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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Comments from the other side - FINALS Game4 6/20

 It's a bit depressing having to see these so called Heat fans celebrate a win that was pretty much assured to them by the officials.  But as one fan said, they don't  care if they are Whistle Champs again.  That's how they got their first title and that never bothered them.  It was interesting to see a Knicks fan speak up on how bad the officiating was.    It still amazes me how badly they trash their own players, calling them trash and LeChoke, when they miss a shot or two and then they are all great again when they hit a big shot.  Just amazing.   Lots of love for Russ, though.  I'm hoping it's still not out of the question for OKC to win the next 3 games.  I, for one, don't want a Whistle Champion. 

2-1 seems scary though. Both of our previous finals series, the team that was up 2-1 ended up losing.

With all the focus of how GREAT LeBron is......perfect time for Wade or Bosh to sneak in and step on the Thunder throats with big games!

Kd still has yet to have a horrible shooting game. I kno kd is a great scorer, but believe me, he is capable of going thru shooting slumps. I hope lebron/battier eat him alive next game.

Fans need to be as LOUD and INVOLVED as anyone can be. Let those referees know that ANY mis-calculated or calculated BS call against the Heat will be noticed.

The Heat need to get this game. Going back to OKC would not be fun.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Comments from the other side - FINALS Game3 6/18

 Once again, Miami fans, like the animals they are, attack their own as soon as they struggle.  I absolutely can't believe how they go from wanting Wade to be PG forever to not wanting him on the team any more.  I mean, Wade is the face of this franchise and they simply turn on him.  They turn on every player on the team when they make a few mistakes.   They talk better about the Thunder players than they do their own.   I really, really don't like bandwagon fans. Sorry, but you don't call your own players garbage and idiots when they have an off game. There's a few ref complaints here and there, but not as many as usual because the calls pretty much were going their way.  But of course,  they are used to getting all the calls so when any calls don't go their way they complain.  Like I said before, these fans don't deserve a team and they definitely don't deserve a championship.

Time to put them away from start to finish.

Winning 3 in a row will be hard, but I don't want this team to go back to OKC.

I'm terrified of what RW will do tonight The narrative is perfectly set up for him to shut everyone up and deliver an amazing performance Especially if bad wade shows up

Let's give the Thunder a good, old-fashioned Miami welcome and eat their motherf***ing faces tomorrow.

KD's jumper has been wet for game 1 and 2 so I can see kd goin thru a shooting slump tmrw.

I wouldn't bet on it honestly.... KD is an archer with the ball.

I really have no clue why they're all bashing Westbrook. He had an average game, not more, not less. I really start to dislike Magic.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Comments from the other side - FINALS Game 2 6/14

These aren't as much fun when we lose, but still some good stuff. Heat fans are still among the worst. They turn on their team and their players, including LBJ whcn the Thunder made a run. Now Battier is the best there is and all season and through the ECF, he was Crappier and they were wishing he'd get hurt so Spo wouldn't be able to play him. And it always amazes me when fans wish injury on other players. I mean, really? Wishing an ACL tear or broken neck on a player because he is playing well? Heat fans really disgust me. They are all boastful when their team is winning but as soon as they play poorly, they turn on them. They really don't deserve a championship.  Hopefully they don't get one.  

If Lebron can re find his jumpshot this series is over in 5.

Russell claimed that Battier tried to "punk him". Ok Westbrick. Next time, you will really see what punking is, courtesy of UD or sexy Dexy. I wish that we can hold this guy to under 20 pts on horrible FG % and 6-8 TO's in Game 2. Sick of his front running, show boating ass. Someone needs to teach him a lesson in Game 2. Whether it is by dunking on him or making our fouls a little bit harder.

Hopefully lebron dunks on westbrick just for laugh.

THis is the first time in a long time where.... I'm worried the Heat will get blown out.

I am worried, while we played **** in 1st game.so did OKC in 1st half, they were too nervous. WE Lost 2nd half by 18 **** points.

HEAT IN 5. That's right. Heat in 5. Oklahoma won't even win another game, let alone this series.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Comments from the other side - FINALS Game 1 6/12

 Heat fans are about the worst in the NBA.  They start out talking about how great Wade is and how LeBron is better than KD and when their team is up everything is great.  When their team gets down or a player isn't playing well, it's trade them, they're garbage, etc. It's amazing to see them turn on every player when they don't play well.  Tonight Battier was one of the Big 3.  Last game they were calling him Crappier.   My favorite was "OKC, this is what a real defense looks like!" because by the end they were moaning about how bad their defense was and how good OKC's was.  Too funny! And they complain so much about the refs.  If there's any team in the league who shouldn't complain about the refs, it's Miami.  James and Wade get more calls than any other players in the league.    I know you will enjoy today's comments.  Be sure to post your favorites!

I have a feeling we taking game 1! Let's Go HEAT!!!

I am confident..just worried they got more rest then us.They have full energy today, while we are tired from Boston game.

So, let's win for ourselves, Seattle, and Hakeem

Lets Go Heat, Blow These Suckers Out !!!

Dwade Rising starts tonight. People are forgetting how good Wade is and he is going to have a great finals. I think we can win both these games on the road but we need to come out desperate in game 1. This team has never been in the finals we need to come out and hit them hard in game 1. Let's go.

Durant gonna get MVP chants. I hope the real MVP silences them and keeps #35 under 20 pts. Although it's a dream, I just want all the milking of Durant to stop

Monday, June 11, 2012

Comments from the other side - FINALS Pre-Game 6/11

 Just wanted to set the stage for the Finals with a bonus version of Comments from the other side.   It's hard to believe that the DWade they are expecting to beast against the Thunder is the same one they were calling garbage and trash and wanting to trade during the Celtics series.  Get ready for the Finals and enjoy these pre-game comments. 

Obviously, a whole different team we're going up against.

I feel like we'll lose game 1 like we did against Chicago last year. Drunk over Boston, still sulking in on winning a bar fight.

I know we're on the road, 3 in a row at home which I love. But I wish we could somehow win the Finals at home. I'd love watching that confetti in the AAArena.

This is exactly why I didn't want us to have HCA in the Finals. You have a chance to go on the road and steal one, and then you have 3 straight at home. So damn awesome!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Comments from the other side - Spurs Game 6 6/6

 Awesome win for the Thunder.  It's amazing how after the half almost every other comment was complaining about the officiating.   It was bordering on the ridiculous after a while.    Not much more to say except it was an awesome series by the Thunder and enjoy today's comments as you bask in the thrill of the Western Conference Championship.  Now, hopefully the Celtics will join the Thunder in the Finals. 

Who will the Thunder hurt more? Spurs Fans or the city of Seattle? Lol

I'm in pain but at least my team wasn't stolen

Double damage here. Life long Spurs fan living in Seattle.

If we only have 15 turnovers or less we have a good shoot...10 or less we win this game easy

We must play mills, green, Anderson, and Blair plenty tomorrow to ensure their trade value is at its peak heading into the off season.

Joey's actually a fair ref to have on the road. Also, Thunder fans convinced he hates them.

If sorry a** Boston can take a road game 5 why can't the Spurs win a game six on the road?

I was lookin at the stars and Venus aligned with the sun, my feng shui star readings says spurs got this game in the bag

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Comments from the other side - Spurs Game 5 6/4

 Whew! 4 hours this morning and finally have these done.  Lots of good stuff!  Great win by the Thunder!   The classy side of the Spurs fans showed up in some comments giving the Thunder credit.  And of course, the not so classy side showed up in all the complaints about the refs when they shot 10 more free throws than OKC.   Without further delay, here are today's comments!  Enjoy! 

Let's F*** OKC up!!

Our team and all the fans are out for blood. It's time for the best game we got!!

The thing that has me worried is the Thunder making a legendary closing push in the fourth quarter. They've been doing it too much in these playoffs for it to be a fluke.

Oh man they’re focusing the jumbotron on people who aren’t wearing the whiteout shirts so they’ll wear them. They’re serious about this lol

I want them to lay waste to these fools. LAY. WASTE.

If the Spurs can't win what is currently the most important game of the season on their home floor then they really don't deserve to be champions. Luckily this will not be an issue.

If the Spurs can't win this game, then OKC is just better and they deserve to represent the West in the Finals.

Watching Bonner at shootaround makes me wanna puke

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Comments from the other side - Spurs Game 4 6/2

 I thought Spurs fans were mere knowledgeable than to go into all out blame the refs mode when their team was being outplayed.  But, I guess I was wrong. Most of the threads were not only complaining about the refs, but also blaming them for the way their team was playing.   I'm always amazed when fans wish serious injury on the other team and I see it way too often on the forums.  What's worse is that most of the wishes for injury were poor Matt Bonner.  And How about Perk?  Great dame from him.  Loved seeing little Perk on Inside the NBA.  He's dressing like a mini Russ and playing like a mini-Perk! :)    I hope you enjoy today's comments.  What's your favorite? 

Spurs by 10+

Seriously, F*** OKC. Let's get this. The Spurs have now had a nice long layoff after game 2.

Spurs are 8-0 after 20+ point losses dating back to 2009.

Brooks put everything he had into game 3, Pop to put up a clinic tonight in the coaching battle between him and Brooks. Spurs got this, no worries.

Time to kick some ass! Spurs gotta show the Thunder what a real basketball team is like!

Uh oh David Stern with pre game instructions to the refs

There is Stern talking to the refs for tonight. Wonder who he told them to foul out.

I want Duncan to make Perkins pay. Hope Timmy's legs are up for the journey tonight. We need him.

The thunder crowd aint no joke

This isn't a series. Why is everyone treating it like one? Easy win for the Spurs.

Bonners tryna grow a beard to combat Hardens!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Comments from the other side - Spurs Game 3 5/31

 Well, this was fun.  Once again, it amazes me when fans actually wish injury on players.   I also can't believe all the complaints about the refs and the calls.  They need to watch a Heat game if they want to see the refs handing the game to a team.   Sad to see them taking pot shots at the good people of OKC as well.  Their crowd is awesome.  I know you will enjoy these comments.  Any favorites? 

Ill admit, tonite is the 1st game ive been nervous for this post season

F*** the thunder

No reason why they can't win it. They know what to expect, they're playing a team they f***ing own, and OKC is likely to go away from what worked all season long.

I dread game threes. You just know that OKC is going to come out red hot and fluke their way to a lead that the Spurs probably won't be able to overcome..

Lol the Governor of Oklahoma is on the TNT set

And she proudly admits that she ordered her citizens to "pray for rain" during last year's drought. Republicans are really stupid people.

OKC hick governor