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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Nuggets 3/1

I debated whether to post these or not but after gathering them, I figured I might as well.  Someone might enjoy them.  They are entertaining.  Although,  I'll never understand wishing an injury on someone.  It took them until the 4th quarter to start complaining about the refs in earnest.  Until that point, there were some comments about how the Thunder were upset that they weren't getting the calls.  I hope you can enjoy the comments in spite of the loss. 

1st, is it wrong to wish injury on a player, or is there an exception hoping wesbrook trips on stairs and breaks his face?

All Scott brooks needed to be successful was this one gem “If Kevin Durant is on the team, get him the ball.”

How many FTs will the Thunder shoot tonight? I say 40

30 for durant, 15 for westbrick, 6 for martin (two flop three pointers) and 5 for the rest so... A brazillian.

And someone please really give Martin a reason to flop! GOOD LORD I HATE THE THUNDER!!!

My hate for the Thunder is infinite.

If Martin and Westbrook were not on the Thunder I would like the team. Even with Perkins.

And at least once tonight, I want to see Lawson run right up to, but not touch collison and watch him fall down as if he was decked.

I think Durant is not quite the class act he would have us believe.

Isn't durant one of the league leaders in technicals? Class act nice guy my ass

I think he's like the Eddie Haskell of the NBA

I hate Russell Westbrick Can’t stand the flopper Martin and that little troll, Fisher…. Nuggets need to protect home court tonight.

Such a weird troll

OKC is a bunch of whiners, punks, and Perkins'.

And they steal from orphanages.

Westbrook steals clothes from Kevin harlan

Then dyes them and gives them to Craig Sager

They use matches as air fresheners.

They captured, skinned, and ate the Easter bunny

I can’t stand this dude…


And on that we can completley agree

I hope we win and shut down Westbrook. There's only about 5 players in the league I really dislike and Westbrook is one of them.

Wussel whinebrick

Why are the Thunder wearing high school cheerleading outfits?

Makes it worse if those cheerleaders whip our asses.

They'll still look like cheerleaders doing it.

Seriously, this is their best unis, and that doesn’t say much compared to their usual ones.

KD aint nothing but a doodoohead... But that last layup was niiiiiiiiiiice.

He’s not nice.

Eddie Haskell, I'm telling you

I'm willing to say that Ty Lawson is just as athletic as Russell Westbrook

Someone punch Westf*** in the you know what

Is the Pepsi center going to get out cheered again? Hear more thunder fans than Nuggs fans

Home or away, Westbrook/Durant gets any call. While ty can get murdered and nothing will go.

Wait, OKC got called for a foul?

Hopefully Rocky undercuts Westbrook while he's dunking.

Hahahahahahah OKC has no points off the bench

Hope Westbrook stays out..

Hope Westbrook gets a punch in the mouth.

I like it when fisher shoots.

Freaking whinebrick, he just backs up the drives full speed right into people

He is 7th in the NBA for ft's attempted per game Complaining works?

I hope we get to see a westbrick flip out session

Fisher is horrible I was very sad when he went out

Its crazy he is getting minutes there are multiple players in the d-league who'd do better

I hear Thunder fans... Don't like it


Hahaha little durant didn't get his way.

Sucks when you have to play the game where guys are allowed to touch you he Durant?

Eat sh** and die OKC

They're making durant look stupid

Perkins just looks mean. Like ALL THE TIME

Westbrook has half of okc's points

I hate that guy soooo very much

Westbrook was not held enough as a child.

Even his mother didn't want to deal with his pouty ass

Ibaka is nearly as bad as Westbrook when it comes to being a gigantic prick

One thing good I can say about the damn Thunder is the are an amazing free throw shooting team, damn if the Nuggets shot like them they would average like 115 points a game

I have a game Take a shot every time Westbrook is a douche. Spoiler alert: You die before the game starts.

That should be flagrant on westy

Westbrook is a dirty punk I hope he gets injured.

I think OKC misses Harden

Can OKC just leave the Jacka$$ on the bench for the rest of the game

Outscoring their bench 53-3. Lolololol

So this is what it's like to play a normal game. Not that fun he OKC?? Don't worry though, you'll get all the calls you want at home.

Here comes the refs to save the day for OKC

As if it the Thunder need any help F*** these refs

Here comes the refs to rescue the prima donnas

#15 on OKC = scrub of the night

Durant always kills us in the 4th quarter... Nervous

Sonic kills everyone in the 4th, we ain’t that special.

Yea with the refs working

Might want to guard Kevin martin.

How does Durant get calls like that??


Don't get me wrong OKC is great...but damn they'll be in any game with these refs backing them up.

Wow Westbrook was barely touched and they called it

Here comes the refs. Knew it was coming at some point.

Refs have been favoring the Thunder all game it's ridiculous, that's the biggest drawback of having no superstars... No one to get every little contact call like Westbrook and Durant. Pretty sure there is a 2:1 ratio right now in favor of Thunder.

what's up with no calls on our end at all

Basketball reasons

I do not understand these okc jerseys are they harkening back to a past they do not have?

This game tape should be sent for review. These refs BLOW.

Apparently if you sneeze on Durantsbrook, it's a foul

Some Nuggets fan there needs to knock out that jack*** OKC fan in the front.

You can always count on the refs to make sure OKC is in it.

GREAT WIN!!! Not easy to beat the Thunder AND the refs in the same game.

Russell Westbrook…..go F*** yourself

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