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Monday, February 11, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Suns 2/10

Not alot of chatting on the Suns boards. I guess most have given up and the ones left are pretty much just counting ping pong balls.  It kind of takes some of the fun out of it when the other team actually WANTS to lose.    The ref complaints were back for this game.   Love their complaints about Jermaine O'Neal.  I could have told them that before they signed him.  Guy is a loser.  Another dominant win for the Thunder.  I needed this laugher after sweating through the 3 OT Celtics game.   My favorite comments are in bold.  What are yours?

Back-to-back against OKC? That just seems cruel.

The Suns are looking forward to another crack at the Thunder. The forecast calls for heavy storms.

This OKC team is the team I'm rooting for (or hopping) to win it all, Westbrook or no Westbrook..

Nothing to discuss here. More ping pong balls!

Not going to lie..... I'm more interested in watching Westbrook put up stats for my fasntasy team tonight than the actual outcome.

For those of you okay with departing with a draft pick for no real reason, remember that the Thunder drafted Ibaka with our pick.

OKC picking up right where they left off!

This foul differential...

Are these refs trying to foul out the entire team? WTF 7 to 1 foul diff.

Brown looks ridiculous with that headband

He looks ridiculous all the time.

Ken Mauer is reffing............. Someones going to be thrown out tonight.

It's a foul fest for us. We haven't gotten to the line yet and they've been in the penalty since more than 6 min left

It's all good. Just 11 down

Got them just where we want them

I honestly don't see what's so special about Jermaine O'Neal. Bad defence, and if I ever have to see him post up again, I’m going to slit my own wrists.

12-3 foul differential. How does that even happen?

These refs make me puke.

Perkins trying to tattle to the ref. Dragic elbowed him and ran away. 

Perkins is the last player you should punk Goran - He's not fake tough like KG- he's really tough

Please refrain from attempting to murder the lone bright spot on our team, Thank You!

These refs are ridiculously pro-OKC.

And I'm going to watch the grammys. That's how bad we are.

I prefer LA stays 1 spot out of the playoffs that way their suffering would be that much sweeter

Down by 26 points. Love it.

Do dudley and gortat have any trade value left?

Its easy to lose value when you play the best in the league back to back

Absolute getting destroyed This is depressing to watch AGAIN

I’m glad Suns games have regressed to talks of Ann Meyers-Drysdale’s daughter singing national anthems. Good times.

Hunter said he was reading strategy books to help him improve on being a coach…. Obviously that just said it all right there…lmao… you aren’t ready…

This team still has no talent can’t coach when you have nothing to coach

Oklahoma's players are looking bored

Wouldn't be surprised if Durant had DNP- day off when playing Suns next.

So, uh, yeah. The thunder are a much better team than we are.

Noway man... The suns are a way worse team than the thunder :)

Kinda scary when you think about our plan of rebuilding through the draft…

Then again look what the Thunder have done through the draft

Yeah, but they draft smart, we haven't displayed that capability.

We've "drafted" smart. We just make stupid trades with whoever we pick

Past drafts. Rondo, Deng, etc.

The current FO for the Thunder has not missed on a single one of its players.

Our announcers sound so excited for the thunder, pisses me off...

I'm excited for them too Because they’ll beat the crap out of LA if LA makes the playoffs

After this game we'll have the 4th worst record in the league. We won't catch Charlotte but Orlando & Cleveland are definitely reachable.

We look like a team w/o a coach. I guess that's what happens when you hire someone who's not a coach to be your HEAD coach??

Great move by Hunter - he put the scrubs in - could you tell

Their scrubs are much better than our scrubs.

Suns avoid setting a franchise record low in points scored thanks to a put back dunk after the Thunder had already stopped playing.

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