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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Magic 3/22

Good to see the Thunder pull it out last night.  Magic fans aren't as bad as some.  There were the usual  ref complaints.  There were some fun comments, too, though.  My favorites are in bold, what are yours?  I hope you enjoy today's winning comments....

We win. Just kidding, we lose

Come on guys where's the faith? We should be pumped up for this game! This would be the signature win of our entire season! It would be a sign of good things to come and would be a good boost to our morale and an indication of how bright our future will be soon.

Referee Joe Crawford sighting. We're so screwed, worst ref in the league.

A full timeout 42 seconds into the game. Alrighty then.

Can't we just skip the last couple games and move on to the draft?

The Thunder are 14 point favorites Not as large as the 17 point spread when the Magic were in OKC last week, but being a 14 point underdog at home is very rare.

Watching Reggie Miller with a headset on just makes me want to punch him for some reason

Because he's Reggie Miller?

Dang. Nice dunk by Ibaka

Collison has great hair

I think our team is having a contest with one another to see who can take the worst possible shot each possession.

I'm pretty sure cats are murdered senselessly whenever Kendrick Perkins makes a jump shot.

We never get a damn call.

The Amway must be top 3 on bandwagon fans. Piss me off.

We're never going to the line

As much as I like Durant, Westbrook is too much of a wild-card for me.

Andrew Nicholson has guys falling all over him in the post and still can't get a foul call. Durant brushes somebody and he shoots Ft's.

Pisses me off. I cant stand Joey Crawford the old **** lool

Durant, just runs into his own player and gets to the line

Durant with the flop. Betya he isn't fined.

Another Magic Vs The Refs game tonight.

Thunder coach kinda looks like Liam Neeson from certain angles...

Can we get one **** call in our favor?

I'm always surprised with how tall Liggins looks on the court

I’ve been keeping up with the Thunder a bit this year because my friend has partial season tickets, he said that some people are treating Liggins like he’s the next Harden when Martin leaves and they think he’s a great player

That's kind of sad lol. I think Liggins is a good player, but I see him as better than Jones but worse than Harkless.

A foul on OKC!?!?!?! What does this mean? What happens now?

Why is OKC playing with so much laziness?

Because they can? I really don't know

So a Thunder player can hurl the ball away towards the crowd when he's pissed And not a tech?

Magic Have Played Miami And OKC Tough This Year

2 outta 30 teams ain't bad!

This game was lost at the rim, we need an enforcer down low

These refs.....like the friggin Thunder need help to beat us?

Joey Crawford Lakers MVP The Past 10 Years

Would it kill the refs to let US have one every once in a while?

Brooks is the only coach in the league who needs to take a 20 second time out with his team up 7 and 13 seconds on the clock. What exactly is there to talk about? "Good job winning guys...." and 18 seconds of silence.

He probably wanted to run some play designed for close games, to see how it pans out in 'real life'. Nothing else makes any sense.

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