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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Bobcats 3/9

Bobcats fans seem like a nice bunch.  You really have to admire fans who have gone through the seasons they have and still remain faithful to their team.  They are real fans.    They also don't feel entitled to every foul call like Lakers, Knicks, Spurs and other fans do.   That is very telling.  If any team would get screwed by superstar calls on the other team, it would be the Bobcats but I only saw a couple of stray complaints about calls.  I think my favorite post is the Bobcats logo.  I just love that Grumpy Cat.   Enjoy!!

OKC Commentators say we have a "tank strategy"Strategy? We have a strategy?

Thabeet's hair is a peanut butter cup

We didn't win a single quarter when we played them in OKC. We tied them in the 4th (at which point they had a decent 40 point lead on us).

I'm not sure we won a minute Or even a possession.

If we are within 20 going into the 4th it will be a miracle.

We must repent for anything we have ever done because OKC is about to go old testament on us. Like a kitty led to the slaughter.

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May we all bow our heads and pray that our franchise survive this beating we're about to take tonight...Amen

No worries, I'm willing to share this evening

We won a quarter!!!! Maybe we haven’t been traumatized by that last game after all. I fully expected the score to be 40-16 at the end of the first.

OKC commentators are homers.

Are Ibaka and Biyombo cool with each other/friends/whatsover? Just curious since they are both Congolese

Different Congo's.

I hate Fisher so much

Our front court making Thabeet look like prime Howard....

Where making Thabeet look good happens.

That first quarter caused me to change my vote I’m downgrading from 26+ point loss to 16-25 point loss.

Sad that their bench is better than our starters Durant’s barely played

Dell and Steve calling out the thunder bandwagoners lol

Current 2nd Quarter Score: 24-6 Awesome!

Well, We are playing the Thunder’s bench

Ibaka taking 3's? Is that a thing now?

So glad we have Byron Mullens out there not playing defense and missing jumpshots!

I can honestly say that I'd rather have Thabeet as our starting C than Biyombo until 2016-2017.

Announcer just called us "bobkids"

Well at least we scored 30+ at halftime

Durant is scary good at a young age Agile, quick 7ish footer who can stroke it and drive in the lane at will

Please don't let them have 100 after 3

BG can get his minutes Then whine about it later on twitter

Whoa His twitter is really weird. All he posts are inspirational quotes and bible passages

Must be to atone for all the crap he says in the locker room

I completely realize that the Thunder are infinitely better than us, but I still can’t comprehend why any team that played such a highly contested road game the night before can continue to whip this well-rested young team the later the game goes on our home court. It really speaks to how putrid this team has become under the leadership of a head coach who is in over his head. Granted, this roster couldn’t do too much better under a HOF coach either. The sad part is that there seems to be no end in sight, at least for a couple more years.

OKC is better than us at every position by 5 fold I’m surprised that we’re not down by 30

I just dropped in to say you guys have the best game threads.

We need something to keep us interested watching this atrocity of a team.

Why was Ibaka drafted so late in the first round? I thought if you were a physically-gifted African that automatically meant lottery pick.

I'm actually pretty disappointed in Brooks for waiting to put Lamb in halfway through the 4th quarter. The last 2 or 3 games he's been in during mop-up duty, he's actually looked pretty impressive. Seems like he's always good for at least one made 3-pointer.

Lamb will be a really nice player once he begins to drink 14 protein shakes a day and put on 25 pounds of muscle.

Without that 19-0 run, we’d only be down by three right now.

Welp. Still willing to share for those interested:

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