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Monday, February 25, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Bulls 2/24

Good win for the Thunder and another 4th quarter off for the starters.  Can't ask for anything more.  Bulls fans hate every point guard because they might be better than Rose.  I know they hate Rondo with a passion and looks like the same for Russ.  They seem to hate their own players almost as much though.  Sad.   My favorites are in bold.  What are yours? 

This game will be very ugly.And not in a good way either.

Russell Westbrook is gonna lite up Nate tonight.I almost feel sorry for little Nate.

Nate will get under his skin, and Westbrook will get ejected. He's such a dumb, hot head.

that's not a bad strategy lol. Someone should tell Nate to do that, since he's pretty good at it.

Westbrook is gonna kill Nate, but could also be our slight avenue of a chance, if he starts over chucking.

And you just know that the return of Nazr will motivate the Thunder that much more. It's a painful reminder of losing one of their key players that spurred them to play for hardly no minutes and less money for the Bulls.

There will be blood

And unfortunately it will be ours.

I hate Perkins' stupid mean mugging face lol

RIP Hamilton, why the F*** is he still alive?

Westbrook got a T. Now Nate has too piss him off further and get him out.

Deng sucks, ship his ass while his value is high.

Nate is such a bad PG...and Rip's retirement isn't far away!

Just one more T for Westbrook and we should be able to stay in this game. Come on Westbrook - get mad!

Durant is ridiculous, I can't help but love that guy

Westbrook is flopping around He should have got another T there for *****ing

God I hate Westbrook

I seriously hate Russell Westbrook he's such a whiny *****

Thabeet had bust written all over him

Man this game is really physical on both ends Very few calls

thunder lead league in FTs (and especially gift FTs) Less free throws is better for us

I get a feeling... That bulls r missing shots cause of da energetic crowd

4/23 Yet we’re down by 5… Thank Westduck?

Even thabeet gets calls in okc We should send rose there for a while

OKCs Logo and Jerseys are almost as bad as our offense

it's a dumb name anyway Who is scared of thunder?

I don't have a problem with the name. Thunder is loud and OKC is pretty damn loud... It’s the logo I hate. WTF is it suppose to be!?

Russel does know how to end a fastbreak

Is it me Or is Durant kinda turning into a douche? Not that I hate him, but still..

He has a different demeanor about him after the finals Which I kinda like. No more Mr nice guy.

Durant is a wiry bastard isn't he

We really have trouble with teams that have players who can actually make shots.

Naz should be in. Thabeet stinks

We need to get a gm who got fired from the spurs Those guys have a clue

Rip, please die

I'm older than our shooting percentage right now That’s horrendous.

Yay, a top team highlight on our expense. Where would we be without those..

Teague, Beli, etc, see what Westbrook did, that is how you complete having an open lane.

This is so embarrassing. 6 for 28. And OKC isn't even playing that well. I think I'm going to cry

NBA doesn't like teams like us in the playoffs, too boring. No wonder we always get shafted on calls. They don't want us to advance.

So why does Thibs still have the starters in?

Because maybe they will tear their ACL And then we will have more excuses on why the FO is doing its best but the players are hurt. Maybe if f***ing thibs had a brain outside of Defense he would have sat his star in the 4th of a game that was more then won

Noah's bleeding, Thibs. This is god's way of telling you to take him out and keep him out.

Durant juked so hard he almost broke his own ankles on that. It was really incredible that he could make that shot after such a strong move. Most guys would put up a brick having thrown themselves out of the play.

The nice thing about 26 shooting is you can miss one and the number hardly changes.

Nazr looks confused by what the inflated spheroid he has in his hands is used for.

Wow so sad OKC got their D league team on the court

What is really sad is that, if you see OKC’s end of the bench, all of their players are young guys with potential or who are counted for a future important role on their team.

Man, I really, really dislike Russell Westbrook more and more every time I watch him.

Yeah, he's easy to dislike But I do like his actual dunks. That one in the first half was as ferocious as a guard can do I

In 367 career games, Westbrook has played in...367 consecutive games. And legend has it, he’s never missed a college or high school game either.

True true, but is he 110%? Because if not… bad things are on the horizon.

Kirk's 38% FG would have been a massive improvement tonight. Sadly not joking.

Well, I suppose this is a pretty unconventional way to tank.

OKC should have won tonight and they did, but the Bulls could have shown some damn professional pride and force them to work a little bit.

Got our ass kicked by Denver, Houston, clips,okc, Memphis,spurs. It is called a trend

The West. Yeah.

Yay for a better draft pick.

Our offense tonight makes Monta Ellis look efficient

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