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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Mavs 2/4

Another game, another ref rant from opposing fans.   There are a lot fewer Mavs fans posting in their game threads than there were when they were winning on a regular basis.  When a team falls on hard times, the real fans come out.  Some fun comments anyway.  My favorites are in bold print.  What are yours? 

We are gonna get toasted tonight. I hope we don't.

 Dirk's back.  We should at least keep it close and either pull it out at the end or lose a close one.  

Good time to turn the season around. Hope Dirk goes off for 30

I feel like this will be our victory game over the Thunder because we actually got screwed the last time we played them. I believe in Karma!!!!!

Mavs play close and lose at the end just like every time they play the thunder.

It's time we beat these losers.   I predict a Mavs blowout. 

Time for a trade Vc for a kd rumor?

so how about double team durant all game and see what happens

OKC is such a ref protected team.

I think the Washington Wizards of a couple years ago had a higher collective IQ than the Mavs have now.

OKC knows they can just dribble inside and the foul will be called.

Looks like durant knows about officiating. He just need to fall to draw fouls

Lol home cooking? Mavs shooting 73% and still not leading

5 turnovers have lead to 9 of their points. That will erase a high FG%.

Were looking very old.

They are old.

Geez can anyone breath on Durant without getting a whistle

I have a feeling OKC is going to bailed out by the refs this game too

Wow. Thatbeet on a roll. Really.

You know you got it going offensively when Thabeet is balling

OKC gets away with so much **** on defense.

Is that an assists on Wright? I mean, he clearly passed it to the OKC player for the open dunk

A team out of sorts vs. A team who has their stuff together.

The Thunder are kicking the crap out of the Mavs!

Dirk should waive his no trade clause. He shouldn't go down like this.....

That's a pretty pass by Durant. He's got so much skills, he doesn't need to get more cradling by refs

Perkins is such a fake tough guy.

He learned well from garnett

Perkins starting crap. Someone should have just punched him.

I wouldn't mind if Perkins would get fouled into invalidity.

Maybe my 2nd least favorite guy in the league

I've always disliked Perkins, even on the Celtics, exactly why is he always angry? I would like to know.

Westbrook is probably a really unpleasant person

I don't like westbrook, I find him to be an arrogant little ****, pardon my language

Any time Westbrook drives it's a foul.

A whistle for the Thunder every other time down the court.

OKC got tired of winning close games against a bad team. Finally just turned it up and said "Get these fools outta here!"

Durant is so weak... Tried to draw contact even off the ball. Only got air... Still fell to the ground. Jerk

We need a Westbrook tantrum

Ibaka outplaying dirk. Never thought i’d see the day

Poor mavs fans in OKC

My stream quit, how fitting

Mavs quit WAY before your stream did

OKC is unstoppable...they should make it back to the NBA Finals again

Dirk used to be average to below average on D. Now he's really really bad. And on offense he's just out there to draw attention. That's our $22M superstar.

Fricken everybody on OKC can nail threes.

Just throw a punch for kicks.

Thunder are so smug.  Feel like punching every one of them.   

I will surely miss playoff gamethreads.

What are these "playoffs" you speak of?

A place that the lakers won't be going to either

Even the horrible OKC Bench is getting Highlight plays against the Mavs.

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