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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Jazz 3/13

Great game for the Thunder.  Not so much for the Jazz.   I'm amazed at how many fans hate their team's coach.   Makes you feel a bit more grateful when you have a good one.  There were a few ref complaints but they didn't blame the loss on them.  There were a lot more complaints about their own players, coach and front office.  Some fun comments... I've highlighted a few of my favorites.  What are yours? 

Looking at the starting lineups…..the Thunder are superior to us in every category. Our bench might be better than us but that’s not going to win us the game.

Tonight Burks hits the game winner, bank on it. Irrational fan optimisism. Anybody else got some?

Russel Westbrook Punches Kevin Durant in the face. That would be awesome.

KD shoots 2-15 and only scores 7pts.

We'll probably lose, but can we at least hope to break the tradition of getting embarrassed on national TV?

OKC gonna be lookin for revenge after that whoopin we gave em at ESA. I'll consider a single digit loss tonight a success

The nice thing about Mo Williams is it doesn't matter who is on the court with him, his game doesn't change. He still dribbles, chucks and turns it over.

...I heard somewhere that the only thing that comes out of Oklahoma is "steers" and "queers"? I could be wrong, though!

It will likely be ugly no matter who we play. We need to fire on all cylinders to win and we need Durant/Westbrook to have off games.

I want to see Enes against Ibaka and Perkins

He should wear some protection.

Jazz starting strong How long has it been since we’ve said that?

I think it is more OKC is flat.

OKC can't hold onto the ball actually.

Ty greased the ball. he's going to break out the flubber at halftime

Dbag fisher man, those are probably the only 3's he's made this season

Great offensive structure... Corbin is such an amazing coach... Throw the ball into al and everyone stand and watch. Sigh doesn't this get old?

Ibaka One-Eye! Good knickname

Haha I thought ibaka got into a fight...darn

Fisher coming off the bench to hit us with some 3s

Fisher? As in Derek Fisher?

Wanna know why I hate the Thunder? Derek Fisher

Why I don't like the thunder? Perkins and Ibaka. They think they're such hard asses.

Family reasons hits a couple of 3s.. Great.

D fish? Why? Would you rather have had him on jazz welfare? Face it, he did us all a favor by opting out.

Not at all, I'd rather see Fishy sitting at home with his family. He is a lying scumbag.

I wonder what it is about Westbrooks face that makes me so angry


I've wondered the same thing He bugs me so badly. And there’s no reason, really.

Yeah, OKC is good

Yes they are. Our early lead was mostly OKC being flat Not our awesome D.

More free throws god these refs

Okc is great Westbrook is absolutely unstoppable, and Durant is an amazing scorer. Still don’t think they can beat the heat in 7 though

I don't think they can beat the Spurs with Parker in 7. Without Harden they lose last year.

And Martin has fallen off a ton since the start of the year He is all rep now, not much production

WTF!!! I left the room when we were still up, was gone for less than 10 minutes, and we are getting smacked.

You did remember that we were playing the Thunder didn't you?

I've never wished for anyone to suffer an injury but would it really be that bad if big al suffered some injury which forced Corbin to play Evans, favors, and kanter more?

This is a playoff preview of sorts. Who in their right mind would want this?

How many times are they going to allow Durant to palm the ball on one play?????

Al Jefferson is the worst trade we've ever made.

Only Al and Corbin love each other.you never hear any of the players talkin up their coach anymore.Corbin is the worst in the history of the game.Its like we put a turtle in a suit and set him in the coaches chair with a bowl of water and piece of lettuce.

Thunder have 9 assists and 13 turnovers.....and they are winning by 20 points!!!???

No heart. No offense. No defense. No chance. I hope this team burns to ashes.... I've hated it since it was clear it would be a repeat of last year's holding pattern. *********.

We can go down 40 and Turtleface wont call a timeout unless he wants a lettuce and water break.

Durant sure gets a lot of whistles.

I hate Fisher.

Paraphrasing OKC's coach in the huddle "just shoot easy shots guys, they don't defend."

Freaking Fisher I hate him

He is the ULTIMATE troll of the NBA.

I continue to hate Derek Fisher Passionately

I sure wish Derek Fisher would just go away forever

Hey heres an idea Pass to whoever Derrick Fisher is guarding

Yes! Post him up until he cries.

An angel dies evertime Kevin martin shoots the ball

In the words of the immortal Bill Walton "They can't hit the ocean from the pier"

My eyeballs hurt watching this.

Damn, I forgot to take my blood pressure medication. Thank you, Jazz, for the reminder.

Al fakes the J and passes behind a rebounding Kanter.

Perfectly summarizes our offense tonight.

His pump fakes are supposed to work on the other team Unfortunately they work maybe better on ours.

At least we can say OKC is good. We have an excuse.

Remember how we held the Bobcats to 9 points in a quarter? It’s not as fun being on the opposite end.

On the positive side, we held OKC to less than 60 for the half!

It hurts me to hate the team I love

Ty’s really doing random substitutions tonight.

The Ty Corbin Random Substitution Generator (RGS) - Patent Pending.

Magic must not have watched a Utah game this year. He is surprised by our lack of effort. I’m not.

He implied that Ty Corbin would be able to fix the problem during halftime Little does he know that Corbin is the problem.

I want to see some Ronnie Brewer time I miss that guy, even if he had a super ugly jump shot.

How much is the mercy rule in the NBA?

KD carried every time he dribbled on that last ISO Not that it mattered

Thabeet gave Hayward a cheap shot to the head under the basket.

OKC guys are throwing us around and our group of softies never fights back.

I hate Earl, but he is actually having a good game right now.

Well given the bar Mo set earlier, Earl would need to be brain dead to lower it.

A timeout without sense...that's Corbin!

He called a to because we went on a run and he wanted to stop it

Ronnie Brewer looks fat.

We played like crap and deserve to lose. HOWEVER these ref's blow.

Durant playing like crap Still better than all our players, young or old.

Hey ESPN We f***ing know Miami won – you’ve told us about a half-dozen times in the past half hour.

Other than Durant There is nothing to like about the Thunder. Especially now that Fisher is there.

Ronnie Brewer!!! I actually like Westbroook. I also know I am in the minority there.

Huge minority. I would like to see him Ibaka'd (hit in the dirty bellows)

Let me say that I don’t love Westbrook. I just think he gets a really bad rap. It’s not like I cheer for him, but he is fun to watch.

Why do the idiot ESPN announcers acct like DMC just punched Durant?

They're mostly mad that they're contractually obligated to pay attention to this game And they’re taking it out on DeMarre

It was a flagrant 1 because the baby Thunder acted up after a legit foul.

I am so ready for this season to be over. I am excited for the fun new ways the FO can screw this team up.

Scott Brooks taking the timeout As the Jazz cut the lead to 29.

Like seriously, put Alec Burks in the ball game. If he doesn’t get in the game I’m going to poop on Ty Corbin’s doorstep tonight.

I ate Taco Bell earlier, count me in.

If we all pooped on the ESA doorstep tonight, would that be enough of a message sent to the FO?

I can mail mine. What's KO's address?

I'm printing out flyers for all the homeless people at pioneer park Promising free meth for anyone who poops in protest

Thabeet about drug Kanter to the ground - shouldn't that be a flagrant? And why isn't anyone upset?

Nobody other than Kanter watching or playing this game cares

Because his initials aren't KD and the rest of the team did go non-linear.

Thatbeet is a scrub. Seriously that better be a flagrant. Be consistent.

He's definitely been thuggin it up tonight

Anyone remember when dejuan Blair slammed thabeet in college? I do…wish it was happpening riiiiiight now

Hayward needs to post up Fisher over and over and over.

Looks like a bird took a sh** in Thabeet's hair.

I still don't understand how rolling on the floor with the ball is not traveling? Is his a** his pivot foot?

Wow, they bungled that re-counting of how things went down with Fisher

They conveniently skipped the part about the 25k Rolex from the corrupt union boss

Haha Well I was thinking more along the lines of how they said that he asked to be released by the Jazz to be closer to home in Cali when what he really said was he wanted to be released to be closer to NY where his daughter was being treated.

I would laugh my butt off if the Mavs made the playoffs and knocked out the Thunder. Mark Cuban would laugh at Derek Fisher.

So Kobe left the Lakers game with a severe Ankle sprain. Out indifferently. The plot thickens.

What does it mean to be out indifferently? He's out, but he doesn't care if he's out or in?

These ref's blow. There was the backcourt violation Durant committed right in front of the ref. No whistle. There was the possession where the OKC clock operator reset the shot clock. Then play is stopped after a few seconds and the referees determine it's a shot clock violation on the Jazz. They took 20 years to give DeMarre a flagrant 1. They gave Hayward a T when Fisher snapped his head back. This crew shouldn't work together again anytime soon, if ever.

Anyone wonder why Evans didn't get any minutes.....?

Its Wednesday

Because if is currently a crescent moon outside Betcha didn’t know Corbin was astrologically inspired

Brewer!!! Can't help but like the guy

New play drawn up by Brooks Just fall down and then shoot free throws

The Jazz (Kanter) tried this play. Didn’t work.

Are they mocking us by playing that jazz themed nba music?

YES I thought it was because the game was boring though.

Thabeet thuggin it up hard And Refs letting him

Well, the score was kept "respectable" 23 point loss is now considered a moral victory, I suppose

Jazz are gracious hosts on the road.........play little D, and give up huge runs......

They are the Washington Generals......... Led by Big I can't play defense Al Jefferson......

Bad loss. OKC is obviously a much better team. But don’t get embarrassed on national TV.

Chicago is down 40+ to Sacramento So I guess it could be worse…

Rough being a jazz fan these days....

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