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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Comments from the other side - FINALS Game4 6/20

 It's a bit depressing having to see these so called Heat fans celebrate a win that was pretty much assured to them by the officials.  But as one fan said, they don't  care if they are Whistle Champs again.  That's how they got their first title and that never bothered them.  It was interesting to see a Knicks fan speak up on how bad the officiating was.    It still amazes me how badly they trash their own players, calling them trash and LeChoke, when they miss a shot or two and then they are all great again when they hit a big shot.  Just amazing.   Lots of love for Russ, though.  I'm hoping it's still not out of the question for OKC to win the next 3 games.  I, for one, don't want a Whistle Champion. 

2-1 seems scary though. Both of our previous finals series, the team that was up 2-1 ended up losing.

With all the focus of how GREAT LeBron is......perfect time for Wade or Bosh to sneak in and step on the Thunder throats with big games!

Kd still has yet to have a horrible shooting game. I kno kd is a great scorer, but believe me, he is capable of going thru shooting slumps. I hope lebron/battier eat him alive next game.

Fans need to be as LOUD and INVOLVED as anyone can be. Let those referees know that ANY mis-calculated or calculated BS call against the Heat will be noticed.

The Heat need to get this game. Going back to OKC would not be fun.

You notice the referees being given to us in homes games, and with poor home records But referees given in the OKC home game were ones with poor away records. NBA doing there best to make this 7 game series

Expect okc to get a ton favorable/BS calls tonight....

I hope Lebron is pissed off at Ibaka so much that he dunks the ball with Ibaka's blocking hand attached

I do not want us to go back to okc at all. We must play game 4 like its game 7 and suck what confidence is left in okc.

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So are the Thunders the worst FT shooting opponent Heat ever faced in the playoffs?

If Wade gets another late game turnover, I hope a fan sitting courtside hits him in the head w/ a beer bottle.

Lol @ Ibaka Signs of a young dumbass team Iblaka is in for a rude awakening tonight

We gotta let Pittman go in for a minute, and slap the ibaka clown in the face, get a flagrant and sit down... That'll teach him something..

Serge Ibaka might have just dug his team's own grave

Ibaka, Durant, and the Thunder sort of remind me of the Heat last year. They were cocky and arrogant, and just got owned by an older team who wanted it more. It's like the time when Wade and James made fun of Dirk's coughing, then Dirk went on to have a monster game and Dallas was champions.

We can't lose this game. The difference between 3-1 and 2-2 is huge in terms of OKC's confidence level.

Bill Kennedy was being whined and dined at a Miami Heat chartiy organization the other day. I like having him as one of our refs.

Ed Malloy has been good to us at times, including the ejection of Pierce in last years playoffs so there's that

Our intro is 10 times better than OKC's

Unbelievable energy in there right now, got a feeling OKC is in for the biggest surprise of their young careers....

Westbrook is playing like a point guard

Lovely. It's the Miami "we don't like being ordinary" Heat

Couldn't picture a worse start, they're back to playing non chalant

Just as I predicted. We are going to get dominated tonight.

Pack your bags... We're going to OKC

Westbrook is absolutely abusing Dwyane Wade.

Wow Westbrook is outscoring our entire team

Media will not be able to blame Westbrook for this one.

I wouldn't mind if we traded Wade right now.

Lebron keeps on getting hacked yet no calls?

Lebron was clearly fouled...no call though, nothing new.

Thanks to the media crying about refs previous games. It finally got into their heads...

F*** you Chalmers

Wade is **** garbage

Chalmers is a moron.

Wade sucks!!!!!

Wade has been a disgrace. An utter disgrace.

Wow, Wade is a JOKE

Game over. Series likely over as well. Thanks Wade this is all on you.

Ur so negative. Its 1st qtr dummy.

Westbrook is scarier than kd.

When you play off him like he's f*cking Rajon Rondo then yea he is scary. I don't understand why a jumpshooting PG is getting wide open JUMPSHOTS

Yeah uhm, giving Westbrook the Rondo treatment is probably the dumbest idea ever. The Rondo treatment didn't even work on Rondo!

This is why Westbrook is the thunders most lethal player.

Only hope is that Oklahoma runs out of gas in the 2nd half because of how fast they are playing

They're young, don't count on them getting gassed.

I told you collison was an X guy you absolutely could not afford to forget about

Who's job is it to defend Westbrook? Seriously? The rim had to block Westbrook for us, Jeez.

Well I guess KD on Mario Scrubmers is Brook's "genius move" of the series.

Please put Wade and Mario in economy class on the way back to OKC.

F*** Mike Miller

You don't let freaking Russell Westbrook get hot! Westbrook > Durant There I said it, Westbrook has a wayyyyyyyy bigger impact than Durant.

'Bron 2-7: 'Bron is getting fouled!

Mark my words, the refs will do whatever they can to give this game to OKC.

I said it before and I'll say it again, Westbrook will cost them the game as usual. He's trying to be hero.

Wade hurt, what else is new? Lol Miller peptalking Wade about back problems

**** this. Get pitmann in and flatten one of theirs real quick.

That was a clean block? Yeah okay. I'm tired of Ibaka getting away with all kind of s*** just because he has a reputation as a good shotblocker.

I'm so sick of **** Harden, **** soft ass calls for him, damn.

Bosh sucks tonight man...

Harden's flop game is serious

Hows's that a foul? HARDEN IS A SUPERSTAR NOW?

**** you Chuckbrook.

How many times are these refs gonna let Sefolosha get away with a travel

Can't wait for Westbrick to go cold in the 2nd half and shoot the Thunder out of it.

Can someone dunk on Westbrook's clown face?

Westbrook is starting to really piss me off.

His motor is crazy...he just keeps going and going...it is annoying

I can tell you this, moron fan side, rational side....every side of me hates Westbrook

We tried feeding Bosh to start the game, anyone remember what happened?...

He kept missing, Ibaka and Perkins were around him I believe

Harden has 7 rebs... The fark?

Strange how a guy who spends most of his time laying on the floor has that many rebounds. He..****.

Wade with the jumper

I thought wade was hurt

Durant is dumb. Why does he keep reaching in? Lol

Chalmers is so **** stupid sometimes

LeBron can't even get a call when he is pushed on the ground.

Shane really needs to stop falling down at the slightest bit of contact. I never noticed it before, but he flops a lot.

After you wrote this, I see flop on every play

Another superstar call for Harden Man I hate this guy

I'm happy with westchuck shooting He’s taking shots away from Durant

Lebron abusing harden in the post

Westbrook you lucky gecko faced bastard

Westchuck please keep shooting Durant continue standing their waiting for the ball. That benefits us a lot

If I'm an OKC fan, I'm asking why is Harden guarding Lebron!

Heh, that was a crap call on Harden, but whatever. I'll take it. If the Heat get called Whistle Champions again en route to the title, I'm thoroughly happy with that outcome.

Refs taking over.

Yeah **** flopper. An actual super star getting calls.

I love how Westbrook keeps trying to flop. Give it a rest.

Wtf is Durant made of toothpicks that he flew back like that from a JJ block?


So they decided to not call fouls against KD. Ok.

If lebron takes one more **** jumper I swear! Attack the basket u big dummy

Step aside folks. Clutch time is Chalmers time!

Love how these refs aren't calling the flops for the Thunder.

Congrats on winning the championship. The refs will be sized for their rings with the players. [from a Knicks fan]

Congrats on losing in the first round and not winning a series in over a decade biotch

Thanks. But this is as rigged a series as I have ever seen. This is on par with game 6 of the 2002 WCF. I am not saying you guys can't win without help. But the refs are eating their whistles for you and calling a foul on anyone who looks at your players. It is disgusting. [same Knicks fan]

Stern giving you Ewing was disgusting as well.

OKC flops like crazy, MY GOD!

Holy ****. Can we really not stop Westbrook?

Westbrook has a ton of energy. Dude is not showing any signs of slowing down.

OK, Westbrook is really getting on my nerves now.

I hate westbrook

Double Westbrook, get the ball out of his hands. I don't give a s*** if someone else gets an open shot. He's 8-8 or 9-9 in this half I think.

Now people understand why Westbrook is OKC best player, most lethal but also most bone head just not tonight

Silver lining: Durant isn't going to attempt another shot

LeBron from last year has showed up Le-Quit, Le-Choke

Lebron just quit on us. Predictable!!! He can’t handle the pressure. We are done!

Not looking good! Lebron hurt! Hope its not serious!

If he can get up and make a shot... …then I say he’s fine.

He's cramping up. Dude gets no rest man he's not a machine Spo

It looks like he just got cramps guys. Spo is gonna kill LeBron I swear. You gotta rest him at the start of the 4th you idiot

I want to shoot spo in the head.

I would play lebron even with one leg, we need him out there

LeBron is never hurt. Stop whining.

LeBron faking it for the legacy!


LeBron's doing it on one leg, because two wouldn't be fair for OKC.

Hahaha... Durant fouls too much


Mario ain't scared. Russel Westbrook looks like a damn goomba too.

And after that stellar performance, Westbrook commits the dumbest foul of the game.

Young team Foolish Thunder

The media is going to blame Westbrook for this loss...after his monster game, wow man. Haha sucks. OKC's spirits will be crushed for Game 5.

I think Russle is going to cry.

I'm not sure if anyone is as clutch as Rio in the league

Can you believe we are doing better with out lebron on the floor

Wilbon just said that OKC can't win because of THE WAY RUSS PLAYED! *facepalm* wdf? Tremendous game by WB.

Feel bad for Westbrook, guy went 43 pts 7 rebs 5 ast and the blame for their loss.

I feel bad for Westbrook though Dude did everything for his team and kept them in thegame only to blow it on a bad play.

He had a monster game....monster, and I don't feel he blowed it on that play, although the foul was a bad one. KD had a chance to make something happen with that AIR BALL 3 but he couldn't convert. Westbrook did all he could.

HELL **** YEA ONE MORE GAME IN MIAMI till the 27th anyone know if we win in 5 when the parade will be ?

That's 3 of the 4 games Harden has dissappered! So much for the Thunder bench advantage!

1 comment:

  1. Oh stop it you damn hater. Why don't you just accept the fact that you cannot digest the Heat winning before making some asinine statements? Heat are whistle champions? So you actually think Thunder outplayed the Heat this series and would have been ahead if not for the officials? The game where LeBron's foul on Durant was not called, Durant's foul on Battier wasn't called either and had it been, Durant would have not even played from that point.

    Also only an idiot will pay attention to some of the comments made by "Heat" fans. It is very possible that those fans criticizing their own players are not fans of the team, but fans of other players on the team. Miami is a team with two huge FA signings and a superstar already present before they arrived, so it is very much possible some of those comments are from fans of players, not team.

    Finally, STFU hypocrite. If your team was winning with help from referees (which Miami isn't really), you would be as happy as any fan whose team is winning the finals. And pointing out the comment from Knicks fan again makes you look like a bigger idiot you are, Knicks fan? really? It is like validating a Packers' fan comment on Bears' success.

    I will enjoy my team close out the series in Miami and LeBron's coronation as the King of NBA. Meanwhile, run to your bed with your teary eyes and cry.

    Also, Perkins' fan? Easily the worst player on OKC's roster.