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Monday, March 18, 2013

Comments from the Other Side -Mavs 3/17

Another day, another OKC win over the Mavs.   Mavs fans sure do whine alot, though.   If it's not about the refs, it's about their own team or their crowd.  They are definitely a whiny bunch.  There's a lot of Fisher hate, as you might expect.    It's good to see at least one wanting the Thunder to take the next step and succeed.    I've highlighted a few of my favorites in bold.  What are yours? 

We win by 21 points and start up some crazy momentum...

Durant and Westbrook combine for 45 total freethrow attempts.

Give Fisher a season ending injury and I'm satisfied. Literally grant him his wish of being closer to his family.

i hope fisher plays the worst game of his life and gets blocked every time he puts up a shot - by roddy b.

Mavs lose by 20-30 pts. To the Thunder for the 10th straight time. Or is it 11th? Hell, who's counting anymore.

Somehow guard Kevin durant with voodoo or something

Kevin Durant averages a league-leading 28.3 PTS, shooting 51%/41%/91% Talk about perfection.

Durant and Westbrook are pretty much the definition of unstoppable.

Durcant gets calls his way when the defender breathes on him against every team. I cant even imagine what he will get when a rookie is guarding him.

Nowadays you can't even breathe on Durant without getting called for a foul. For some refs even a stare is enough.

I love the moving screens by Perkins.

Durant with his flopping extravaganza..

We got a charge call against Durant? Is this real life?

I swear... Westbrooks game is based on running and jumping into people

Terrible call. These refs help OKC so much.

I feel like Ibaka gets the most goaltends in the league

OKC fans probably find that frustrating Costs them points because he doesn’t have that instinct

that's all he's good at

Ibaka's' nickname should truly be the goaltender

I feel like I've heard way too many cheers after okc makes a basket.

Oh that is bullshit, clear foul on Wright and got nothing. And I hate Westbrick as well, ol’ bumper lipped bitch.

Haha Marion after the game “I didn't wanna play 5 on 8 again, so IL take another day off”

Wow this last 4 mintues The refs making sure okc can win

it's bad enough that you cant touch durant or westbrook and now ibaka's getting these sh*t calls

Our best chance to win is westbrook tries to take over the game and leaves a scorching durant watching

Ibaka is really really easy to hate and despise.

Ibaka getting more calls than our entire team in 5 minutes....

The real story of our season - we can't get calls on our own home court.

REFS just love the thunder


Crowd should start throwing things at refs and Westrbook

Yep, another rigged game by Stern.

And the darlings of the NBA get the calls again


Hard to guard him when Ibaka and Perkins are allowed to block for him.

Crowder is mentally retarded. He even looks retarded.

Moral victory would be worth diddly here, needless to say. But tell you what: it's really kinda amazing that we're hanging in there with this team. They're just better - by a lot.

Earlier I was thinking that this is just OKC's time. They are just so good. We can still get 'em. But, they are good. I'd love to see them take that next step this year.

Westbrook is killing us every time we face them that’s getting old.

Westbrook 31 PTS in 31 mins This is the westbrook I hate

We're going to lose because of refs

Now Durant is rolling Ughhh, to borrow a movie phrase, “Don’t you people ever DIE!!” (figuratively not literally)

Can't stand Perkins

Seriously He needs a busted lip

Man KD is the best shooter on the planet

Sounds like the game is in OKC

What the hell is up with this? Everyone was booing the shit outta the refs earlier, so why does it sound so happy in there when Durant scores?


It just took 8 fouls by Westbrook for Dirk to get a call, nice...

There won't be calls against Whistlehoma...

F'n reflahoma city

I f***en lose it when I see that Durant's fat ass mom commercial with the airbrushed armpits. Good god

Ibaka is a obnoxious prick!

Without the FT's OKC becomes pretty mediocre...

I would like to rub fisher's head against a wall so hard

Pork is such an ugly mofo. What a punchable face.

Durant is an assassin.

Wouldn't it be nice if we actually won one of these close games against a good team?

Nevermind. I guess that was asking too much from this band of losers.

We are never beating the Thunder again. Ever.

You give Thabo that shot every time. He's not exactly an offensive juggernaut.

OKC has beat us 10 times in a row. Who cares if we make the playoffs? This team ain't ****.

Congrats OKC, needed freethrows to beat the bottom feeding mavs. I hope the Heat treats them like Jordan treated Stockton/Malone in the finals making Durant just another 2nd place loser for his career.

We didn't do too bad for 8 vs 5.

DCollison smiling. Held Westbrook to 35 with the season on the line

The mavs are like a dog full of cancer. Sometimes the best decision is to put them out of their misery

You know what? I think I may hate them more than the heat

Here's another idea Let’s hire some basketball players… you know, like good ones that aren’t in their mid- to late-thirties

A few calls our way and this game cudda been ours.. I am not complaining. Just stating a fact. Sigh.

Mavs Ignore Dirk, Humiliate Themselves Against Reflahoma City (Again)

On League Pass, it seemed like there were more OKC fans than Mavs fans in the arena. Mavs have lost 14 of their last 15 games (exhibition, regular season, and postseason) against the Thunder. Watching them come in here and dump all over the house that Dirk built while he feebly is 5th on the team in shot attempts is unbelievably aggravating.

Man even if the refs made the right calls, we wouldn't have won the game. Great teams always find ways to win games unlike this Dallas mavs team.

I just realized even Westbrook knows to pass the ball to the star player and GTFO of the way in the 4th.

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