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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Bucks 3/30

It amazes me that teams like the Bucks who are headed to the playoffs don't have more fans on the boards, unless they have a secret hidden one that other fans can't find.  They spent a lot of time trashing Ellis and Jennings.  Fans who trash their own team must be very unhappy fans.   Some of my favorites are in bold, what are yours?   Enjoy today's comments and Happy Easter to everyone. 

We will get blown out.

Yeah, if we lose this one by less than double digits I will be stun.

But, the TWolves beat them last night.

Only reason I'll be tuning in is in hopes of seeing a Larry Sanders blocked shot fly into the stands, taking Herb Kohl's head off.

Larry tends to struggle with fouls against good individual matchups. Ibaka isn't much of a threat as far as dominating in the post or anything

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Commants from the Other Side - Wolves 3/29

Thunder just couldn't seem to get it going last night.   It was just one of those games. There aren't a lot of Wolves fans out there on the boards these days.  Sad to see fan bases shrivel when the team's not playing well.    At least the Wolves fans couldn't complain about not getting calls.  Well, they did a little, but not as much as fans usually do.  My favorite was JJ trying to crawl between Thabeet's legs.  That had tears running down my cheeks from laughing so hard.   I hope you enjoy these comments in spite of the loss. 

Wolves vs. Thunder + Refs

I got a goood feeling tonight

Higher percentage... Durant from 20 or a Flipper layup attempt?

Durant no doubt

That Kmart post fadeaway Was one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Wizards 3/27

Good game by OKC.  It was nice to see fans admit their team was getting calls and not whining the entire game about OKC being handed the game by the refs.   Wizards and Bulls fans are always very tough on opposing PGs because they think their PG's are the best and so hate on the others.  Not surprised to see a lot of Russ hate going on.  I agree with them that I'm very happy to see the Heat streak end.  

I'd like to see Wall outplay Russ.

I don't think this Thunder team is going anywhere in the postseason. A couple bad shooting nights and they'll get in a hole quickly come next month into May.

Wall is gonna dominate Westbrook tonight. Unfortunately we have noone that can check Durant and the Thunder don't lose at home.

Nice thing about this game is that Westbrook will see this as a personal challenge and I now have a lot more faith that Wall is up for it. I'm actually less concerned that Wall will try to over do things then I am that Westbrook will.

So now Collins is out? Tanking harder than yesterday I see, but Wall will refuse to lose once again!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Blazers 3/24

Some fun comments from Blazers fans.  Seems that they really, really don't like the Thunder.  As always there are the complaints that the Thunder get EVERY call.  In truth,  the Thunder got called for just 2 fewer fouls than the Blazers.  The refs let a lot go both ways and pretty much let them play but fans have too much fun thinking the Thunder get every call.  I've highlighted my favorites in bold.  What are yours? 

In my mind, this may very well be the most crucial game of the season.

I predict Westbrook will throw another tantrum

Westbrook guaranteed a win tonight. I wonder if the team got word

I hope we shut Westbrook up.

I think we have a shot of taking his words and smashing them down his throat.

I don’t actually use the nickname for the team from OKC. It’s the only team each year that I change my format. I barely am willing to acknowledge the team in OKC.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Magic 3/22

Good to see the Thunder pull it out last night.  Magic fans aren't as bad as some.  There were the usual  ref complaints.  There were some fun comments, too, though.  My favorites are in bold, what are yours?  I hope you enjoy today's winning comments....

We win. Just kidding, we lose

Come on guys where's the faith? We should be pumped up for this game! This would be the signature win of our entire season! It would be a sign of good things to come and would be a good boost to our morale and an indication of how bright our future will be soon.

Referee Joe Crawford sighting. We're so screwed, worst ref in the league.

A full timeout 42 seconds into the game. Alrighty then.

Can't we just skip the last couple games and move on to the draft?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Comments from the Other Side -Mavs 3/17

Another day, another OKC win over the Mavs.   Mavs fans sure do whine alot, though.   If it's not about the refs, it's about their own team or their crowd.  They are definitely a whiny bunch.  There's a lot of Fisher hate, as you might expect.    It's good to see at least one wanting the Thunder to take the next step and succeed.    I've highlighted a few of my favorites in bold.  What are yours? 

We win by 21 points and start up some crazy momentum...

Durant and Westbrook combine for 45 total freethrow attempts.

Give Fisher a season ending injury and I'm satisfied. Literally grant him his wish of being closer to his family.

i hope fisher plays the worst game of his life and gets blocked every time he puts up a shot - by roddy b.

Mavs lose by 20-30 pts. To the Thunder for the 10th straight time. Or is it 11th? Hell, who's counting anymore.

Somehow guard Kevin durant with voodoo or something

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Magic 3/15

Good game by the Thunder.  Orlando fans seem like a decent lot.  They complained a bit about the fouls but admitted that most were legit and unlike some fans didn't blame the loss on the refs.  I've highlighted my favorites.  What are yours?

This one is going to be a nail biter, Oklahoma City will be overconfident, we sneak in a victory.

We lose by fitty.

Like every OKC game is all depends on Russell Westbrook, if his hot its a blow out, if his cold it could be close. Is KD the only scoring leader in history to not get the most shots in his own team?

The Jacque Vaughn's winning strategy : Ib-hack-a

The Thunder are whopping 17 1/2 point favorites I’m pretty sure that’s the largest point spread in the league this season.

OKC up 10-5 early

Yeah we suck

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Jazz 3/13

Great game for the Thunder.  Not so much for the Jazz.   I'm amazed at how many fans hate their team's coach.   Makes you feel a bit more grateful when you have a good one.  There were a few ref complaints but they didn't blame the loss on them.  There were a lot more complaints about their own players, coach and front office.  Some fun comments... I've highlighted a few of my favorites.  What are yours? 

Looking at the starting lineups…..the Thunder are superior to us in every category. Our bench might be better than us but that’s not going to win us the game.

Tonight Burks hits the game winner, bank on it. Irrational fan optimisism. Anybody else got some?

Russel Westbrook Punches Kevin Durant in the face. That would be awesome.

KD shoots 2-15 and only scores 7pts.

We'll probably lose, but can we at least hope to break the tradition of getting embarrassed on national TV?

OKC gonna be lookin for revenge after that whoopin we gave em at ESA. I'll consider a single digit loss tonight a success

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WTLC Gives Perk Some Credit for his Offense

Welcome to Loud City has a good article analyzing Perk's offense.  It's a good read so check it out if you get a chance.   The above gif was in the comments.   I love that follow through. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Spurs 3/11

Spurs fans are among the worst for whining about the refs. They started complaining about the officiating before the game even started and kept it up all the way through. There were a few honest fans who admitted that the Spurs got the benefit of quite a few calls themselves.  Then there's the fan wishing an aneurysm on Ibaka.  I will never ever understand wishing an injury on a player.  In spite of the loss, I hope you can enjoy the idiocy of today's comments....

With Tony gone and the OKCfaggots streaking, Manu needs a 35+ point game tonight for us to win, tbh.

Thunderefs: over/under 40 FTA?

OKC is going to be exposed. This will be treated as a playoff game by both sides, and Martin is nowhere near the player that Harden was. Oh, and OKC better play better than they did in Boston yesterday if they want a win in SA.

Referees: James Capers, Tony Brown, Josh Tiven

Fixed. Additional Thunder team members: James Capers, Tony Brown, Josh Tiven

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Bobcats 3/9

Bobcats fans seem like a nice bunch.  You really have to admire fans who have gone through the seasons they have and still remain faithful to their team.  They are real fans.    They also don't feel entitled to every foul call like Lakers, Knicks, Spurs and other fans do.   That is very telling.  If any team would get screwed by superstar calls on the other team, it would be the Bobcats but I only saw a couple of stray complaints about calls.  I think my favorite post is the Bobcats logo.  I just love that Grumpy Cat.   Enjoy!!

OKC Commentators say we have a "tank strategy"Strategy? We have a strategy?

Thabeet's hair is a peanut butter cup

We didn't win a single quarter when we played them in OKC. We tied them in the 4th (at which point they had a decent 40 point lead on us).

I'm not sure we won a minute Or even a possession.

If we are within 20 going into the 4th it will be a miracle.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Knicks 3/7

 Exciting win for the Thunder.   Surprise, surprise!   Knicks fans complained about the refs all through the game.   It's funny that they do the same thing for Celtics games and pretty much every game, even when they get twice as many calls.  They also love their players when they do well and hate them when they struggle.  The definition of fair weather fans.   Hope you enjoy today's comments.  As always, my favorites are in bold.  What are yours? 

Not here to joke, not here to play games. We straight killing these fools

Need Westbrick to take at least 30 shots here.

I hope someone just punches Westbrook in the face.

Scared of what Westbrook is going to do to Felton tonight.

Shump needs to guard Westbrick.

Nobody can guard westbrook

I'm terrified of Kevin friggin' Martin having a big game tonight because our three point defense has been flawed even in wins lately.

Westbrook scares me more than KD You know KD is dropping 30 minimum. Westbrook however can go for 40 + or have an awful night, he only stops himself.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Lakers 3/5

It's always good to beat the Lakers and their whiny fans.   I have no idea how any of them had the nerve to complain about the refs in this one.  They got the benefit of the calls throughout the game.  It's funny how they hate on Russ in one sentence and then want him on the Lakers in the next.  Some of my favorites are in bold.  What are yours? 

Good thing we have Kobe Bryant, because I'm scared to see what Durant does to Ron and Clark this game.

I'm not concerned about Durant, the player that scares me is Russell Westbrook. He always plays his heart out when he sees a Laker uniform, if he starts hitting running 3s then we're doomed. I wish he has an off night because it is actually our only chance to win in OKC.

Awwww man, these guys again. Why does it seem like weve played OKC 10x this year

I don't see lakers winning in Oklahoma Westbrook will act like a moron as usually against us plus referees lead to a loss

Refs gonna be on OKC's side which will make this game tougher, hope we win

Monday, March 4, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Clippers 3/3

I don't think I've ever seen fans so obsessed with the referees.  They whined from start to finish.   And they even stooped to racism after Serge's foul on Blake.   There were one or two fans who tried to reason that the more aggressive team gets more calls but it pretty much fell on deaf ears.   And I only picked about half the comments complaining about the officials.  I was so glad the Thunder won after reading through this whiny bunch.    I've highlighted a few of my favorites.  What are yours? 

We need to contain durant and westbrook. We have to hold them under 50 pts combined. If we do this, we beat them easily.

Refs baby Durant and Barnes will likely foul out and Caron is a step slow at this point to consistently guard him. Hill is the key.

I think they'll all get a shot at the stick-insect. For me, it's less about WHO defends him and more about HOW they defend him. We cannot put him at the line every time he goes up with a shot. He gets petulant when the tweets go against him. That's his biggest weakness.

I notice every single fu**ing time we play OKC Griffin is playing through foul trouble and I'm sick of it. Their bigs are allowed to play as physical as they want but Griffin isn't.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Nuggets 3/1

I debated whether to post these or not but after gathering them, I figured I might as well.  Someone might enjoy them.  They are entertaining.  Although,  I'll never understand wishing an injury on someone.  It took them until the 4th quarter to start complaining about the refs in earnest.  Until that point, there were some comments about how the Thunder were upset that they weren't getting the calls.  I hope you can enjoy the comments in spite of the loss. 

1st, is it wrong to wish injury on a player, or is there an exception hoping wesbrook trips on stairs and breaks his face?

All Scott brooks needed to be successful was this one gem “If Kevin Durant is on the team, get him the ball.”

How many FTs will the Thunder shoot tonight? I say 40

30 for durant, 15 for westbrick, 6 for martin (two flop three pointers) and 5 for the rest so... A brazillian.

And someone please really give Martin a reason to flop! GOOD LORD I HATE THE THUNDER!!!

My hate for the Thunder is infinite.

If Martin and Westbrook were not on the Thunder I would like the team. Even with Perkins.