team that is better at shooting (obviously not the Wolves) has a ridiculous advantage.

I know we won't win and it takes a whole lot for me to watch a Thunder game if there's no chance for the team I root for but I'm sticking around to see how much more pathetic the refs can get.

The Thunder should be fun to watch. The refs make sure they aren’t.

Dante must have superpowers To have fouled KD without having actually touched him. I think the part of the season where the league pretends to call flopping is officially over.

Ibaka two-handed shove in Steamer's back.....resulting in OKC offensive rebound.

It's legal. We’re in OKC, and it’s OKC. Please pay attention.

But if he doesn't flop, how are the refs supposed to know it's a foul?

Ibaka's defense is highly overrated Imo Terrific shotblocker. But that’s about it.

Ricky can't get a call on the mugging? I suppose it’s because Perkins has a solid reputation as a clean player…

How does Pek go invisible agianst Perkins!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No way he deserves max, we should put that money torward a shooter no doubt.

Durant could have scored another ten here, easily have to start remembering that next time I get steamed at a crappy foul call

Wow, that wasn't called a foul on Ak Probably should have been. Maybe the pendulum swings

I hope the Wolves shooting coaches are getting video of this.

We have shooting coaches?

They double as the Team doctors

They can start calling off-ball fouls K-Mart is hugging Luke, Westbrook has kindled something with Ricky

If this game was a fish I’d throw it back.

It would be illegal to throw it back you’d have to leave it on the shore to die.

This OKC crowd is classless

They don't know what a losing team is They were gifted a superstar thanks to their f***head owner.

I’m not going to watch this butchering of the rules any longer, take care guys. Hopefully we can put together a win against a different team.

They are better. Even with every call we’ve bitched about going our way we’re losing this.

I'd love to see one of our guys go ballistic at a ref over a call.

I seriously want to see Pek throw somebody into the backboard so bad. Westbrook drives, tries to poster Pek, and PEK THROWS HIM INTO THE BACKBOARDLIKE A FLY HITTING A WINDSHIELD!

If you pretend that 15 points is 0, this is a really good game.

I hate Perkins so much

Definitely a lot of superteam calls going against MN

Durant is seriously bitching about that???

I guess he just learned that if he bitches about everything he can get away with more.

Did the crowd just sing 'hey, hey, hey good-bye'? Welcome to 1987, Oklahoma.

Have you ever been to Oklahoma? They just finding out about Jimmy Carter.

They are going to hate gangsta rap, whenever that gets there.

All kidding aside...…they have black cowboys there. I’m not saying that’s wrong, I’m just saying it’s different.

Westbrook f***ing hates Ricky.

I've noticed a few PGs seem to dislike Ricky.

I think they resent how likeable he is. They’re alpha wolves in their world. When Ricky’s around people pay less attention to them.

Hard to win when the other team goes 9-14 from 3 and 22-22 from the line.

We lost by 16 points and it didn't feel like we were playing that poorly for most of the game. (Except for the inability to defend Westbrook. I can’t stand him. He is awesome, but I hate him.)

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