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Friday, June 15, 2012

Comments from the other side - FINALS Game 2 6/14

These aren't as much fun when we lose, but still some good stuff. Heat fans are still among the worst. They turn on their team and their players, including LBJ whcn the Thunder made a run. Now Battier is the best there is and all season and through the ECF, he was Crappier and they were wishing he'd get hurt so Spo wouldn't be able to play him. And it always amazes me when fans wish injury on other players. I mean, really? Wishing an ACL tear or broken neck on a player because he is playing well? Heat fans really disgust me. They are all boastful when their team is winning but as soon as they play poorly, they turn on them. They really don't deserve a championship.  Hopefully they don't get one.  

If Lebron can re find his jumpshot this series is over in 5.

Russell claimed that Battier tried to "punk him". Ok Westbrick. Next time, you will really see what punking is, courtesy of UD or sexy Dexy. I wish that we can hold this guy to under 20 pts on horrible FG % and 6-8 TO's in Game 2. Sick of his front running, show boating ass. Someone needs to teach him a lesson in Game 2. Whether it is by dunking on him or making our fouls a little bit harder.

Hopefully lebron dunks on westbrick just for laugh.

THis is the first time in a long time where.... I'm worried the Heat will get blown out.

I am worried, while we played **** in 1st game.so did OKC in 1st half, they were too nervous. WE Lost 2nd half by 18 **** points.

HEAT IN 5. That's right. Heat in 5. Oklahoma won't even win another game, let alone this series.

It confuses me when Erik Spoelstra calls a timeout, draws something on his clip board, and we end up running an ISO and getting nothing out of the timeout. It's gotten to the point I'd rather not have the Heat call a timeout so they don't have to listen to that idiot of a coach.

I thought this was going to be "Bad Coaching vs Bad Coaching", instead it's been "Very Bad Coaching vs Bad Coaching"

I have faith in our team man and no one on OKC scares me. My only concern is westbrook, stop him and thdy lose. KD shows up late to the party every night, let lebron guard him

Blow these mother****ers out!

If they don't win this year, they will never win a championship with this big 3 simply because the okc thunder are getting better and better and the heat are getting older and worse. D-Wade's age is already showing and he's aging very quickly. Imo he only has 1-2 more years as a "star" player. Bosh is no superstar and he's already peaked.

it's not like the Heat are getting better. This could be their last true shot at winning the championship. If they don't beat the Thunder this year, they HAVE to break up the big 3 because okc will dominate the west for years, and they are only getting better

Damn, Wayne rooting for us? Hes bad luck. He rooted for the spurs the last time he was rejected, and everything went down hill from there. He needs to be a hornets fan and shut up.

Refs better start giving D Wade some calls. Dude was getting whacked last game and they were calling the most ticks tack fouls on us for the Thunder.

GAME ONE -- NO ONE FEARED THE BEARD…..and despite some timely shots and assists and toasting Rio in the 2nd half… Westbrook was still inefficient.

Nobody feared the beard because thabo was dominating defensively

They are all scary, but RW is so fast, he was blowing right by defenders...

Does Mike Miller have any nagging injuries right now? What happened to this guy?

MM is a walking nagging injury! Dude's' a wreck

I still believe this title is ours to lose.

Keep chucking Westbrook.

Perkins is bullying us in the paint.

I'm in a ****ty mood about playing OKC. I don't like the fact that they think they are sooooo good. I hope the Big 3 drop 60 each on they ***!

This is the thunder MO.. Get down early, then storm back

When we play our game we are better than them, these are facts. Keep playing our game

We'll see how this goes, whenever we have a good start, we choke the lead away in 4th... We'll see I hope I'm wrong.

I agree. It's incredible how skeptical this team has made its fans. I've never seen so many incredible leads just evaporate from sheer overconfidence.

Westbrick trying to injure our players with his reckless play

Westbrook is really explosive. My goodness.

He's much more dangerous than Rose.

Dammit wade has lost his edge...

Biombo and Magette for Wade straight up.

Thank jeebus sefolosha can't dunk

Glad they aren't rewarding thabo for being a terrible dunker today.

How is Lebron not fouled on that dunk attempt?

Really??? That was as clean a block as youll ever see.. Access denied lebron Gota appreciate an impressive block

Remember, collison is dangerous too in the interior, if only because of his energy

Westbrook plays like an 8th grader with steroids

****ing Westbrook is a big flopper

I fully expect a few questionable calls by the refs if the Thunder don't make a run soon

I hate harden and his beard I wish he was in Miami

Solid start but leads don't mean much against this team. Spurs learned that the hard way

We have to stop harden

Where's Ron Artest when you need his elbow?

Ibaka gets away with a LOT.

I hope Miller gets injured. Nothing bad, just enough for him to be out. Can't believe Sporon puts him on Harden. It's sickening.

I would love to see how OKC plays on our court without getting all these calls.

KD/Westbrook has 2 fouls - exploit that

Westbrook is definitely more athletic than Rose, don't get me wrong Rose is probably 2nd most explosive guard in the league but Westbrook gets to any spot he wants and just crossing over LeBron and Wade with ease...

Harden gets so many calls

Harden is one annoying a** mother ****.

I can't stand Harden. I don't know if it's the beard or the dolphin teeth Or the dolphin like flopping

Harden is like a fish out of water with his flopping

I **** hate Harden.

I hate tha ibacka guy And harden with another flop ...

Why do I hate harden so much now... Something about harden makes me hate him more than I hate Kobe.

What a flopper, I hope Harden breaks his neck with all due respect

Idgaf, I hope harden tear his MCL AND ACL.

Cole is playing good D the refs are just helping Westbrick.

Westbrick reacts after all his bricks to try to get a foul afterward. It's pitiful.

Please put Pittman in and show Westbrook/Harden what a real foul looks like... Pretty please?

...If we could legally drag the guy by the beard... I swear...

Westbrook is very annoying with his flopping.


Why do the refs reward Westbrook so much around the basket?

Ibaka is getting on my nerves with his shot blocking (Goal tending). You fool, don't wave your finger at the MVP like that.

The Thunder are way more cocky than us. Harden and Westbrook after every freaking shot.

These calls are getting out of hand. Impossible to play defense.

OKC has about 20 blocks

I hate Perkins

Youd love him if he was on your team.. Jus sayin

he's not, and I hate him

So three Heat playes under the rim and Perkins, and Perkins draws the fouls.

Seriously, their offense is impeccable once Harden steps on the floor.

That redneck arena can get loud, guess their used to heckling at high pitch.

I'm callin it now, Durant fouls out.

It's amazing to me that Wade can get hacked and get no call but the second Harden hits the floor it's an easy whistle in his favor.

F any of those rednecks thinks LeBron is gonna start missin FT's then think again because he's zoned in and is having a silent big game.

That crowd. So pale...

Go cry to your momma Harden you didn't get the call.

Lol @ this big bitch Collison flopping on 6 foot Cole. Contest the shot f**got

Miami gonna win the ring this year. Refs want us to win.

Let's piss off the OKC crowd even more and foul out Durant.

Espn had an article on how when Crawford refs heat playoff games, they win a much higher percentage..

I hate KD

Drive at KD, get him outta there

O my its getting loud! Uh oh heat don't fall apart now

Durant is just too much. Fk that kid

Mario I hate you

This team is a f***ing disappointment

Between chalmers & miller, I don't know who to hate more

The Heat are clearly choking.

Durant is a 6'11 Ray Allen. And that's not a knock on him, Ray Allen in his prime was a top SG. Damn.

One possession game here. Did not think the thunder could pull off something like this late. Wow.

We're getting breaks, need to take advantage

Refs doing work in the clutch. Money


Cut Wade. He is old.

LBJ get off the court, you are a disgrace I'm done with you

I just dislike lebron so much whe je enters the passive stage, its like he doesn't want it

LBJ just cost us this game I can't believe he fooled me. This guy just doesn't have it!

I hate to say it, but Kobe wouldn't have allowed Durant to play almost the entire 4th quarter with 5 fouls. Just no way.... This is frustrating as hell.

Kobe got his ass killed by the Thunder for a reason

Seriously? You let Durant score like that?

Lone fact that he is still in the game bothers me

WADE & LBJ just cost us the game

Lebron is an *** hole for leaving KD wide open

Lebron should be benched in the 4th he does not do **** in the 4th give the ****ing ball to wade u ****ing idiot

Bunch of chokers

F*** this team.

F*** Wade and LeBron

Refs save the day. Much appreciated.

Atta boy LeClutch

I don't want to hear anything KD shouldn't even be in the game He fouled Battier

This give me confidence! Unlikely to win 3 in Miami but now I feel we can win a game 6 in here!

Lebron is the man !!!

Enjoy blaming the refs haters!

Big win for us, don't care how we got it, just that we got it.

I'm still like in shock. How the hell did we pull that out?

And the world blames the refs

I wish durant would get some hate by people if okc loses its always westbrooks fault anyways F*** OKC

Nobody will say a bad thing about him. he's the golden boy of the NBA. he's the only one right now who can dethrone Lebron as the best in the league so obviously he will get all the cheers but not the blames

Westbrick taking more shot attempts than KD ..lol the guy cant accept the fact that OKC is KD`s team .

That last play by KD is going to be the topic tomorrow because LeBron clearly fouled him. I wish it never came down to that man.

KD should've fouled out when Battier took that charge. Karma is a *****.

Game one 3rd quarter and today in the 3rd it was phantom city call for okc. I don't want to hear no okc fan or anyone else complaining about that call. Yes it was a foul, but the calls we didn't get was horrible.

Refs just did some makeup call from that supposed charge leading to foul out But of course refs are human and scared of Vengeful LeGod

Man whats crazy is we could have been up 2-0 if wasn't for that game 1 collapse OKC really feeds off that crowd

Love the win but man I don't like what happened late in the game. First of all, KD should have been called for his 6th foul after a charge on Battier. Then sure Lebron fouled him, but everyone on ESPN is b.itchin about it, and it "ruins" our win to be honest. Everytime you talk about the 2006 title, people go to the refs. I don't want people to not credit us again IF of course we go on to win the championship.

The foul that they say should've been called against LBJ on KD wouldn't have never happened if KD was on the bench with his 6th foul the way it was supposed to be. KD gets his 6th foul the supposed foul on LBJ never happens. These people are full of it and it's obvious who the haters are.

This Thunder team is soo hard to beat WOWW

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