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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Warriors 2/6

Good win for the Thunder.  Warriors fans spent more time complaining about their own players than the Thunder.  They also got the obligatory "This is rigged" and  "the refs are giving OKC the game" posts in there but at least it wasn't as much as usual.   That first picture is pretty funny.  My favorites are in bold.  What are yours?

Most teams wanna bounce back after a really bad loss.... You think the warriors want to lose again? Id expect them to have a better chance winning this one... Considering they lost last night. Then again- OKC remembers a couple weeks ago, and westbrook might go off.

Win but it will be close

I fully expect this team to come out pissed from last night and take it to this team

GSW: 98 OKC: 94 Book it dude!

Booked! Unfortunately once booked I had to file it under fiction… :(

Dubs win in a blowout because championship caliber teams can turn around and do that the day after a humiliating loss, and we are a championship caliber team.

Westbrook has been out of his mind lately and needs his meds!


I think Ibaka just commited 3 fouls in 5 seconds and none of them called Ibaka jumps at everything. Learn to pumpfake. Dorell would own him.


I can't believe no one has picked up a tech. Calls are not even under the hoop. Lee is getting killed and OKC is getting soft whistles.

Someone needs to tell Steph its okay to pass it once in a while.

When he passes he turns it over.

Well, one positive is Memphis sucks now too.


The Warriors have no shot at beating the Thunder in a 7 game series. Absolutely no way!

Refs ain't giving us anything. This game is rigged.

KD on pace for 50 FTA's

Westbrick to the rescue

I gotta say.. I use to knock Ibaka for not having an Offensive game But that shot is really coming together for him.

Ibaka's' an animal. 'nuff said

Really the perfect progression for a PF

Wow, look at Thabeet on Landry! Dwarfs him.

Bet Westbrook gets a whistle here in a minute.....

Barnes has Kevin freaking Martin on him And they’re not going at him

Refs against us

Why are we down big They are not even raining 3s

It's worse, they are raining effort

Someone Tell Mark Jackson the Thunder are Going for an NBA record They are gonna try for the most 2’s in a game. Don’t let em do it Mark!


Not the way OKC shoots FTs They don't miss

Wow OKC commentators actually defending Draymond And to be fair they are quite decent at calling the game.

I think both Martin and Russ had a case. And I wouldn't be surprised if some on OKC are a bit sensitive about reckless Karl Maloning given MWP and Beardo last year.

Dancing Bear should punch Martin in the face

Agreed. If Draymond is gonna go Roundhouse on anyone is rather it be Martin. I just don't like his face. His game is annoying too.

Flop- isson

Lee can't even slow Westbrook down.

Barnes be getting superstar calls, yall

I think Baylor and Oklahoma State goes to overtime

No wonder Thunder arena look dead tonight

Is it tornado season? Evrytime I went to OKC I was absolutely terrified whenever a slight breeze picked up.

Lee's defense is killing us worse than his awful offense. I can't believe this

Westbrook haha. We have no one to stop him

Landry and High IQ Green literally watched Perkins grab that rebound. Didn't even flinch

Westbrook has been talking so much trash to the refs literally all night

Westbrook about to lose it

Green throws elbow.. … Westbrook gets the T.

And of course Martin decides to catch fire when the game gets close

I hate Martin. He's annoying.

Too much Thabeet. Solid gold.

I know Thabeet is awful. I think everyone does. But it is still quite a sight to behold when he's on the court.

Damn how many blocks do the thunder have? Feels like a dozen

That was ugly

Ugly is an understatement.

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