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Monday, March 25, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Blazers 3/24

Some fun comments from Blazers fans.  Seems that they really, really don't like the Thunder.  As always there are the complaints that the Thunder get EVERY call.  In truth,  the Thunder got called for just 2 fewer fouls than the Blazers.  The refs let a lot go both ways and pretty much let them play but fans have too much fun thinking the Thunder get every call.  I've highlighted my favorites in bold.  What are yours? 

In my mind, this may very well be the most crucial game of the season.

I predict Westbrook will throw another tantrum

Westbrook guaranteed a win tonight. I wonder if the team got word

I hope we shut Westbrook up.

I think we have a shot of taking his words and smashing them down his throat.

I don’t actually use the nickname for the team from OKC. It’s the only team each year that I change my format. I barely am willing to acknowledge the team in OKC.

I actually want to see Maynor go against Reggie Jackson, the guy who took his spot backup PG spot

I anticipate Aldridge will have a good game, Perkins rubs him the wrong way

Yeah, Perkins must be doing something wrong. Anyone he guards gets miffed at him

The Blazers FO should tell Aldridge random lies about what other random players said about him, just to fire him up “Lebron said your mother’s so fat, when she walks in front of the TV you miss 3 episodes”

Westbrook is going to annoying to watch, such a ball hog.

Durant would be as annoying to guard as Aldridge You can do everything right, and he will still shoot it over the top of you

Collison is killing us. Ever since he's come in, we've looked like garbage

Collison would be a friggin superstar if he played us every game.

Hasheem Thabeet is taking a big dump on Leonard. Very discouraging.

Anybody starts looking good when they play with Durant and Westbrook...

This is one bowling shoe ugly game so far

I think that's unfair to bowling shoes

Every time I see Perkins I'm surprised that someone isn't punching him in the face

Give batum some time

Batum intentionally takes off balance shots to look cool.

It would be cooler if he made them

LMA has completely disappeared.  So disappointing 

Fisher and Thabeet to the rescue

Hate fisher

I'm still chuckling that Cuban booed Fisher

Part of it is Dallas fault, they need to learn to not sign ex Lakers, haha

Maurice Cheeks is still being paid to coach basketball. What a world.

God okc complains alot

Man I hate watching the thunder whine about EVERY SINGLE CALL

Well they must do it becuz it works

Yeah they got entitled awful quickly. Without actually winning anything

Is Scotty Brooks a good coach or just lucky to be surrounded by the talent he has?

I think the talent has made him a better coach than he is

Somewhere, Phil Jackson is laughing.

Fisher is terrible at basketball and makes sketchy career movess. I enjoy watching him play and suck.

Lmao thabeet sucks In Portland and plays well in okc. Go figure

We just don't have the talent to compete with OKC

Nice drive by Leonard! Better block by Batum - about time someone made Collison look like the scrub that he is.

I always liked Collison. He is an irritating defender

OKC’s in-arena sound effects are really irritating.

There is so much that is irritating in okc!

F*** the nba. Letting okc get away with murder and complain like bitches. I am almost hating them as much as the lakers

It's so easy to hate OKC - they get more calls than anyone, yet bitch more than anyone about not getting calls.

Ibaka is a really good weak side shot blocker but gets owned 1 on 1 a lot.

Kevin Martin is way better than that Harden guy

Meyers holding his own against Thabeet.

Not saying a lot though . Thabeet sucks

Lame call on ibaka I love it!

Thunder about to get super whiny C’MON REFS!!!! WE’RE TIED!!!!!

Now I remember why I hate playing OKC so much. The get more ref love then any other team in the league, reminds me of the 00-09 lakers.

We like Durant shooting 3s, right?

He is something like 26% from deep in march. But I still cringe, until he clanks it.

Russell totally Westbrick'd that fast break.

OKC needs to hire a mad scientist to brain transplant Westbrook and Durant. If they had opposite personality’s, OKC would be unstoppable.

Durant doesn't commit charging fouls, ever

OKC broadcast team pretty good What’s Grant Long’s connection to OKC or Sonics?

I find them annoying, extremely

I love how quiet the crowd was after the halftime buzzer. They should be even quieter after the final buzzer.

Most of my family lives in OKC and attends a lot of games, and they say half that noise is artificial. Most of the OKC “fans” just sit there, and then clap when the PA clapper comes on, and yell “DE-FENSE” when the PA tells them to. They call it Loud City, and that’s true, but it ain’t real.

Lackadaisical fans created by having a team that's been good from day one

Man, I wish that team was still in Seattle. I'd love to have a true geographic rivalry with a team I hate so much. I hate their lying hillbilly owners, hate Westbrook's game and his cocky attitude, hate Fisher for being a back stabbing liar (aka: Laker), etc. But, it's really hard to consider them a rival when they play 2000 miles away, in the middle of a cow pasture, in front of a crowd of unsophisticated dolts who think wearing a cowboy hat indoors makes you cool.

I would like them if they were still in Seattle. The owner and Westbrick made me hate them with a passion

Why aren't we up 10? Oklahoma Shitty Blunder are garbage.

This is a joke. We're playing down to our competition.

what kind of crazy ankle sprain does clavor have, he's been out a couple weeks hasn't he?

It's not his ankle. You see the bench is unsanitary. It comes from cramped conditions and filth while players fester away in their seats. It causes spasms and loss of motor function. He’s actually out with “benchitis.”

I like the gameplan where the Thunder just shoot 3s

Only if Westbrook takes them all Because they’d all be contested

KD chill out -- sometimes you foul bro -- it happens Stop whining you giant baby!

Oh no, that can't be a foul on precious Kevin, can it? He’s too nice to pick up fouls.

When did KD become a whiner?

I always hear analysts saying Durant and Westbrook have been more cranky since Harden was traded

Been a whiner for as long as I've seen Even more since he can’t get free FT’s for sweeping his arms.

I'm guessing about the same time his mom was getting NBA endorsement deals.

Westbrook is average in this league at best

Chuckbrook can hit some tough shots. You just gotta hope he keeps taking those bad shots.

I hate it when Westbrook makes a good decision Thankfully it doesn’t happen very often.

Brooks complaining about the officiating is just laughable. If anything, he should send them flowers or a fruit basket

Their entire team just throws giant hissy fits whenever they don't get every single call during a given game.

God I hate the Thunder Easily my most hated team in the league

Lakers going HUH?!

Well they're kinda irrelevant cuz they suck

I always have thought Westbrook looks like a turtle. Now there he is wobbling around On his back.

I could play in the NBA if I had these calls

I HATE THE THUNDER. Lets beat these chumps

Has anyone ever wondered what it would have been like if we drafted Durant?

No, no one has ever wondered that...ever

Have I mentioned I hate the Thunder?

I always forget how much I hate the Thunder... …then I see Westbrook’s face, and it all comes slamming into focus.

Yeah Westbrook's face brings all the hate pieces together for me too.

I forgot what it was like to play a team that gets the benefit of every single call. It sure is depressing.

Ibaka's having his game of the season because Aldridge is supposedly guarding him. I've never seen Ibaka have such an easy time shooting outside, 6-8.

Well at least they're playing Fisher

Jackson has gone over Meyers and Batum In the last three possessions. Super high off the glass with accuracy Hes got skills...and crazy hops

Wow, imagine where we'd be if our defense could stop a back up point guard from getting lay ups at will.

Did Westbrook not hop there?

He totally did.

He's part rabbit Thus it’s not against the rules.

So Westbrook is part rabbit and part turtle. That explains it.

So you're saying he'd be good in stew? 

Thunder have 0 fouls so far this quarter

The Thunder don't commint fouls...

Bull. Crap. That was cleeeeeaaaaan.

Apart from the shove in the back, yeah.

Thunder are too good.

If I was durant I would hate westbrook.

I can't stand Durant.

Besides the talents gap OKC is better in a lot of important areas. There team is more diciplined. They jack up fewer bad shots. You don’t see as many of their players forcing it against the defense. Much better ball movement.

Westbrook says "Wat?"

I hate Westbrook's game, but love that he takes shots away from Durant. Westbrook should win DPOY. He's the only player in the league who can consistently shut down Kevin Durant in the 4th quarter of a close game.

He froze out Harden, too. Durant and Harden are both MUCH more efficient scorers that Westbrook. It's insane that Westbrook took more shots in the playoffs last year than Durant - but I'm glad he did!

They have someone protecting the rim whereas we are watching their bench players stroll down the middle

OKC secretly put saran wrap over the hoop during the time out. Tricky tricky.

That's cool. Nolan Smith put Saran wrap over all the toilets in their locker room. We’ll see who has the last laugh.

It's hard to win when the other team is allowed to toss you around like bean bags.

Or when they're just better.

Worst when it's both.

When the other team is better they don't need the refs' help.

The refs aren't to blame for us losing by 20. If we kept it closer you'd have a case but OKC has proven themselves to be the better team today.

Someone should put a hit out on KP. Durant should be a Blazer.

We didn't score the last 5 mintues????????????????????????

Hard to win when you don't score for 5:38 in the fourth.

2 years from now. When we are beating OKC consistently. All this bullshit will fade away.

I hate okc.

Westbrook, Perkins, and Ibaka are easy to hate. It’s hard to dislike Durant. And I really like Collison; he would be a great fit on the Blazers.

I can’t name one player on the team I care for, so it’s easy to root against them.

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