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Friday, June 1, 2012

Comments from the other side - Spurs Game 3 5/31

 Well, this was fun.  Once again, it amazes me when fans actually wish injury on players.   I also can't believe all the complaints about the refs and the calls.  They need to watch a Heat game if they want to see the refs handing the game to a team.   Sad to see them taking pot shots at the good people of OKC as well.  Their crowd is awesome.  I know you will enjoy these comments.  Any favorites? 

Ill admit, tonite is the 1st game ive been nervous for this post season

F*** the thunder

No reason why they can't win it. They know what to expect, they're playing a team they f***ing own, and OKC is likely to go away from what worked all season long.

I dread game threes. You just know that OKC is going to come out red hot and fluke their way to a lead that the Spurs probably won't be able to overcome..

Lol the Governor of Oklahoma is on the TNT set

And she proudly admits that she ordered her citizens to "pray for rain" during last year's drought. Republicans are really stupid people.

OKC hick governor

Lol not giving the based TNT crew a luxury box, but a spot in hicktown alley

Come at me, Broklahoma City.

Saw a bunch of Thunder shirts today at work. Kinda made me smile. Guess I’m a little mean like that.

I expect a lot of small ball from the thunder tonight

Kendrick Perkins was brought to OKC to handle Andrew Bynum, not a healthy Timmeh.

I think they brought Kendrick Perkins because their scowling coefficient was way too low.

Time to make the Thunder fans weep, and the Heat fans tremble with fear.

I don’t want to, but If I had to, I’d take losing the series to the Thunder. But can you imagine reaching the finals, and being the first team to give the Heat their first championship? Any team but them. ANY.

Rumble is Benny the Bull’s drunk uncle

They can really only do this if they play on playing them all 45+ minutes, otherwise our bench will eat theirs alive.

I would love Durant in a Spurs uniform…

It wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the League, but … yeah

Since when do you care about the league being fair? Stern sure doesn’t!

I know the world just wants the Heat to lose, but I really want Boston to WIN. Timmy vs. KG for all the marbles? HELL YES

Too bad Stern and the refs aren’t part of this world. But yeah, that's the finals I want to see too!

Meh I hate Boston as much as I hate Miami. The best case scenario is a meteor

I like that the Thunder think they can win by “uglying it up”. This team has been there before and has proven it can win those types of games.

This game will be the "Duncan Show!" An old school, slow it down, Spurs game. I can feel it in my bones!!!

OKC crowd is annoying.

Sef is a great defender. I don't expect to see much out of Tony tonight--at least early.

Are we playing Duke?

Nah. This team has a lower salary cap.

This OKC crowd is amazing I must say

8-0 run by the Thunder. Not a good start. TP struggling against Sefalosdfgao. How do you spell his name anyway?

I spell it Sefolotion. Because it’s fun.

Ok, I am calm—let’s reel them back in and crush their little hearts, Spurs

Parker really doesn’t like Thabo… wow

Keep chucking, Westbrook, keep chucking.

Westbrook is going to punch someone soon

All right. Good job weathering the storm, now beat the shit outta them.

OKC up by one, crowd acting like they’re up by 15.

They haven’t had an NBA team for long—they’re not an intelligent crowd, just rowdy

Not worried, we just have to withstand this effort by OKC. Eventually they will wear down

I wonder how long before Perkins gets a T for excessive scowly face.

I hate Fisher

Ah, the Famous Fisher Flop.

Westbrick looking to improve on his 27 fg attempts. Dumb F***

As white as the OKC crowd is, Bonner's pasty ass looks right at home.

Perkins owning TD so far in this series is sad to see...

I think OKC has only 1 FG in the half court. I'm pretty confident right now tbh

OKC's fans are such NBA virgins. It's the first quarter and they cheer for every basket like it's a game 7 finals winner.

Put Splitter in. Those stupid okcers will try hack-a-splitter and will be fouled out in the 4th.

Can someone explain to me how the hell the Spurs are winning after that quarter!!??!!?!?

We are better than them.

Downside to having a rowdy, unintelligent crowd is when something bad happens, they get WAY too quiet too quickly

Okc scrubs taking it to spurs lol

We got the refs in the bag and are still not taking advantage.

Good lord, OKC, act like you've been there. It's one call.

Refs apologizing to Thunder Just...bizarre officiating.

Good that the Thunder are mad and trying to tear the rim down, equates to shitty basketball for them if they cannot focus.

Tbh, the Thunder have reason to be angry. Harden got fouled on that fast break layup and that Neal charge wasn't an offensive foul. Two makeup calls in a row might have been excessive though.

Well the refs must be OKC fans

Thunders take themselves out the game. Someone get Durant another tech! Wouldn’t hurt.

The refs have managed to piss off both teams.

What the hell is up with the Thunder? Everyone is trying to start a fight on that team. Harden bumps into Captain Jack, not a good idea if he wasn’t on the Spurs, and then he glares down Splitter. Durant gets a technical, Perkins glaring at everyone, Sefolosha with the flagrant. I can’t believe i’m saying this, but Westbrook seems to be the most calm and collected on the team.

Perkins’ influence? Harden never used to be like that.

I hate Harden

Harden acting like a punk? Good, there’s your reason to hate him.

Harden is a punk

So this is OKC’s strategy for this game? Put up some false bravado. I’m starting to dislike Harden.

Just wow. Didn’t think it would get this one-sided. I think the officials are just over-whelmed by the crowd. If we can keep it close, we’ll win.

Suddenly Metta World Peace looks like a sage

Harden wants to get elbowed again

Somebody punch this cry baby harden in ugly beard

Ok, hate harden now

He’s not a nice guy… he’s a punk who grows beards for attention :P

I’m tired of getting punked by these jerks… time to put Jax back in

I don't understand where the thunder got the audacity to act like dicks

Remember, they’re really the Sonics. Tells you all you need to know

How many ft’s have the thunder taken? Jeez……

At least 500

Spurs and Thunder have the same amount of made FT’s, and we actually have 2 more attempts

Way to ruin my fan illusions

When Manu did that against OKC in game 1 they didn't call it, yet when Durant does it oh wait its Durant got to give him the call.

I'm not scared of this… spurs will adjust. Really not impressed with OKC’s so called attitude(staring downs and what not,) that’s what children will do when scared.

OKC used to be cool. Could it be Fisher and Perkins coaching the kids?

If we could stop passing directly to their team that would be the best

After Perkins gave the announcers a few evil eye looks, they are being careful. Very careful.

Harden flopping his way to the line again smh

So after the Spur win this game, will they stop saying that the Spurs have not been tested?

The crowd and the players are influencing these phantom calls tbh.

Don't give up on this game yet, I don't think the Thunder are smart enough a team to put us away

The fix looks to be in smh


Wish someone knocks that piece of shit Perkins down...

I guess the prayers of OKC's governor are working.

I believe they can do it! But you have to give credit to the Thunder - they're a good team, and they've shown that they're not just going to roll over and play dead.

Spurs just need to ignore the fact that OKC is being given calls and continue to be aggressive.

The spurs have been through worse. The better team will win

The effort on the defensive boards is the worst I've seen it probably since that loss to the Lakers at home...

F*** u gutless spurs

I don’t condone flagrant fouls, but maybe just once someone should pull down Harden by his beard. I’m not even sure you can call a foul on the beard.

No, that’s way too reckless and dangerous! The dinosaur in his beard could reach out and each someone’s arm.

How about just sneaking into his room tonight and cutting it off? Imagine the surprise on his face when he wakes up and checks the mirror. I would not want to be in that room.

Nah, I wouldn’t do that. The beard would probably become a sentient being and start going around killing people.

We have more assist to thunder players than any thunder player……so, how embarrassing for them

Winning 20 straight makes losing feel suicidal.

We keep leaving sefolosha open. Retarded gameplan

Sefalosha is the proverbial wrench in the Spurs’ well oiled machine right now.

I hope Pop has adjustments by now. Or put a bounty on Harden’s beard

The crowd got to the team. Smh

Brooks found a way to hijack the Spurs souls and are making the extra pass.

Thunder figured out spurs

Scary that Pop has been ridic out coached today

Pop hasn't been outcoached... it's just okc... Scott brooks is pure ass as a coach

Remember - the NBA loses money if a series doesn't go to at least five games. You think it's a coincidence these refs are letting OKC get away with anything and calling everything on the Spurs? You think they haven't been paid a little bonus or two to make sure it happens?

It's not over until the fat lady sings. And I haven't seen Durant's mom singing yet, so I think the Spurs can still come back.

The Thunder were down 22 the last game and was able to whittle down our lead to 6. Let’s show them that we also have resiliency.

Not concerned yet, but game 4 could be the same, and I don't like the idea of game 5 being locked 2-2 with Thunder having all the confidence.

I bet 10-15pct of ibaka's 'blocks' are goal tends

I guess since the refs didn't need to give OKC FTAs to help their offense, they're helping them in other ways by not calling all their rampant violations.

Spurs needed to get destroyed tbh, they got complacent and this is what it got them. If this doesn't fire them up then they're in for a long series.

They're gonna have to figure out this whole Sefalosha on Parker thing, cause it's not going away.

So, now that we've made Sefolosha look like Michael Jordan, does Pop reinsert Manu in the starting lineup for Game 4?

Congrats Thunder, winning one game against Spurs to avoid sweep.

Quick everybody download Doodoo jump!

Time to drop an elbow on Harden.

Gah, I dunno whats worse, losing by 25, or having to see Hardens teeth.

This is getting ridiculous no wait… it was already that… this is probably the worst display of officiating I’ve seen

Guys, I think I know what’s happening. I went to games 1 and 2, and we won. I didn’t go to this game, and we’re losing. You need to pay for a trip to Oklahoma, fellas! Do it for the Spurs!

You WANT to go to OKC? You poor, deluded man.

You have to pay to go to Oklahoma?

I thought they paid you to go there?

Yep didn’t you see what the Gov did for Barkley

I hate sefalsoha

Lol at okc playing their best players in garbage time.

Classy move by Scott Brooks to leave his Big Three in there against Party Mills and company.

He’s scared.

There is enough time left that I would do the same. We have too many scorers for them to play scrubs right now.

No they are morons

I hope Durant/Westbrook get injured. They deserve it for being on the floor right now.

I hate playing against teams that never miss a FT.

Sad that we can only win by 9 but they can win by 20+

Let them enjoy the only win they will get in this series, we take game 4, bank it!

Someone needs to give a hard foul to that f***ER Sefolosha. F***ER thinks he's MJ now.

Patty mills or James Anderson should take advantage of the stupidity of okc and just wail durant to the ground, maybe take him out for the series. Lol. He'd get suspended, but we could live with that. And I'd laugh my ass off.

Seriously, Spurs 2, Refs 1. Wonder if OKC is capable of winning on their own merits?

Blair should have been giving hard ass fouls when the thunder main 3 were still in. Harden should have gotten hit in the throat

Are some of you really giving this game to the refs?

Not worried Pops is pulling this shit to teach his team a lesson

Does OKC's coach really coach, all I ever hear his saying in the huddle is Joel Osteen like positive affirmations. If he wasn't blessed with out of this world talent/athleticism I don't know how good of a coach he would be/is

I am totally jumping out of my window after this.

Let’s look at the bright side. At least no one has gotten their face chewed by a crazy guy.

it’s not over yet, remember?

You’re right. Face chewing may yet happen.

They’ll get too giddy about winning ONE GAME in a best of seven series

We just need a 30-4 run, why does everyone have so little faith?

I’m sorry… but this whole game has been rigged… There have been at least 10 Thunder commercials and NOT ONE SPURS COMMERCIAL… DAVID STERN WANTS OKC TO WIN!!!

This is like a car wreck, I should stop watching but I can’t look away

I used to like OKC players.. Not after tonight.. I don’t even like Scott Broks

I hope Pop puts a hit on Harden a la Haslem on Hansbrough. #RileySystem

Meh, its not as fun when why are losing by 30

Who the crap are these Thunder making shots?

Royal icing? Is that what they said his name was?

Royal Ivey

If Anderson goes and punch Fisher in the face right now I will buy his jersey

That would probably be the most productive thing hes done all season.

This is a wake up call guys, I'm sure pop is really smiling deep inside

Probably true. But now OKC thinks they can beat us. I don’t like that.

Refs can’t give any call to the Spurs… ball bounces off an OKC player and the ref is like “Sigh… Stern told me to.,..” and points for OKC

Spurs got outtoughed tonight, we need more Blair next game less Bonner, heck Less Splitter if he doesn't play better than he did, some one to get up in Perkin's grill.

Pop saw the way the refs were calling this game and pulled our guys early - Did anyone even play 30 minutes tonight? I don't think so. Pop would rather give this one to OKC, let them pump themselves up like they've actually done anything, and get back to business in Game 4.

You know who’s not happy? The Big 3 are not happy. The Thunder won’t like the Big 3 on Saturday when they’re not happy.

Unhappy manu is the best

Duncan is going to destroy Ibaka.

So this is how losing feels like…

Well, that sucked.

Everyone keeps talking about the personnel rotations. It didn't matter who was out there. We never got the offense started because of Sefalosha.

Sefoloshit matched his season high LMAO. F-l-u-k-e

Offensively, yes but his defense is NOT a fluke. That f***er needs to hit the deck on Saturday. I say someone needs to set a hard pick on that bitch.

Selofasha or whatever the F*** his name is still a scrub who isn't gonna have the night he had most nights.

Spurs still played good D on Durant and Westbrook, but refs decided that any time the Spurs made a run or got a good clean stop, that meant they had to call a foul on the Spurs.


He is definitely on my list Of people to drop an elbow on to foul

i’m gonna head down to the beach and stick my head in the sand until game 4.

Since the series started ive started to really dislike harden. Westbrook complains, that's cool and errything, durant pumps himself up, but harden acts like a thug

Thabo Sefolosha Has Fundamentally Altered The Spurs’ Offense. How could the Sours let one guy cause all this trouble? I mean he’s a good defender but not that good

I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.

If this is a thunder close out game effort. The thunder will be one tough team to close out

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