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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Comments from the other side - FINALS Game 1 6/12

 Heat fans are about the worst in the NBA.  They start out talking about how great Wade is and how LeBron is better than KD and when their team is up everything is great.  When their team gets down or a player isn't playing well, it's trade them, they're garbage, etc. It's amazing to see them turn on every player when they don't play well.  Tonight Battier was one of the Big 3.  Last game they were calling him Crappier.   My favorite was "OKC, this is what a real defense looks like!" because by the end they were moaning about how bad their defense was and how good OKC's was.  Too funny! And they complain so much about the refs.  If there's any team in the league who shouldn't complain about the refs, it's Miami.  James and Wade get more calls than any other players in the league.    I know you will enjoy today's comments.  Be sure to post your favorites!

I have a feeling we taking game 1! Let's Go HEAT!!!

I am confident..just worried they got more rest then us.They have full energy today, while we are tired from Boston game.

So, let's win for ourselves, Seattle, and Hakeem

Lets Go Heat, Blow These Suckers Out !!!

Dwade Rising starts tonight. People are forgetting how good Wade is and he is going to have a great finals. I think we can win both these games on the road but we need to come out desperate in game 1. This team has never been in the finals we need to come out and hit them hard in game 1. Let's go.

Durant gonna get MVP chants. I hope the real MVP silences them and keeps #35 under 20 pts. Although it's a dream, I just want all the milking of Durant to stop

All the pressure on those young shoulders in OKC, different ballgame playing a slow a$$ team like the Spurs in a West finals and then against 3 of the best players on the planet with speed in an NBA Finals. OKC bandwagoners are in for a shock, you'll see.

Spoelstra is a moron for not starting Bosh.

Ibaka/Perkins is gonna eat us alive in the paint and rebounding.

Don't know what to make of Bosh not starting. He can be our Harden of the bench.

Perkins and Ibaka will destroy the glass against Battier and Haslem

Perkins and Ibaka are more physical and will push the smaller Battier and UD out of rebounding position rather easily!

That was awful intro video...

Porkins is one tough guy...

The permanent scowl is deceiving.

Evil force, star wars? Classless by OKC , the rednecks. Let's win this Heat, and when they come to Miami, let's play them a donkey song

If we win the first, okc will be DEMORALIZED

I really want to win game 1 so bad. If we can win game 1 it would psychologically kill okc

Can you imagine how loud that place is gonna be?

Lol was just gonna post that People may go deaf tonight

OKC is far and away the loudest stadium in the country And that is pretty much a unanimous opinion

If the heat can beat Boston in Boston, they can win in OKC

In sheer decibels, OKC is a Billion times louder scientifically speaking

Bet you could count the number of black folks in that crowd on one hamd....

OKC, this is what a real defense looks like!

Need to take advantage of OKC jitteriness

THAT WAS A FOUL ON DRUANT WTF!!!!! He landed on haslem that's a foul they didn't call it

Durant should never be left open. Ever. Someone should walk with him up the court to make sure it is hard to even give him the ball at all times!

Wade came to play all right

KD is a beast I cant lie..

We should be able to get what we want on offense this series. It will come down to how well we defend.

Not trying to jump too ahead of myself here but something tells me that Boston may have been the best team we had to face these playoffs

Calm down bro...its been 3 mins

Lol, well we can't blame Battier if we lose. He's already made a series worth a of 3's.

I don't want to say it but I will, lebron looks scared out there :/

Wade cant defend Russ...he's getting beat off the bounce easily

Every time I see LeBron take that J I feel like slapping him. I mean it's all good when he's feeling it but tonight it's ****ing OFF


LeBron not getting calls.

James and Wade are getting fouled around the basket and you know they are because ABC isn't showing the replays.

Harden flop .... I hate this

These refs are horrible.

I want to destroy Harden

**** you, Mike Miller. Get a open three and shoot it. **** you to hell.

Bron is turning into rondo All these assist and no points

Its early, but KD is outplaying Lebron right now!

We need to jump on them now, grab this game, before they un-rust

Good defense, except too many fouls

Miami only has 2 fouls all game!

Two, too many

Chalmers!!! Rio came to play!

Dunno what breen is talking about, okc tanked for 2-3 yrs Starting in Seattle... Purposeful, shameful tanking. Positioning for draft choices.

Fisher has done more for OKC in the past 2 minutes than westbrick so far
Wade did you seriously just get taken off the dribble by fishlips?

A 37 year old man is killing us.

People are looking at the number on his chest and thinking about his age he’s still Derek fisher,

What is it with old guys playing well against the Heat?

Perkins stfu you grinch looking b****

Harden is a joke

I hate harden so much...

Why are the OKC fans constantly clapping? It's like synchronized rednecks.

Refs keeping this from a blowout..

I cant believe the calls theyre getting.... Oh wait theyre OKC.. Nvm.

Can I be the first to thank Doc Rivers for preparing us for the finals, honestly once you play against his D everything pales in comparison.

These ticky tack calls are ridiculous. Meanwhile, Wade and LeBron are getting hacked at the other end.

Refs are gonna keep OKC in the game... THIS IS SICKENING I HATE OKC SO MUCH NOW.


WTF is with the lack of foul calls?!?

Even the Clippers are disgusted by how much OKC flops!

I hate Perkins sooooooo much.

Refs keeping this close still...

Westbrook is out of control. Make sure he has the ball at all times.

Omg Scott brooks's mom... Creepy

His mom looks like skeletor wearing a wig

No calls whatsoever... For us at least.


What did Battier do to get a tech along with that fool Westbrook?

Better come hard in the 2nd half. I don't like how OKC is acting.

Don't get any more LeChoke than that. Shaking my damn head.

The officiating helped the Thunder from getting blown out that quarter. That's all that was.

Man, if I was Chalmers, I'd be in Westbrook's ear talking about how he's Durant's bitch, a ballhog, and he holds the team back. Goad that idiot onto another tech and get him out of here.

I hate it when Wade doesn't get to the foul line.

Can someone smash a dunk on Westbrook and posterize Westbrook really bad?

Westbrook is a little bitch. Still don't understand that double tech, he borderline hit Battier across the face.

Someone needs to set Chuckbrook straight. Dude is a front running hot head that needs a message sent to him.

I honestly want Pittman to powerbomb Westbrook on the pine to shut the little rodent up.

Send Juwan out there. I don't care if he gets thrown out, chances are he will force Westbrook to pick up a second T

I know its OKC but they are going to the line twice as much as us. That's crazy

I got mad respect for Durant, but Westbrook is so arrogant for someone who has achieved NOTHING it's unreal. He's not even a top 5 PG.

Let's beat em so bad in the 2nd half they HAVE to move back to Seattle!

If we win the 3rd quarter, game will be over

NO. Not against this team. They are perfectly capable of making a double digit run in less than 2 minutes.

Idk maybe I think the thunder are overrated.

As long as Westbrook is in Westbrick Mode He can shoot his team out of a game with the best of them.

Why the F*** does Sefolosha keep getting rewarded for being a SHI**Y dunker

Chalmers is an idiot

Perkins dunking brought back an ugly regular season memory.

Wade is killing us

Here comes reflahoma.

Thabo is like Jordan with these calls.


Its gonna take 150 points to beat this team

Thabo is owning right now He is denying passes, and locking down anyone on his way Just downright annoying me right now

Heat settling for jumpers while Thunder attacking and forcing contact. Who is getting the FTs? Yep...

Wade singlehandedly costing us the game

OKC earn points in the cheapest form of fashion I have no respect for their team

The foul line is keeping OKC in this game!

Wade doesn't show up in the NBA f***ing finals F*** him

Chalmers is the worst passing PG ever.


Harden with 3 fouls Yeah lets get this flopper fouled out

Please bench dwayne wade

Battier is our new Big 3 now.

Thank God Doc lent Shane Ray Allen's soul for the day.

Getting reffed

This is so ridiculous. Westbrook is out of control, just hurls his body around.

This game makes me respect Rondo. At least he had some sort of craft to his game from the PG spot.

Spo needs to call this crap out before the next game. Take the fine. It's been happening in every round of the playoffs.

OKC should thank their lucky stars that Wade is playing like crap.

The amount of whistles they get is just insane!

Looks like it's going to be impossible to be physical with Durant in OKC.

We aint winning this finals, not with wade playing like this He is playing like a cancer, just bench him spo

Miller is TRASH. Waive him right now...send his a** home the rest of the series.

Wade can't even score on Fisher...Jeez.

We have 2 people chasing Fisher and leaving Durant open. That's great D there.

They were the team I was most worried about facing and look at them. Durant is just too good. He is better than James.

I am off this Lebron wagon.

Its all in lebrons head right now, bet he wishes he could be like durant when it comes to scoring the ball

Durant is just ****ing killing lebron making him look like his *****

Durant = Real King!

Were supposed to be a top 5 defensive team wat a ****ing joke. This team never plays defense for 48mins let alone 3 Qs

Goodness I hate Wade sometimes
Lebron is starting to run away again 2 ****ing points man 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lebron and Wade are just gone

It's over....Durant is too ****ing good.

Scary thing is okc will be even better next year lol

Thunder are too good. They will win in 4 or 5. We have too many flaws.

Durant and Harden scare me more with their jump shots. And Westbrook will break through any defensive wall you put in-front of him...any.

Probably those kids are real dynasty.

Wade better toss the ball out of bound if he wont pass it b/c that at least prevents a fast break by OKC

This game was there for the taking! Harden is not going to score 5 pts in a game again this series!

Just give them the championship. We aren't beating the Thunder.

Maybe next game wade will shoot better than 25%

I think durant has more 4th qtr points today than lebron did in all the finals last year lol

If Wade showed up we would of won

Haslem is defending Westbrook like he's a knockdown shooter

We have them life. Never give young front runners life

These are the games were I have to agree so much with the lebron haters **** hes not doing **** ****

WAde has been so ****ing trash **** he should not have the ball in his hands

Bench that ****ing retard

No matter wat the refs are giving everyting to okc

If we lose this game I think we're in major trouble.

How have we given this game away?

Westbrook trips on his shoelace, foul on the nearest defender. Meanwhile Fisher gets away with punching a guy in the chest.

If I'm Lebron I punch Wade in the face

Wade is not even playing bad right now. Its worse! He's playing like a damn moron!

The Heat can't get a damn call to save their life. That would've been called if it were Durant.

That was a bad call but f*** it. OKC has been getting calls all night!

Heat gave this one away.

Who the **** is supposed to be boxing out Collins?

Haha this team loves to leave the guy who is the best player on the other team, or best shooter, WIDE OPEN Wade and LeBron are never wide open sigh

OKC in 5 easily. **** this piece of **** team.

Your feet must hurt for jumping on and off the bandwagon so much

How is OKC defending us much better than we defend them? This **** is a joke.

Spo is hopeless when it comes to rotations. OKC just looks like the fresher team.

I hate to say this, but the analysts may be right about OKC being too much for us to handle. Those guys have young legs. We've got a burned out LeBron, hobbled Bosh, and a Wade that is beyond his best days.

Why can't we just guard them the way they are guarding us? They are exploiting our defense

MM and Battier locked down Harden tonight! Westbrook was his usual inefficent self! Miami had this game!

This was BY FAR our best shot to steal a game at OKC

We have to count on winning four staight now? Because I really don’t think this team can close in OKC.

Kevin Durant lives for the 4th quarter lol. This series is gonna be tougher than I thought.

Durant is just like, Unstoppable. This is brutal.

Everybody looks so worn out. I think we might be tired still. Spo only played about 7 guys in this game that didn't help either.

OKC gets stronger as the game goes on. That's the bottom line. This isn't the Celtics. You HAVE to have a decent lead going into the 4th to even have a chance. Our team learned the hard way and now OKC is 3 games from a championship.

What's impressive for OKC is Harden didn't really do anything and they played a terrible 1st half and still easily took over this game. This series could be over quickly folks.

Durant just throw his ass to the floor.

What is this? LeBron plays poorly in the Finals last year so Wade says watch this I'm gonna one up you?

We should have won this game

Harden and IBaka weren't in the 4th for the most part and we still lost

Thabo played LBJ really well in this 4th

I've lost all faith in Wade.

Bosh was outplayed by nick collison

**** KD. Dude should not deserve to hold LeBron's jockstrap much to my chagrin, but he is playing like it.

KD rests for 3 quarters, then has energy to dominate the 4th must feel good

Officials control that 3rd quarter in favor of OKC to a point that the tied the game via FTs.

It might be the beginning of the end for Wade. How about Wade for Deron Williams this summer?

They werent gassed, they just play with no emotion or passion. Absolutely no hustle How else do you explain Nick Collison (the ultimate hustle guy) dominating us

Durant is too good and too clutch

If your gonna point fingers Point them at D-Wade

Sadly, he is no where near the player he was And it isnt his body that has broken down, it is his heart

He used to be a young hungry player Now he is a drama queen

Now the 2-3-2 schedule is the worst thing that could happen to us We won’t win 4 in a row so we will have to close out in OKC which I don’t see happening

The difference atleast tonight, westbrook hitting his pullups/layups, And KD knocking down everything as opposed to wade/lebron bricking

The Thunder have a clutch go-to scorer in Durant The Heat used to have on in Wade

The have at least 2, maybe 3 guys who get it done in the clutch. We have 0

I have the Thunder winning in 5 I had them winning in 6 but I don’t think Miami wins in OKC. Then OKC takes 2 out of 3 from Miami at home. Thunder have a better big 3, supporting cast, energy level, basically everything

The heat faded in the 2nd half. What bothers me is they couldn't be tired because they had 2 days off! Its mental with this team! When things go bad, they drift and their energy is sapped! Not a good sign for a team that wants to be a champion!

I don’t see any way the Heat win this series unfortunately. They are not clutch and do not hustle as shown the past 2 years.

If you had a team with two of the best player in the world that consistantly gets out played, out hustled, and out classed by oponants, you would be pissed to. We are pessimistic (or at least I am) because we have seen this story before and know how it ends

So, my computer just spontaneously shut down for no apparent reason. Kind of like what the Heat did tonight

Nothing I saw tonight indicates that the Heat can't win in OKC.

Refs were calling a lot foul calls against the heat.

I have no idea what the Heat are going to do about Durant in the 4th quarter... You can't double him thanks to Harden and Westbrook. If you put a bigger defender on him he'll just drive right past you. If you put a smaller defender on him he shoots right over you. It's like the Heat are going up against DIRK 2.0 man.

Lebron can defend him. Problem is that Westbrook was making everyone his Bi*** as soon as Lebron was taken off him. What we going to do? Lebron can't guard the whole team.

One thing is for certain,no lead is safe against the Thunder.They seem to thrive on keeping it close until the 4th,and then just pounce on teams like a lion out on the Serengeti

Did you guys see Fisher make a lay up on Wade? The not washed up version of Wade would have left Fisher with a Spalding imprint on his ugly a** head.

Give me Derek Fisher over Mike Miller any day of the week

Did somebody just say PLAY WESTBROOKE LIKE RONDO??????? Do you wanna win the finals, that's suicide!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has this dumbass coach not have anything more sensible to say in press conferences? I can imagine the sighs in the dressing room when that idiot opens his cliched mouth.

God I am dying for Pat Riley on the bench, the thought of that guy telling the players like it is sounds pretty good. That's the kind of coach I want, wonder if we can somehow get Doc in the summer? Hey if Pat put together the big 3 he can get an all star coach too.

Brooks is not a good coach but at least he gives direct instructions on what to do better/change. Spo is all tired cliches.

i don't mind the defending durant thing cos lebron will tire out if he guards durant..
He should attack relentlessly and get them in foul trouble.

We have a better chance of not even making the playoffs then the refs getting durant in foul trouble

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