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Monday, June 11, 2012

Comments from the other side - FINALS Pre-Game 6/11

 Just wanted to set the stage for the Finals with a bonus version of Comments from the other side.   It's hard to believe that the DWade they are expecting to beast against the Thunder is the same one they were calling garbage and trash and wanting to trade during the Celtics series.  Get ready for the Finals and enjoy these pre-game comments. 

Obviously, a whole different team we're going up against.

I feel like we'll lose game 1 like we did against Chicago last year. Drunk over Boston, still sulking in on winning a bar fight.

I know we're on the road, 3 in a row at home which I love. But I wish we could somehow win the Finals at home. I'd love watching that confetti in the AAArena.

This is exactly why I didn't want us to have HCA in the Finals. You have a chance to go on the road and steal one, and then you have 3 straight at home. So damn awesome!

This will be the biggest challenge of the playoffs. Won't be surprised to see it go 7 but if there's a team that can overcome that adversity it's this heat team.

OKC is good at getting calls. OKC's play calling isn't as great, but they have a good TEAM too. Harden is insane... Westbrook at PG (RIP Mario). Doesn't get easier for Wade now having to deal with Sefolosha...

Westbrook is nuts, but him at PG will be a lot more reasonable to deal with than say Parker at PG

LBJ will have his hands full with KD on both ends...but its the Finals. Deal with it son.

LeBron and Wade will both win their match-ups. The X factors will be Bosh, Harden, Ibaka and Chalmers/Battier.

We matchup well for the Finals. It's within our grasp. I think we'll play our best ball this series.

Thabo is a Wade stopper who has gotten a lot better since his Baby Bulls days. Gave Wade headaches.

Yea...but Thabo won't get much burn. Are they going to give Thabo more minutes than Harden?

He will get quality minutes believe me. Dude is shooting 60% from 3 point range in the playoffs so far. He will get 20-25 minutes at least, in place of Westbrook/Harden.

Perkins is a punk. He'll scream and get fouled out. Ibaka is the one we need to worry about at both ends.

I expect LeBron and Durant to cancel each other out in scoring, but obviously what makes Lebron the best player in the league is that he's a much better all around player than Durant.

Westbrook is gonna Abuse Chalmers

Against OKC you can't get down by 10 by them and hope to catch up. Heat have to play hard right off the tip.

I think Spo has the upper hand on Brooks....

I think it's hilarious how everyone thinks OKC is unbeatable

People keep saying how OKC has a better bench and that maybe true because of Harden. Collison is like a gritty guy for them, then there's Fisher who I hope is abused by us. He kills them defensively, but we can't leave him open.

If you have Lebron and Wade on your team, you shouldn't lose, there's no excuse.

Westbrook is gonna be the reason Miami wins this series.

Yup he can really shoot them out of the game. He isnt the smartest pg around

Listen everyone is getting very carried away with their praise of OKC. Don't let the experts fool you, these teams match up very very evenly and it is going to come down to which big 3 play better. People are underestimating the D that the eastern conference plays.

OKC IS O SO HUMBLE, TO HUMBLE FOR MY HUMBLE-O-METER. Let's get this. I want to stop hearing this bull as well as those "they did it the right way" comments.

Real question... Will the refs let LeBron be aggressive against Durant?

No Bruce Bowen No Marion & DeShawn combo No excuses for Lebron, it's just Baby Durantula

Thunder is a dangerous team, you don't have to relax on them, even Spurs up 2-0 then they manage to win 4 in a row, even if were leading by 10 in last 2 min, they will manage to score 11+ straight points, in order to win against them, we need 3 things, DEFENSE, FT and BENCH support.

I have a good feeling about this, I expect us to steal one in Oklahoma and then win at least 2 of 3 at home.
I just don't see them succeeding against our defense like they did against mediocre defenses in the west.

Picking up Fisher off waivers was the biggest move this Thunder made this season. He's helped settle this team into believing in itself and making Westbrook a way better team player.

OKC hasn't seen anything yet.

what's with this "deep" bench OKC has? Really? The only decent people off the bench are Harden and Fisher.

I think Wade will do ALOT better against OKC than he did the Celtics. The Celtics have a better defense than OKC, the only edge OKC has is it's speed.

Turn Harden into a midrange shooter and he will have a bad series.

Spo's Help Defense + Joel will make Harden look like JR Smith

I think our superior coach spo will outsmart us alp and unleash his secret weapon on Perkins ibicka and colonsin, the man the myth the bench warmer, Edward curry

The hardest thing is gonna be winning at Oklahoma. Their fans always bring it. Losing at home is not an option.

We should probably expect the same lineup that started G7. Spo is not one to adjust until the Heat lose.

I would like to think that Spo realizes that a front court of Ibaka-Perkins is a far different animal than Bass-KG. Different series, different plan of attack.

OKC is more of an offensive team than a defensive team That worries me because you don't want Miami To get in a shoot out with those guys!

Against OKC, I hope UD comes off the bench and Turaif or Joel starts against Perkins! UD is a stick next to Perkins!

That ugly whining face! Put Curry on him to eat whiner!

The thing about OKC wings is non of them are good individual players! Everytime Wade, Lebron or Rio penetrates, they will draw the attention of Ibaka or Perkins so the heat should have cutters or Bosh will be left alone on the perimeter!


I think wade will find it easier this time around because he probably wont be dealing with constant doubles and just has sefolosha to beat which is no easy task

I'm just so glad we don't have homecourt

As a Sonics fan & Seattle native, GO Heat!!!

Thanks, we'll try to avenge Seattle for you guys.

We need some inspirational "Do it for Seattle" sigs, maybe with some GP, Kemp and Starbucks mixed in or something.

I was pissed to see the Thunder beat the Spurs. Hopefully the Heat will make things right in the world.

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