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Monday, March 4, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Clippers 3/3

I don't think I've ever seen fans so obsessed with the referees.  They whined from start to finish.   And they even stooped to racism after Serge's foul on Blake.   There were one or two fans who tried to reason that the more aggressive team gets more calls but it pretty much fell on deaf ears.   And I only picked about half the comments complaining about the officials.  I was so glad the Thunder won after reading through this whiny bunch.    I've highlighted a few of my favorites.  What are yours? 

We need to contain durant and westbrook. We have to hold them under 50 pts combined. If we do this, we beat them easily.

Refs baby Durant and Barnes will likely foul out and Caron is a step slow at this point to consistently guard him. Hill is the key.

I think they'll all get a shot at the stick-insect. For me, it's less about WHO defends him and more about HOW they defend him. We cannot put him at the line every time he goes up with a shot. He gets petulant when the tweets go against him. That's his biggest weakness.

I notice every single fu**ing time we play OKC Griffin is playing through foul trouble and I'm sick of it. Their bigs are allowed to play as physical as they want but Griffin isn't.

I never hated the Thunder that much before but now they annoy the sh*t outta me. KD is turning into such a whinny b*tch and It seems as if KD, Russ, and KMart shoot 60FT's a night even though they basically flop their way to the line.

Let’s whip some Ass today clips! We do not want to go 0-3 against these cry babies

Looks like Clippers are playing 8 on 5 today

Every team does vs OKC.

Perkins and DJ already cussing each other out LOL.

Brought their own refs again.

I can't believe some of the no calls on our side.

For the most part, the Thunder just look more athletic and quicker, at both ends of the floor.

F the refs. That BS call for Durant earlier in the game puts Blake on the bench quickly. How the F are you supposed to play against the damn Thunder if they get away with murder and you get screwed?

I hate playing the Thunder. 8 on 5 no matter what.

Stern's darlings. I hate them.

Thabeet looks mentally slow

OKC doesn't care cuz they know they can just put their head down, bully their way near the rim, throw up some bull n get free throws.

Remind me again to buy a customized OKC jersey that says "Referee" on the back.

It's amazing how many reach-ins Thabo gets away with.

WTF is the point of even playing. This game was decided in a back room before tipoff.

I'm starting to doubt CP3's mental fortitude. This is like the 5th straight team vs a contender where he's shrunk on national TV.

They haven’t even unleashed the monster that is Thabo on Chris yet

I can't blame any player for this. This is the most biased reffing I've seen since Game 6 in 2002.

RefKC is allowed to hack and reach on every possession with no calls!

Screeens screeeeddn screeeeens, they set good screen and clippers never set a good screen

The frustrating thing is that RefKC isn't even playing that well, just getting every call and no-call.

I guess there are thunder fouls and real fouls

ANOTHER no-call for RefKC, followed by a BS whistle. I'm done, this game was decided already.

Sorry Durant... Dan Crawford = OKC's MVP

How do we win against all these calls? The only team who beats them is the Heat. Why? Because they get just as many calls to offset all of this

All I can do is laugh at this point. We'd be blowing them out without this reffing.

Not even the Heat get calls against RefKC. LeBron is just THAT good and KD is scared of him

This is the worst called game I've ever seen. Why don't the refs just hand the Thunder the game?

Why does OKC even get this many fouls to being with? Its not like they are a storied franchise or won championship they don't do s*** except flop.

The refs have taken our entire team out of the game, making them worry more about picking up fouls than attacking the basket or taking good shots.

Chris Paul is constantly getting burned by elite point guards.

How is this a Stern agenda?

OKC-MIA finals... OKC won't get there if we have home court.

This game ISN'T rigged....... STOP blaming the officials............... Sound like a bunch of obnoxious LAKER fans.

It absolutely IS the officials. The mistakes are a result of biased reffing taking this team mentally out of the game. OKC is allowed to hack, shove, and reach relentlessly. Every time anyone breathes on Durant, it's a foul.

We need to sign Danny Crawford in the offseason. He's a game changer.

I hate when we try to post Butler up against a smaller defender because it usually never ends well.

Especially against Westbrook. Dude’s strong.


Does Westbrook hold teaching lessons? Maybe Bledsoe can attend those while Griffin and Jordan attends Hakeem’s.

Are these refs Oklahoma natives

Man Caron Butler knows how to be useless

I am so tired of the clips looking so disgustingly mediocre against the spurs, heat & thunders of the world..

Relax, we just wanted it to get to 16 so we can comeback like Miami did.

Caron is going to kill someone

They should get the other 9 guys off the court so Butler and Perkins can throw down.

Perk would beat his ass I think....

it's ok to be concerned about cp3's inability to perform against elite teams after this stretch of games, right? That game winner in okc feels like eons ago.

The game misser against OKC is a lot more recent

KD took a shot I thought that meant it was an automatic foul?

Those stupid ads are right, KD is not nice. Why? Because he gets all of his points at the line

Out of bounds? Clearly it should just go to OKC, regardless of what happened.

Its funny how the thunder still complain about not getting a call what a joke

Refs give some credit to thunder they are being more aggressive. The more aggressive teams tend to get the calls.

HOW MUCH DO THEY PAY THE REFS? IT IS F-ing frustrating. Durant gets the call every trip down.

Let's just be thankful this is our last meeting with OKC in the regular season.

Meeting this team in the playoffs would be our worst nightmare. They own the refs every single game.

I don't care if we get swept I still have us winning a 7 game series. No way we play as bad as our 3 games against them in a 7 game series.

How can you say that. We match up awfully against every single player on their team besides with Blake. Even CP3 is overmatched. They would take us in 5 easily

4th quarter is the Thunders weakest, its looking up for the clips

I noticed that the Refs don't call 3 second violations on the Thunder much. Durant just sits in the lane with no defender nearby and doesn’t get called for shit

Durant would have been terrible in the handchecking era

that’s false. He’s a 6’10 shooting guard with the most outrageous percentages in the league. Saying he’s overrated is coming purely from frustration at how god damn amazing he is

When's collison going to foul out... I hate him

Just leave Durant open....great idea.

Well if you breathe on him You get a foul. Got a better idea?

Why does KD always shrug his shoulders on FTs This isnt golf buddy!

Only down by 9 going into the 4th and we got the most clutch player in the game? We got this.

5v8.. We got this anyways.

These refs are complete trash

Is there any way we can file a complaint to the NBA board or something?

Lost respect for that f***ER Ibaka. Eject his ass all the way back to Ghana

Ibaka has always been a f***ing ****to.

Ibaka better get suspended for that stunt

Are you f***ing kidding me ???, just a 1, does he have to murder Griffin for it to be a 2

Should be a flagrant 2 honestly... That was a straight up intentional punch.

Flagrant 1 is way too lenient he'll miss the next game

How the **** is that only a fragrant 1?

F*** ibaka ! This is why I despise OKC!

That was so dirty Is that what they teach in the Congo?

Ibaka clapping like a dumb f***ing ape

Well he is a dumb f***ing ape Send him back to Congo

Lawlers law

First to 100 Wins, It's The Law

Did the Clippers do something to the Refs before the game

So many fouls, god I hate plying the Thunder

Did they just call Crawford one of the best refs in the game, wow

Who will prevail? Lawler’s Law or Danny Crawford

If he is going to foul, better throw that ape to the ground

Figures that the guy who should have been thrown out scores and gets an and-one, right?

Exactly... He shouldn't even be in this game And getting suspended for the next game isnt good enough

refs have a long healthy love relationship with the OKC Thunder

Ibaka, the guy who shouldn’t be in the game, with a huge block.

The guy who shouldn't be in the game made the huge plays down the stretch Danny Crawford thanks a lot

Danny Crawford re-takes control of the game. 6th man of the game for the Thunder.

Even when OKC commit an egregious foul, they still get babied by the refs! Terrible..

Last time the law got broken, we lose Billups for the season, hoping it’s Ibaka and his carreer this time

Lawler's Law does not apply when the refs cheat us out of the game.

We can’t win games against good teams anymore

Oh shut up, we got robbed

With good refs, we win .

If we would have made 100% of our shots we would have won as well

Disagree, refs would have found a way.

The Refs screwed us all game every huge call that hurt the Clips was a bad call by the refs

Hey where’s that guy who said we can beat Oklahoma in the playoffs?

Just because we didn’t beat them doesn’t mean we can’t…

We’re not better, but saying we have no chance is stupid.

We don’t have their firepower

I feel like people ignore how absurdly good that team is and how they’ve been on cruise control this season They’re a better team than the Spurs

They’re about as good, they’re not better.

Their roster is better and come playoff time that’s what matters

They’re going to miss Harden bad against the Spurs.

You still underestimate Kevin Durant. The playoffs are where guys blossom I could easily see Durant putting up Jordan esque heroics

Pissed that ibaka was in the game making plays and getting all hype and shit

yeah, wanted badly for that dirty play to cost okc the game

Losing harden will really hurt them in the playoffs.

The refs being on their side makes up for it tho

I call the Thunder my upset special for exactly that reason

I really do feel like we needed to lay a blow on ibaka or westbrook

Ibaka better watch his back come playoff time.

Perkin looks more terrifying than Ibaka He could eat you.

Ima go kill some people in black ops 2 and pretend it ibaka

Why are some of u guys rooting to see the spurs over okc?

Because Durant is a monster and superstars are the most important piece to a team The Spurs are old and rely on a system to make what used to be mediocre roleplayers productive

Serge Ibaka is a punk ass bitch and Stephen Jackson was right about that clown.

It's hard to like this Thunder team. I hate how they cheer and taunt after every big play.

I do wonder how good OKC would actually be if they weren't babied by the zebras. No doubt that they have talent, but they have special privileges that most other teams don't have. It's frustrating if that's not the team that you root for.

I hate serge ibaka.

The refs blew this one from us for sure. I cant believe ibaka didn't getting ejected. Westbrook and durant will get every little touch foul but when Blake was getting hit throughout the whole game whether it was from Perkins or ibaka, no whistle was called.

Atleast the refs will be a lot more accurate and fair in the playoffs

HA!!! You actually believe that? Ask the Spurs how fair the reffing is against OKC in the playoffs.

The only way u can counter the refs is if u make your fouls count. You may have to hurt one of their players to send the message.

"We like a physical game" - Kevin Durant Maybe because only one team is allowed to be physical.

they wouldnt like it if his twig ass would get split in half with an illegal screen.

RefKC had a player on the court who shouldn't have been there to finish out the game. This game was rigged from start to finish. Even when we took the lead, I knew the refs would screw us over.

Shocked that nobody went after Ibaka after the game. When the final buzzer sounded I would have punched him in the f***ing face.

OKC are going to face some seriously pissed-off Clippers when they next meet. I HOPE we get them.

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