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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Wizards 3/27

Good game by OKC.  It was nice to see fans admit their team was getting calls and not whining the entire game about OKC being handed the game by the refs.   Wizards and Bulls fans are always very tough on opposing PGs because they think their PG's are the best and so hate on the others.  Not surprised to see a lot of Russ hate going on.  I agree with them that I'm very happy to see the Heat streak end.  

I'd like to see Wall outplay Russ.

I don't think this Thunder team is going anywhere in the postseason. A couple bad shooting nights and they'll get in a hole quickly come next month into May.

Wall is gonna dominate Westbrook tonight. Unfortunately we have noone that can check Durant and the Thunder don't lose at home.

Nice thing about this game is that Westbrook will see this as a personal challenge and I now have a lot more faith that Wall is up for it. I'm actually less concerned that Wall will try to over do things then I am that Westbrook will.

So now Collins is out? Tanking harder than yesterday I see, but Wall will refuse to lose once again!

At the Rate we're going, the OKC Thunder will be picking ahead of Us in the 2013 Draft... We will be sitting an home watching them try to get back to the Finals again in a couple of months (With only 1 Top 3 Pick). Is there any way we can replace Ernie with one of Sam Presti’s Assistants?

Intros of the OKC pretty cool...need to do that for wiz games...

8 players only tonight? This is the definition of tanking

Wow, Westbrook back to back fouls on jumpers? Talk about respect for Wall's improved shooting.

It's interesting to see how a well-coached team is trying to defend the new, improved Wizards. Their bigs are trying to front Okafor (we haven't seen much of that this year), and they're hedging quite a bit on the pick and roll.

You can't touch Durant

Anyone notice John is finally starting to get respect from the refs?

Lol, wesbrook telling his coach to not take him out...

Kendrick Perkins complains about a foul call In other news, the sun rose in the east today

Loving this early foul trouble for OKC...

Man, Wall is getting some calls.

Way to miss the Ibaka travel and then to bail him out with a phantom foul call.

I can see now why posters make such a big deal about the calls OKC get at home

This is absurd. If you're going to give Westbrook that call you HAVE to give Wall the call there.

Didn't expect a win... But it’s the Thunder! They’re total scrubs!

Na, Durant is the real deal.

Of course man I was kidding

Martin doing his usual end of march ballin

Lol, man Westbrook's such a chucker....

Guy is such a clown, John wall so much more legit

Russel Westbrook is a phony passer Dude is shoot first all the way

Lol he's almost a shoot only PG...passes by accident...

Wall is a much better facilitator than Westbrick

And as great as westbrook is Seems a little bit of a waste of KD

You think they would rather have a guy like Rondo that is happy to let KD take every shot. KD is such an fing beast it’s awesome to watch. Don’t think the league has ever had a better pure scorer.

I think Westbrook is perfect Or at least will be in a few years If it was Rondo, Ibaka, Perkins and Thabo in the lineup they’d just triple Durant and never let him get the ball.

I have to give it to Westbrook with regard to his build...he's really strong

In my opionion as an overall PG and Leader, Wall's already better than Westbrook, but Westbrooks got...his jump shot, of course…

This Wizards team isn't better than Oklahoma. Smh.

They're shooting too well, and we're not...

Basketball is so much easier to play when you have guys who can shoot.

Looks like the refs decided they sent John to the line enough in the 1st

Thabeet sets some bony picks, leading with his knees first.

That's Westbrook for you....3 quick t.o's and a tech....all good as long he get's 20+pts

F Kevin MArtin Wow I hate this guy, you run straight into C.Singleton are you joking

I just love the way Collison Plays

Thunder announcers just gave a lot of props to the Wiz.

That Lamb guy sure wants to be on ESPN tonight.

Westbrook's got the win, Wall's bad shooting performance aside, he did a better job of running his team, but then again that's the difference between them

Westbrook’s a firepower player (not much of a leader or floor general), he’s just an all out attacker, which works sometimes….but Wall’s a leader and floor general (too bad his shot’s didn’t go down tonight)….it was obvious tonight that OKC don’t have Westbrook ever run the team but just attack, where as Wall really runs each play and the team really looks to play off of him…I have no doubt Wall will be the more transcendental (no injuries) than Westbrook, down the line….

So OKC flat out mailed this game in and had no problem waxing us. Not surprising.

I'm just happy Miami's streak is ending tonight!!!

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