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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Comments from the other side - Spurs Game 5 6/4

 Whew! 4 hours this morning and finally have these done.  Lots of good stuff!  Great win by the Thunder!   The classy side of the Spurs fans showed up in some comments giving the Thunder credit.  And of course, the not so classy side showed up in all the complaints about the refs when they shot 10 more free throws than OKC.   Without further delay, here are today's comments!  Enjoy! 

Let's F*** OKC up!!

Our team and all the fans are out for blood. It's time for the best game we got!!

The thing that has me worried is the Thunder making a legendary closing push in the fourth quarter. They've been doing it too much in these playoffs for it to be a fluke.

Oh man they’re focusing the jumbotron on people who aren’t wearing the whiteout shirts so they’ll wear them. They’re serious about this lol

I want them to lay waste to these fools. LAY. WASTE.

If the Spurs can't win what is currently the most important game of the season on their home floor then they really don't deserve to be champions. Luckily this will not be an issue.

If the Spurs can't win this game, then OKC is just better and they deserve to represent the West in the Finals.

Watching Bonner at shootaround makes me wanna puke

Spurs by 15+ if the refs call the game fairly and down the middle.

Dammit, Manu already on the floor in the locker room. The Flop is strong with this one!

If we lose, my entire Summer will be ruined.

More than the Summer. After this amazing run it would suck for years, if not decades.



I don’t think we quite pulled off the white out thing.

Well, not like OKC can.

Cool, their turn to whine about the officiating. “Great teams win anyway,” they said. WE’LL SEE. WE. WILL. SEE.

Spurs should be up more, take advantage of OKC’s sloppy start. And the refs

Were getting calls now

OKC fans must be f***ing mad as shit right now.

The Spurs are in the penalty at 10 minutes in the quarter. Damn.

Please put Sefolosha on foul trouble. F*** that guy.

Spurs aren't playing any different. Refs are just calling Thunder on their obvious fouls now.

We always have a chance when chuck brook is on the court

Lol nobody crying about the calls now

Why would they be since the refs are finally whistling OKC for their rampant fouling? They're still pissed about how much OKC got away with in games 3 and especially game 4.

F*** Perkins and his cheap ass elbow. Put Jax in there to piss him off and get another tech.

We look like shit, luckily okc looks worse but you know that wont last

See what I’ve been saying? The home team gets ALL the calls. Anyone who complains about the refs tonight should be automatically banned.

OF on Timmy? This is just wrong

Uh so much for the home team gets all the calls.

The fouls are not on our side.

we’re barely moving the ball, if at all

we’re moving the ball..we’re just passing to OKC

Don’t like the fact that we’re flopping. We’re better than them, just keep playing

Fisher sucks.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Refs they are getting all the fouls

Wow, what a bunch of crap. So much for getting the calls at home.

What is really sad is that OKC is beating the Spurs with an 8-man rotation.

The NBA hates us.

Fisher just flopped out of the building.

That made me smile. I would have laughed if the refs weren’t making me so angry.

Refs taking out the rhythm of the Spurs. Ugh.

I think the Thunder are just a sneaky great defensive team. Not necessarily on getting stops, but on swarming and confusing the Spurs’ offense. Because there’s no other explanation for turnovers to suddenly being a huge problem.

I thought this too last game, how good they seem to be at clogging the lane, swarming passers, causing chaos. Seems to have really thrown us off.

I'm hoping Westbrook is jealous of Durant's last game and is out to prove he can do that, too.

So much for expecting to get the home town calls like OKC did. I guess we should feel fortunate if it's just "even" this time.

Our rotation is so out of whack. Pop fails again

Pop is losing it.

This isn't good. The Coach of the Year might have overreacted to a couple of losses. If this costs us the game, I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Wtf happened to our offense?? No way the Thunder defense is this good smh

Are you sure refs? Are you sure? Maybe that wasn’t really a foul. You realize that allows the Spurs a free throw, right?

Wait, 2 fouls in a row against the Thunder? Don’t the refs realize Stern will fire them for that?

I hope thabo stays fouled up. He’s dangerous

Collison is the best big on the floor tonight

Someone cover Cook. All he does is shoot threes

Looks like it is Cooks turn to be the random scrub that lights it up.

Dammit, who woke up Cook? Crap…

8 straight points by Cook. What the hell? That's so wrong.

I have to give props to OKC coach They have adapted better than any team I’ve ever seen in playoffs. Sux

Remember when the Spurs were down through the first half against the Clippers?

Too bad were not playing them.

We’re playing 5 on 8

We need OKC to start sucking

They are all over us right now. Seems like there are six guys out there with four arms each.

I know OKC is a good team, but this good on defense? No. The Spurs are beating themselves, and that's what pissing me off.

Are u kidding me? This team is now a joke! Wow what a group of chokers and I've never said that about a spurs team since the late eighties when I started watching..I can't watch this anymore.

Collison was invisible against the Lakers. We're making him look like Elvin Hayes ffs.

This is beyond panic coaching. This is pathetic coaching Just sad...man he should've never started manu....

Also refs shitting on us as usual. It's lame

OKC is playing amazing. They are playing championship ball....on the road. When you can go on the road, in the playoffs, and shoot this bad and still lead? That is studly.

Nick "Hakeem Olajuwon" Collison.

You know you're f***Ed when Perkins is smiling on the bench.

Pop has lost his mind and turned into Don Nelson

Collison is gonna look like a superstar because he is 5 inches bigger than anybody else out there.

Not lookin good at all!! Get Ibaka out & Collison BEASTS.... DAMMIT!!!

OKC getting hometown calls even though they're at SA. How can any Spurs fan not be pissed about the refs

Refs giving OKC parade to FT line

Hey Nick Collison, Die in hell

Meh.. Spurs just suck....

Spurs are soft as qtip cotton. Pathetic

The Thunder are the better team, and they have officially figured it out. They have no fear, are executed their offense flawlessly, and have made life hell for our Big 3. It sucks to watch as a Spurs fan, but it's extremely impressive. Nothing phases these guys.

Anna Nicole has more life than our crowd

Collinson 3/3 making his best game 4 ibaka personification

It's crazy how Harden shoots better falling down

Refs haven't been bad IMO - it's just that they are calling it evenly, compared to inconsistent. Bad calls both ways. This is all about OKC's ability to take a punch, adapt and play hungry and clean ball. Spurs need to play better for longer stretches.

There's nothing I want to see more than Manu slam on that motherf***ER Ibaka's face.

Just when we thought we caught a break (Sefolosha in foul trouble), the guy who replaces him comes in to tear us apart (Cook).

Ibaka just never going to get called with goaltending is he?!?!

Refs are now giving this game to OKC. Spurs not doing themselves any favors by missing shots.

Westbrook doing what people thought he would never do... Setting his teammates up and not jacking up shots.

Tim just retire...

OKC playing with a TON of confidence, Spurs on the other hand....playing like cowards.

I've never seen a meltdown like this before. OKC is basically the boxer that just took shots, withstood it and watched the other team go nuts that they couldn't knock them out.

This spurs team is full of a bunch of gutless weak cowards.

Spurs fans need to act like Philly fans and start throwing batteries at these f***in refs.

OKC went from taking punches to delivering haymakers. Just a stunning performance from OKC after stomping the Spurs 2 straight games on the road. I don't mean to gush, because this sucks, but this is one of the most impressive series I have ever seen from another team vs the Spurs. Just absolutely stunning. No reason to believe OKC falters now (they've appeared to turn the corner) but here is to hoping.

How does Boston play kg and Paul pierce 40m a game and Duncan is tired after a week rest

Danny green was just shooting after the buzzer went off and west brrok went and blocked it and had some words.

Westbrook should be T’d up for that shit after the whistle.

I think Perkins has been adding some “toughness” to this team and it crosses the line at times. But it helps them more than hurts them, they were too soft before he showed up.

This is a game that a championship team has to win…

that’s right. If the Spurs win tonight, they are championship material.

Agree. And it goes both ways. OKC gets this, they could be the destined one.

I don’t think I can watch Tim Duncan go 1v1 anymote

He’s been incredibly tentative. Perkins is in his head.

Great start! Go Spurs Go!

Okc celebrating a victory on their site

Let em be. They’re special All four of them.

I hate Brooks. He knows when to timeout.

I hate Harden

Wow, I went to the bathroom and came back and we’re down 2?

Go back to the bathroom. And stay there!

Ibaka with 4 yay, zebras to the rescue

I'm so f***ing sick and tired of the bullshit the refs are letting OKC get away with. Goaltends, moving screens, reach ins, over the backs. Perkins sets moving screens EVERY time. Half of Ibaka's blocks are goaltends. . ."Spurs can't figure out the defense". . .bullshit. . .refs are just letting OKC get away with shit all night.

Duncan setting as many moving screens as Ibaka and Perkins.


Westbrook pulling a Pierce with that fake injury

We stepped up to these guys We are gonna win this game. You just see it.

Durant is taking over. It’s KD against Manu right now.

Ah fk Kevein Durant! Just miss a damn shot already. Arent you tired?!

Durant is a jumpshooter, we keep throwing guys at him and hes gonna be tired by the end of the 4th

Durant is an alien. He does not get tired.

Can’t we like hire the Invisible Man to double team KD?

Dear Jonathan Vilma: $100k for Kevin Durant. Must be in the next 10 minutes.

Number 4 on Duncan. No call on Ibaka when he was trying to kill Manu.

They are calling EVERY LITTLE FOUL both ways

Everytime we go up, they answer. So sick of that.

Why doesn't someone put Durant on his ass?

OKC just showing what they have all series - they aren't going to stay down. Spurs have to stomp them out.

Die already f***ing OKC

Durant getting his cuz he realizes how important this game is but rest of Thunder will start to just stand around and watch which will pay dividends in the 4th.

Durant's is enough to beat us tbh. Durant is a beast. He's just waiting for his time to lay the smack down on us.

Refs bailing Manu out there.

It would be nice if the Spurs would hit Durant, just once, tbh.. I don't remember seeing him on the floor, at all, in this series, tbh..

Miss one, you upside down happy face mothaf***a

Perkins would make both right now.

Thunder - man, a lot of respect. RIght back with a run.

Collison is sliding underneath our guys. Yuup way to go refs. Amazing

Kerr always agrees when the call favors OKC

It’s like he forgot who gave him his last two rings. Smh

We gave them our best show (Manu Show) and down 1. I don’t even know what to say.

I don’t mind players trying to flop for a call; I do have a problem with refs falling for it

Parker worthless sack of sh** F*** you

We are still there. We can wear them out towards the end of the 4th quarter

OKC is just so athletic on the wings and so damn young

Frustrating to see Westbrook get all those calls in SA that Tony couldn’t get in OKC.

Well, I guess Stern really wants OKC to be in the Finals.

Ugh Kevin Durant has decided to close Dammit we just cannot guard him

No one can

We can’t hold a lead. They can. That’s the difference.

Need westbrook to shoot more and durant less

C’mon Brooks you need to rest Durant!

Harden, hate that punk

Refs bailing okc out

The refs are f***ing us over! They want OKC in the Finals! Manu playing so hard and nothing!

Why is everyone blaming the refs? Spurs just sucking a**, defense is sh**, TOSB is sh**, parker is sh**, green is sh**, Neal is sh**. Pretty much pure sh**

Got to tip your cap to those kids. They weren't supposed to be this poised yet. Dallas, LA and SA in one postseason run? Gotta respect that.

Face it, folks...the Thunder are just BETTER than the Spurs...they deserve to win the WCF. Too bad they're gonna get raped by the Heat in the Finals.

Thunder will destroy the Heat in the finals..

Durant just being the best scorer on the planet.

20 game win streak followed by a backdoor sweep. Smh

Had enough of Parker. If this is how we go out, I don't want him in a Spurs uniform ever again.

When the tape is re analyzed for this series it'll be Duncan's slow and shoddy play that really doomed us

Refs are f***ing us over! Everytime we have momentum they call some BS call against us and give them free throws! Durant threw Jackson and no call! Really Jackson is no light weight to go flying! Should've been offense foul! I want someone hard foul these sons of b****es! If they are going to call a foul on us, foul them hard!

Spurs can't loose 4 straight

Yeah, we keep saying that. And we said OKC couldn't win 4 of the next 5 after game 2 - but now I'm not so sure.

Duncan is garbage Parker is a choker


If someone shot David Stern tonight, the police would immediately name 1.3 million suspects.

Wow, Harden is +29.

Damn you, Brooks! You always call a timeout at the right time.

Durantula Is a cold blooded spider and a sick sick sick baller

It’s not their execution that is overwhelming us. It’s their athleticism

This Thunder team is incredible. I never thought they could keep up the shooting and yet they have. They’ve been playin D … I am amazed by this Thunder team. It is time tho … to put this dog down.

This is either going to be the greatest win or the worst loss. There’s no weird in-between here.

Westbeook collapse

Tony, you are so far in Westbrook’s head it’s time to start selling timeshares!

Scott Brooks outcoaching Pop tbh

Yea Tim is tired... How the F*** are those Celtics old timers not tired and they are playing 40 minutes....

Wow... Thunder are the real deal, so f***ing good it's unreal.

Who could have predicted that OKC would magically morph into something they have never been at any time this season.

Lol parker only thing he's done good is flop

Seriously, I'm straight up f***ing tired of Ibaka's goaltends not being called.

that's what, at least 3 goaltends for him? But yet the refs were quick to call basket interference on Tiago. This OKC team is playing with so much confidence because they've been given a break by the refs all season. So they know they'll get the calls when they really need them.

Over and back!!!! Tony Parker owning the sh** out of Westbrook right now.

I f***ing hate Harden so much.

Harden has ice in his veins

F*** that punk Harden

Fk you James Harden!!! Damnit how can they keep getting lucky??!

I hate him more and more each game. Those threes he does with his hands are completely d***hey and awful.

I would love to cut his beard … hair be hair

The Thunder are playing out of their minds and barely beating us. Why cant they just have one bad game?

Bad play. Another bullshit loss just like last game. Series should be over with us wimners 4-1 right now. Instead thanks to horrendous officiating were down 2-3.

They protect superstars and wing players. I guess Manu and Parker arent any of those.

Wow. I hope LeBron beats the shit out of these bitches.

No excuses. Time to go to OKC and kick their asses so badly the officials will be helpless.

We won the second half – that is a positive

I like our chances in OKC.

Right to the gut. I had forgotten how bad that feels. Haven't felt that in a while. F***

This win is going to give the Thunder huge confidence, game 6 not looking good.

Ibaka hit shots. Harden made a killer. Tip your cap they're the better team. No shame in losing to the better team.

Except the Spurs completely morphed to a turnover prone, no ball movement defensive seive.

Deep is overrated in playoffs, the best players make the difference. The OKC big 3 were better than the Spurs big 3. Spurs bigman rotation is not quite as good as OKC's.

There is no big 3 in OKC. Westbrook is piece of sh**. They have Durant, who is clutch as hell, with Harden and then there are roles Ibaka, Westshit, Fish, Perks, Cook, Collinson. No big 3. Don't give any title to Westbrook

The Thunder are just better--too fast, too long, and especially more clutch this series. Every single time they have NEEDED a shot in the last three games, they have gotten it They are growing up before our eyes, including Brooks as a coach, and unfortunately we are the victims.

Spurs won 20 games in a row but that really does not matter when the first 18 of those were not against OKC. We saw 1 good quarter in game 1 and a good game 2. Utah and the Clippers just are not very good.

Props to the Thunder. They have some great players and for a team that young they show a lot of character.

It looks like the NBA shall have the series it craves: Thunder vs Heat! Durant vs James!

If that's the case, Thunder Up!

Hope springs eternal ladies and gentlemen. We’ll win Game 6

We are not getting the calls in our home court, what do we expect when we are at okc?


The fix is in people

I think this is the fairest game we had for the last 3.

BUT it should be unfair on our advantage since we are at SA! We are not in OKC!

As one-sided as the officiating was, Spurs’ nine 1Q turnovers were awful, as they were unforced.

How can you be a millionaire, and sport teeth like Hardens? Money cant buy everything?

It might have something to do with the crazy threes he can hit over perfect defense.

Harden just took over Fisher’s spot as the most hated late-game closer ever methinks

Disagree. Harden is a good player, therefore it makes sense that he’d make a tough shot in a big game. Fisher is a sack of sh** with phenomenal luck

The Thunder know how to close out games, sadly.If they get past us and get into the Finals with the Heat, though, that will definitely be what beats Miami.

This is the Spurs way of faking that they’ve tested. They will force game seven and then blow OKC out here in game seven. Then no one can say that the Spurs were not tested.

It’s tough to play defense against team that can jack bad shots and make them as if in an empty gym.

You think they can win after Parker has shown he’s a worse choker than LeBron?

I have never seen a superstar flop (not even DWade or Lebron) as much as Durant flopped tonight. He seemed to fell down or act liked he got fouled every 2 or 3 plays.

It’s getting really ridiculous now. Every time Harden drives in its a foul which is bullshit.

ECF still up in the air, Stern not yet sure whether to keep favoring the SuperFriends or Rabid Rondo

The most embarrassing event today: After the 1st half ends, Green tries a 3-point shot and Westbrook blocks it. Then, Green just helplessly looks away and walks away. THIS IS OUR HOME COURT!!! FIGHT FOR IT, DANNY! How can you let Westbrook insult you in San Antonio?

Because he’d get called for a tech. With this crew, trust me.

The bench has become one giant Matt bonner outside of Jack

The Thunder are making ridiculous shots to beat us. Game 4 their big men combine to go 22-25 and Durant scores 18 points in the fourth and they barely win. Game 5 Durant again making tough shots, and Harden making a ridiculous shot and again they barely beat us. We just need our big 3 to play well and at least one role player hitting their shots.

ND game 1 it was Fisher, game 3 was Sef… The thunder have a new person stepping up every game… Stop with the outliers… They can’t be outliers if they keep happening… The consistency us that our role players are playing like scared little b****es

F***Kevin Durant. I don't care if he gets 30 next game, hes overrated. Hes a shorter version of Dirk Nowitski, except not as good. And I mean that.

He’s 23 years old, that's scary

He will get exposed if they make it to the finals. IF! The Heat will be very physical with him.

I don’t think he’ll get as many foul calls if Lebron guards him. But OKC will still win even if Durant is kept in check.

I fall more on the side of KD is impressing me…I mean, Game 4’s 4th quarter was freakin Kobe-like. KD isn’t scoring at the rim, but he’s hitting nothing but net in the face of aggressive D But at the end of the day, it was Harden’s miracle step-back that was the difference

I honestly liked OKC before the series because I thought they were the “good guys”. But after watching Westbrook taunt the Spurs after every dunk, Harden starring down our players, and Durant showing off after making a big shot, they’re nothing about the Western conference version of Wade and Pierce. I honestly hate Durant, and this is coming from a Longhorn.

This. At this point, if the Thunder go up against the Heat, I will be rooting for the Heat because they haven’t taunted our players and played like punks.

Wade is a punk but LeBron is making himself more likable this season and they have Shane “why isn’t he a Spur” Battier. Then the Cs, as much as I dislike KG, have freaking Rondo.

Also F*** Daquan Cook! Dammit

More like, F*** Tony for leaving him. You don’t see an OKC player leaving Neal alone in the corner.

OKC is very disciplined on D, props to Brooks

Bottom line, the Spurs forgot how to handle losing.

Let’s all look at the bright side, Perkins got fouled out and I couldn’t tell his " I can’t believe I fouled out of this game" face from his regular face.

Perk actually makes me smile. Bron makes me cringe.

Perkins is a moving prick pick. Not just against Spurs. It ain’t getting called.

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