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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Comments from the other side - Spurs Game 6 6/6

 Awesome win for the Thunder.  It's amazing how after the half almost every other comment was complaining about the officiating.   It was bordering on the ridiculous after a while.    Not much more to say except it was an awesome series by the Thunder and enjoy today's comments as you bask in the thrill of the Western Conference Championship.  Now, hopefully the Celtics will join the Thunder in the Finals. 

Who will the Thunder hurt more? Spurs Fans or the city of Seattle? Lol

I'm in pain but at least my team wasn't stolen

Double damage here. Life long Spurs fan living in Seattle.

If we only have 15 turnovers or less we have a good shoot...10 or less we win this game easy

We must play mills, green, Anderson, and Blair plenty tomorrow to ensure their trade value is at its peak heading into the off season.

Joey's actually a fair ref to have on the road. Also, Thunder fans convinced he hates them.

If sorry a** Boston can take a road game 5 why can't the Spurs win a game six on the road?

I was lookin at the stars and Venus aligned with the sun, my feng shui star readings says spurs got this game in the bag

Scary -- since 1998, Spurs are 2-7 in road games when facing elimination: they won Game 6 at Dallas in 2006 and won Game 7 at New Orleans in 2008.

Looking like a THUNDER storm is brewing in OKC this evening (really)!

If I had to pick one team in the history of the game to make two-pointers from 15-to-23 feet, I'd pick these Thunder. They simply DO NOT miss. Never. It's impossible for them to have a cold shooting game. Not even one.

Unbelievable just how injury-free this OKC team was and tonight was no exception.
I don't think there has ever been any NBA champ that never even suffered a f***in' scratch--until this OKC team.

They did lose their back up point guard Eric Manor early in the season or in the pre-season to a torn ACL.

Yeah the Fisher Guy is something else - forcing his way out of two different teams - Utah and Houston. Too bad he gets rewarded for being a fraud and a cheat.

i’ve been numb since the end of the last game. A win tonight wouldn’t phase me, and neither would a loss.

Same thing here. Numbness is the best way to deal with stuff like this, as drugs are too expensive.

I have vodka in my freezer. I’m hoping it will be “yeah! Game 7!” vodka but, if not, it can easily be “Why do you hate me, God?!” vodka.

I hope the crowd ends up standing for a whole quarter.

It’s raining hard here but there’s no thunder. Good sign?

Let’s KILL these Okies.

I think Green was practicing his Artest elbow hit.

Elbow jumpers arent greens strong suit! Oh u mean that elbow.

If he get’s punk’d again, maybe he’ll use that elbow

Well it did work for the Lakers during that game

That crowd is intimidating.

Yet, when they go home to their normal mediocre lives, I'll still get to be me doing what I do.

Let's hope OKC has a huge case of the nerves right now.

Traditional... What tradition? You've only had a team for 2 weeks.

Scottie Brooks seemed to have learned when to call time outs watching Pop the first two games.

Drinking game: Take a shot everytime Ibaka goaltends a layup.

We’ll all end up in the hospital

If he gets called for one I’m getting drunk just to commemorate the occasion.

Tim Duncan is soft as charmin right now

OKC crowd need to pace themselves lol they are going to be out of gas by the 4th quarter lol

Oh look the crowd sat

And they’re wearing their cute white shirts.

I actually like that Westbrook made his first shot. Hopefully that puts him in shoot first mode.

Clock struck twelve and ibaka's jumper turned back into a pumpkin. Porkins is next.

Parker needs to play the whole game.

Damn it, Duncan, box out and stop flopping around when you get pushed in the back.

Beware of big early leads.

Refs will change the momentum pretty soon or in the 2nd half

Pad the hell out of the lead and hold on during thunder runs.

I think I'm as shocked as the Thunder at this point.

We need to take advantage of the refs letting us play

Westbrook is uglier than a broom

Send Neal and green back to the toros

Neal is cancer tonight. Killing us slowly.

Beware the officiating in the 2nd quarter. I expect massive favortism towards the Thunder this quarter (again).

Yep. OKC gonna get tons of whistles now, watch.

Keep letting Westbrook think he has to save his team.

If Neal gives up even a single shot to Fisher this quarter bench his a**

Fisher always gets away with murder.

I hate Green. Freakin pouting on defense after missing a shot. Pathetic.

These OKC boo's are music to my ears

I'm shocked they refs called that a continuation. We actually got a bullshit call for the first time this series.

Durant has got to be the biggest momentum killer in the league

OTOH, Westbrook can also be a momentum killer in the other way. Unfortunately he hasn't done enough of that this series.

I'm starting to wonder if Harden practice shoots while falling down

I don't like thabo.

Stupid-a** OKC fans boo'ing that foul

You can feel it. The run is coming.

I hope reggie shuts up. Annoying okc lover he is.

Reggie now likes the energy of OKC. He needs to STFU.

One problem I see is every f***ing spur that shoots is always falling down instead of getting back on d. Stop flopping, faggots

Ibaka setting so many illegal screens

Not a foul for Parker, but it is for Durant..... F*** you.

Such a fluke shot by westbrook, gosh, those need to be misses

Hey Pop. If you killed Sager there wouldn’t be a jury that would convict you.

The OKC crowd just KICKS the SA crowd’s a**.. Yelling for the end of the world because they are only 15 behind

They kick all crowds’ a**es.

Not the Nets fans (when they were New Jersey). Forget standing up till the Thunders score, Nets fans wouldn’t attend a game till they won.

Fisher just fouls all the time and cries and its “good defense.”

Stomp on that Durantula! Those things are repulsive

No run. No run. Durant, please be more human and less alien

Tony got mugged.

Bring in Bonner to commit a Flagrant 2 and get suspended, Win/Win.

I hate their crowd, why won’t they just stay shut up?

Yeah, why can’t they be more like our crowd?

Because they’re a college town… or something

Shh, the people of Oklahoma City aren’t used to having a sports team

I find it fun and exciting to have a crowd that always cheers

So how was Tony not fouled there…

Cause the refs were still wondering how they could call a foul on Durant’s slip on the other end

One things for sure…..all the pressure is on them!!

Stephen Jackson is doing to the Thunder what their role players have done to us all series.

AGAIN OKC answer the Spurs plays.. They don't go away!

F***ing Durant !!!!!!!! I hate him

OK City is choking. They will lose this game and game 7. They are not ready to go to the finals.

After all that, just a 15 pt lead? Wtf?

I hate pizza face Durant. F*** him.

If they can't hold onto a 15 point lead at halftime they were not a championship team anyways.

Thunder hung in there with some timely shots, but otherwise that was the closest thing to the best half of basketball we've seen the Spurs play against OKC this series. A 15 point lead isn't anything to get excited about, but god damn I'll take that over a double digit deficit and a deafening OKC crowd tasting blood.

Thunder are withstanding a lot right now. If we let them get a run and get it close, they will win.

I definitely downloaded doo doo jump, instead of streaming Durant's game winning shot.

Where is the OKC fans on here? Its only half time but I bet that smug look has evaporated of their faces for a bit....

Look at Joey.. Calling fouls on OKC...crazy sh**.

You have to live with Durant. A player can contest him to best of his ability, but he’s so long and gets such great lift that a defender can only do so much to affect him.

He’s like Bird and Dirk, but not white.

My kid played Doodle Jump for the whole first half. I just sent him to bed. If we start sucking, I’m going to wake him up and hand him the phone.

The officiating of the game has been pretty good so far. They are letting these teams play

Honestly we got the benefit a few times. Either they are going to kill us with makeup calls second half or they are making up for the last couple of games.

Anyone else see Westbrook holding his hand at the end of the second quarter? If his wrist is messed up I can only hope he jacks 20 shots.

Chuck calling the game for OKC

Barkley is an idiot!!

Yet another bullshit call! Somehow that's a foul on Duncan yet all this bullshit OKC does ALL GAME LONG with their screens isn't a foul?

Wow...their getting every call now. EVERY SINGLE CALL

F*** these refs. Perkins can shove people with his forearm on screens and Tim gets called for that sh**?

Automatic foul call on anyone within 50' of Durant

Can't beat the refs.

I don’t care if Kevin Durant f***ing gets his. Just don’t let the rest of his teammates get involved.

DON’T LET THE BEARDED ONE GET HIS….or we’re screwed.

Splitter or Blair will have to play significant minutes in the second half.’ Duncan has already played 19.

Duncans not a robot. Hes about 58 years old. He cant play another 19 minutes at this level.

No lead is safe vs. The Thunder if you slack off

NO letting up now. We guot em down…time to stomp on their necks!!

I don’t like this basket. I liked the other basket.

Keep it up westbrick you f***ing retard

Refs screwing Spurs over now.

Duncan you weak a** bitch

Duncan mental midget - turnovers - game - F***

Can someone tell Manu this is an elimination game?

This shit should be going to game 7 but the refs wont allow it. I'm sure okc fans are happy but what a pathetic way to win.

Just wow....game is rigged, I'm sorry but it's true.

OKC is getting physically carried by the refs right now.

Boris Diaw has f***ing sucked tonight. He is killing us. Terrible decisions.

Refs aren't giving us a chance

I hate reggie miller, he is as biased as the refs

Shut the F*** up durant little bit**

For the league to treat this model franchise like this. I have to believe buford, presti and pop know this shit is rigged.

When Stern is finally exposed, he'll be going to prison. I wonder if he knows that it's actually illegal to fix games.

Is OKC going to just get every call now?

Seriously. Leon woods or whoever you are. F***ing die in a fire you piece of sh**

The Thunder know they are getting away with fouling on screens, so they keep doing it since they're getting away with it. Likewise, Ibaka has goaltended 9 times this series and only been called for it twice. That's why he's continued to do it because they know they will not be called for those sorts of violations (among others). So certainly, one can hate OKC for abusing favortism to their advantage.

It took 20 games but the league finally figured us out. But we are so good they have to be damn near as obvious as they can to make us lose.

Floor moppers need to clean Westbrook's face off the floor.

Westbrook fouled by the baseline. 2 shots.

The least fouling team in the league goes up against the Thunder and suddenly it's a foul every time up the court. This is a damn travesty.

Dammit….they CAN NOT keep a lead!!

They are letting OKC play

Durant gets too many calls

Spurs alseep+cheap ref calls+Thunder energy = game is over.

Haha Thunder fans have their fun now. Now it's time for Jax to come and show the crowd who's boss.

Stop panicking - Spurs are still winning the game. If we're down 10 then break out the farewells.

Thunder with so much energy and speed.

Wow the refs are trolling

We are getting f***ked by the refs in this quarter, so much for the good offiaciating

Offensive foul? Damn, the refs are getting a bit too anxious to help the Thunder win

I hate when the refs reward a flop

OKC is the most ref-reliant team in NBA history.

The refs are in "no shame" fix mode this half.

This game is so obviously being fixed right now. I cannot fathom how anyone can even sit there and try to deny it anymore. This whole series was being fixed.

Spurs have been playing 5 on 8 ever since late game 2. The Thunder are good, but they aren't that good.

A close game. Derek Fisher is sharpening his knife.

Gotta handed to the refs they are feeding OKC's run right now...

Oklahome Refs Thunders

The refs seriously took over the game. It's pretty f***ing pathetic, but it's the truth. Nearly all of the spurs turnovers this half have been a result of being hacked (whether on the arm or f***ing head), meanwhile okc flops are being rewarded, while the spurs can't even breathe on durant

We're tired??? CELTICS ANYONE?

The spurs have no choice but to play against 8. It sucks

Harden just has to copy everything from Manu. Even the flopping.

But can he copy that bald spot?

Jeff Van Gundy has been rushed to the ICU after witnessing that last Harden flop

Harden with ANOTHER flop and it negates a 3 pointer. I've never been a conspiracy theorist, but this is just too f***ing obvious. The fix is in

Refs doing best job at keeping OKC in this

I guess we’re not allowed to even look at the Thunder now, or we’ll get called for the T

Thank you for missing that Fisher. I still hate you anyway.

Another year, another Spurs playoff meltdown. I've got meltdown fatigue.

Durant has played 36 minutes already

Hasn’t rested? Oh my…they’re desperate to close out this one.

In my opinion, this is the worst reffed game of the series. Game 6 reffed grossly in favor of OKC > Game 1 reffed grossly in favor of Spurs > Game 5 reffed grossly in favor of Spurs > Game 4 reffed slightly in favor of OKC

Durant and HArden will shoot 1,900 FT this Q

I like Harden on the bench much more

I like Durant but damn we cant breathe on him without a foul call.

Neal is total garbage. Get him off.

I hate Durant and his refs

I don't even know what to say about the refs anymore, I just don't.

Refs trying to make sure the Thunder win this one

All he got was beard…close to a flagrant?

I want Kerr to die horribly.

Somehow this would bother me less if they were still in Seattle

This game is very easy to call. Just make every call in favor of OKC.

The league took this away from us with no remorse......the league is a big joke.

Good lord, why even play the game if the refs are gonna do this?

I’ll hate OKC and Durant for ever.

When will this thunder luck run out?

F*** the NBA and the refs, this is bullsh**, not in the spirit of the game, we've lost this because of the refs, not because OKC are outplaying us

We are giving OKC way too much credit this series. If it wasn't for the refs, this game would be over (20+ points) and we'd be resting our big three.

When you’re in the refs’ crosshairs, there’s no escape.

Is there a bigger flopper than Harden nowadays?

I’m not one to complain about the refs, but this is one of the worst officiated games I’ve seen in my life. This shit is crazy. 4th quarter of a WCF elimination game and we are treated like this?!

Can we bring in Blair and ask him to foul Harden for real?

Shove an elbow down his throat!

Like to separate his beard from him?

James Harden is now known as “The Flop”

I just want to grab his beard and throw it into a trash can

Harden’s head was already snapping back before he even hits Manu. I hate to say it, but this might be why MWP did what he did.

They really haven’t scored baskets, it’s been free throws.

And now OKC is telling the refs they don't need the help anymore. Harden and Fisher 3 pointers are the icing on David Stern's cake.

And now they're gonna call the game fair down the stretch to try and make everyone forget. And of course OKC's gonna hit some 3's when they haven't been having to work for anything.

So the game will be called 60/40 now instead of 100/0 in OKC's favor. We might even get more FTAs for our crappy FT shooters like Duncan.

Classless thunder still making flukey a** shots

Why couldn’t we get Fisher and bury him on the bench?

Personally, if we get the chance to bury Fisher, I’d prefer a shallow grave.

Out of bounds. If the refs could give that back to OKC without looking so blatant, they would.

If there were no bad refs, we'd win by 30.

Shut up bit**. The refs handed your stupid a** team the last three games on a silver platter.

A Harden/Durant's season-ending injury would be fair. Stern deserves it for this sh**. After today oficially I hate the Thunders more than Lakers or Mavs. I never watched a game like this.

I've never in all my years watching the nba seen a game so blatantly given to the home team.

I pray these bitches get humiliated in the finals

I'm sick of OKC and their clutch 3's, everytime, it's bullshit!

Die fisher die

Perkins killing folks w/ picks but no call from blind refs

Fisher and harden flooping the momentum away from as

I hate the bearded punk

I used to not believe the NBA was fixed, but its hard not to believe it after watching this game.

The refs helped them stay in it, and now OKC is hitting some timely shots.

I hope Harden finds himself unconscious in Pop’s lawn and instead of Pop saying GTFOML, he gets his lawnmower and decides to mow everything in sight.

Refs or not, we loss 4 games in a row. A veterean team has to play through those

Someone from the Spurs better say that the reason the Spurs lost were the "refs".

If I were the Spurs, I wouldn't even shake hands with these classless Thunder after the game.

Good luck f***ER against the heat or Celts. Fisher wont be clutch he will go back to sucking a**. Your whole team will come back down to reality

F***ers celebrating with the game not even finished

I hope referees die tomorrow.

5-on-8 is always tough. Yeah, I’m whining about the officiating.

Refs were the difference in this game. I will dropkick anyone that tells me differently.

They weren’t the better team tonight.

Yeah, that 15 point halftime lead is evidence enough. What got the Thunder back in the fourth though? QUESTIONABLE OFFICIATING.

Id still rather lose to these guys than be forever linked with giving LeBron a title

Our guys brought it tonight and the refs just would not let OKC lose

How can a team on a 20-win roll suddenly lose 4 straight? Crazy.

Cause we played badly?

Because someone wants OKC to win the WCF..

b/c they have the best player on the floor, theyre like a decade younger, we played two scrub teams prior to them?

And the Commish made sure of it

Hopefully, it will be OKC – Boston

Doesn’t it rankle that we’re gonna root for KG?

That was quite a game by Joey Crawford. Easily one of his best.

I don’t care what happens, but I’m not giving OKC the satisfaction that they won this series fair and square and were the better team, I’m just not.

Refs calls aside, you still have to knock down your shots and the Spurs didn't in the 2nd half.

F*** OKC. I’m not a big NBA guy or a traditionalist, but they f***Ed Seattle. Okla-f***ing-homa?

I hate this. I hate it, hate it, hate it. Screw Derek Fisher, screw the inept biased mess that is ‘NBA officiating’, and DAMN IT THIS SUCKS. In the end, we just didn’t have what it took to win that championship this year. The Thunder have a good humble group of guys, and you can’t say they don’t deserve the trophy (unlike the other two teams in the east).

So let’s count who is humble on that team…. Durant….Durant…. Durant…. Ooh Collison… Durant

Unsurprisingly the only guys who played in Seattle!

Well..congratulations to OKC, hope they get the title…

If any title deserves an asterisk, it would be this one for OKC. 2012 Champs: Thunder*
* Given the title by the NBA through extremely biased officiating

I’D RATHER KG GET A RING THAN FISHER I hate both but at least Garnett is a good player.

After this outright theft. I agree.

After this, I hope Boston pulls off the upset somehow to get the title.

I hate to blame officiating because it’s almost never so bad where it’s decisive, but tonight it was beyond atrocious. It was perhaps the most poorly officiated game of all time.

How much you wanna bet the Classless OKC fans will boo when they say "Let's Congrats the Spurs for a great series" when OKC gets the Western Conference Trophy?

Thanks refs for giving okc the win, and thank you parker for playing like a scared little bit** in the series. F*** the nba

Good luck. Thunder is a great team Get this ring. I hate Miami and Boston.

I'll root for Boston and even the Heat before I root for the Thunder.

OKC was not the better team.

I never ever ever ever blame the refs. This time I do. What a crock of BULLSH**!!!!!!!!

I wish no luck upon the Thunder and its fans. I wish death. I also wish slow and painful death upon the refs and David Stern.

Now for OKC: Go win the Championship!: I'm all for the thunder to win 5 championship in a row if it means LBJ doesn't win a ring

We can blame the refs and probably will be right but Tony Parker singlehandedly took everyone out of rhythm by not passing in the whole 2nd half and taking awfull shots, idk of sure but he might have been 2 for 10.

Not giving OKC credit for this win. No f***ing way.

Just give Joey Crawford his MVP trophy already

Yeah, there were some shi**y calls, but let's be honest here...the Thunder were just the better team. The Spurs came out guns blazing in the first half, but pretty much shot their wad and ran out of gas in the second half. The Thunder are a very young, athletic team...Durant could go 50-60 minutes a night easily. Good luck in the finals, OKC...do us all a favor and make LeBron cry...

KD is the best in the game right now...no doubt about it.

Unless the Heat make the Finals I'm not rooting for OKC. If they had won fair and square I would have.

I will concede that KD is f***ing amazing. Seriously.

The league went to an extraordinary length to stop a team that won 20 straight. Unbelievable!

Yes!!! TD with the callout...seems like okc got every whistle possible

Yes! Timmy just called out the refs. “They got every whistle” during a stretch there at the end.

Had these calls happened to the heat or Celtics, the sports media would be acting like it's Armageddon.

Very strange to see the movie Thunderstruck advertised in studio after the game...which just happens to star Kevin Durant, and has cameos for the TNT announce team.

At the end of the day Thunder were just too much offensively.. They are as good an offensive team as I have ever seen.. 15 pt lead not enough, they were always gonna make a big run you knew it was coming.

This loss sucks, but it felt like we lost to the better team. OKC hit some fluky shots, but they looked so much more confident than we did in Games 3-6. They deserved the series even if the fourth quarter officiating was amongst the worst the Spurs have seen since 2006.

I don't care how bad the refs were. Thunder hit every clutch shot and Spurs couldn't get over a 4 point lead. Pathetic.

The only reason they had the lead was FTs…so….

Every time the Spurs would cut the lead, the refs would call some bullsh** call to widen the gap again.

I hope OKC die in the Finals … I don't like Fisher!



OKC is going to get eaten alive. They are honestly not very good… they have barely beat the Spurs in 3 games where the refs were giving them everything

Fu** the refs, they single handly eliminated a Spurs team that didn't lose 4 game in like 40 game F*** THEM. I'm done with the NBA. F*** STERN

Nothing better than cheating your way to a title

They are good humble guys leading that team.. And Fisher/Perkins, of course At least it wasn’t the Lakers or Mavs.

I thought they were a humble team till they showed up like thugs in this series! Congrats refs you win Watch game 3 and 4 again. Harden and Ibaka started trying to instigate fights constantly. Game 5 Westbrook started punking the entire team

They are a great team. It’s not their fault they got all the calls in this game. They will win the championship hands down.

Well I just hope the Celtics close out the Heat… LeBron better never win a title

I don't care now. I don't wanna see Thunder win. F*** them.

Great season. Too bad the refereeing in the last two games was so horrible and unbalanced. Congratulations to the Thunder. Beat he hell out of the EC team.

I cant congratulate someone that didn’t deserve it.

Well, Spurs fans, you saw it with your own eyes. The Thunder were good, but this game (and series) was handed to the them.

I’m rooting for the EC team now. All you OKC/Sooner fans can rot in hell, along with the refs.

I will not route for the team that just stole this game via ref’s especially after they acted like jackasses while doing so.

But that’s what LeBron and the Miami Heat do every game

I’m rooting for Boston because I want them to prove that it doesn’t matter how old you are if you play as a team

Boston may have KG but they’re the EC version of the Spurs, except they’re streaky on offense and a lock-down D team.

Exactly why I want them to win

If I was gonna watch anymore NBA games, I’d root for the refs, since they determine who wins:(

Congrats to the Thunder. Now I hope the Celtics sweep them

Its OKCs conference now, they’re only gonna get better

I refuse to congratulate the Thunder. For starters they only have 1 player I respect. So congratulations Kevin Durant

I don't even respect him. That moronic shimmy he does at the FT line makes me want to punch him in the face.

Durant has Dirk’s skills and Timmeh’s demeanor. Harden can go have himself elbowed again

Everything you ever read about the Spurs organization is that its classy It ought to have the fans to match. Quit crying about the refs and who you respect and give it up You guys were af***ingmazing for a great portion of the end of the season and playoffs, and got beat.
-A Knicks fan

I applaud you. It takes guts to admit you are a Knicks fan. Kudos.

Let the Spurs fan complain in the Spurs blog. That would be “Classy” of you.

Wow a knicks fan trying to call others on class. Aint that the pot calling the kettle black.

The Knicks? Please…wake me up when your team matters.

Go to the Thunder blog if you want to hear about how the “better team won”. If you had watched the game you would know that this was a bogus win

I can’t believe I woke up at 4am for the most rigged game since 2002

Or the most rigged series since 2006?

I can’t stand Westbrook or Fisher, but I got to say I respect Durant’s humility and that at least makes the blow hurt a little bit less.

Congrats, OKC. I hope you get swept by Boston.

I feel a bit sick. I thought the reffing might be better today. Anyway, I’ll root for anyone out of the East over the Thunder

Sam Presti f***ing traitor

I’m terrified for the NBA right now These guys are babies Kevin Durant isn’t anywhere near his prime yet.

He could have at least waited until the game was over to hug his mom. What is this, junior high?

They can’t sign both Ibaka and Harden. They are going to have to choose.

You really think they’re going to let that core go? These guys are 23 and they’re in the NBA finals There’s no way they’ll let these guys go

We need to draft a referee in the Draft!!!!

OKC is a great team, I don’t know why the refs were helping them. We really had a chance in this game but came out short…

They want to ensure a Durant vs LeBron/KG Finals.

I liked OKC all that time, but I am not sure I can like them anymore.

Well, consider who else is left in the race. Lesser of three evils.

Derek Fisher. I cannot remotely come close to liking a team that suits up Derek Fisher. I have my standards.

I can’t say I hate Durant. I just can’t hate him. Now Harden and Westbrook are punk a** bit**es.

It took us 40 games to get 4 losses during the end of the regular season. The refs swept us in 4

Why is Joey Crawford always in Spurs elimination games?!!

He can get the job done. The Spurs won the previous two games with him because the Clippers choked and the Thunder did likewise.

It needs to be echoed repeatedly in the press. OKC played well, but they should not be given game six when our team has the home court in game seven. That’s absolute robbery.

F*** the thunder and the Celtics. there’s nothing wrong with rooting for the heat. they’re all i’ve got left in these playoffs to console myself. i’d probably kill myself if either harden or garnett won this year.

Great, now I have another reason to regret the Thunder beating us: Spurs fans rooting for LeBron James

Man did Crawford screw us over tonight

He must think Tony is a Jedi, to move Westbrook without touching him.

The shame of it is, OKC had the talent and the shooters to beat us straight up. Unfortunately, the NBA rolled out the red carpet so we’ll never know. What we do know is this: a team on a 20 game win streak against teams of every caliber (including the one they were in a series with) all of a sudden up and lost 4 in a row. Let that sink in.

I just hate Fisher

I forgot how much I despised him.

After this series I added harden and westbrook to that list.

The Thunders are a good team with solid players, and Durant seems like a nice guy. Harden, Westbrooks and Perkins? Fake thugs. I took them off my Myspace top twenty, that’’ll show them!

WAIT A SECOND. They’re making a Kevin Durant Thunder movie?! For serious, or was that a mock trailer from TNT? If it isn’t….. Fixed. Fixed. Fixed. Fixed. Fixed.

That’s from January. He’s been part of that film since January. And he’s making it to the Finals thanks to some favorable officiating? No way. I’m calling this shit fixed.

Guys. I CAN'T repeat this enough. Kevin Durant is going to star in an actual movie made by Warner Brothers. It’s been in filming since the NBA season started in December. What a coincidence that he makes the Finals the year this movie is being made… The NBA will get a lot of attention and revenue thanks to that. Am I really the only one finding this fishy?

Time to bet the farm on a thunder championship?

Great season for the Spurs. Honestly I doubt I will ever watch another NBA game. The reffing is so biased. Feel no shame in how the Spurs played and I don’t really think the Thunder earned their trip to the finals. NBA blows, stern is running a huge fraud

Going with the stern wants a thunder heat finals. I’m putting the over/under for free throws for the heat tomorrow at 40 whats your call?

Definitely, but even with as much help from Stern LeChoke and D-Fade are doing themselves in.

We got so f***ing shafted

How can this one hurt when the circumstances were so stacked against the spurs? NOTHING the spurs could have done would have changed the results. When the league wants a team in the finals THAT TEAM WILL BE IN THE FINALS. Simple as that.

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