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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Lakers 3/5

It's always good to beat the Lakers and their whiny fans.   I have no idea how any of them had the nerve to complain about the refs in this one.  They got the benefit of the calls throughout the game.  It's funny how they hate on Russ in one sentence and then want him on the Lakers in the next.  Some of my favorites are in bold.  What are yours? 

Good thing we have Kobe Bryant, because I'm scared to see what Durant does to Ron and Clark this game.

I'm not concerned about Durant, the player that scares me is Russell Westbrook. He always plays his heart out when he sees a Laker uniform, if he starts hitting running 3s then we're doomed. I wish he has an off night because it is actually our only chance to win in OKC.

Awwww man, these guys again. Why does it seem like weve played OKC 10x this year

I don't see lakers winning in Oklahoma Westbrook will act like a moron as usually against us plus referees lead to a loss

Refs gonna be on OKC's side which will make this game tougher, hope we win

I think we're due for a win in Oklahoma City. Haven't beaten them since February of 2011.

There's a reason.. They're beasts at home and have one of the best home crowds there is.

I ****in' HATE Westbrook with that smug lil' look on his face everytime he scores against us!!!! Then all the antics he does after a big shot like they just won the NBA championship or something.... I can't stand that dude, for real........

Everything on durant is a foul

I wonder what Russell westbrook is going to do that makes me hate him even more.

I hope he "accidentally" runs into Metta's elbow.

We can't allow yourselves to lose to this man


I hope we win.. It going to be tough. But refs are going to be on our side!!

They just make things so easy for the Thunder..

Smh, Ibaka shouldn't even being playing

Refs helping the Lakers.

Lakers are hardly worth the split screen on my TV

I like these constant FT trips, they can slow down OKC's momentum.


(bleep) Ibaka should be suspended

How is durant always open

Nice of the NBA to send Joey Crawford to OKC also....good luck with that.

U let fisher blow by you?

Refs are bull[expletive]

This is awful when they can beat us by just shooting freethrows!!!

I hate westbrook damn

My god these punks whine A LOT!!!

Damn it ronnie brewer playing on OKC I wish we got him for our sf position

Thunder domt need anymore help Jesus! Clark with a GREAT block on Westbrook. How was that a goaltend plz tell me!? It wasn't even a close call

Once again Westbrook made us his b***h tonight and same thing goes for Durant.

Westbrook showing us up. He is playing harder than our entire team. How can our guys not be ready for a big game like this?

And there goes Westbrook acting like they just won the NBA title... I ****IN' HATE FRODO!!!!!!

Can we trade for westbrook?

This is what happens when you play a clearly superior team.

Westbitch and his capris don't compare to the greatness of the Mamba.

Well at least they don't have harden no longer

They didn't lose harden's ability to flop though Martin got that act down pat

Was hoping Westbrook would be due for a bad game but apparently he's just back to murdering us like usual.

How in the heck we suppose to win this game, Thunder to good.

Calls seem to be going against us a lot. Dwight is getting hacked and he gets no calls.

OKC getting a lot of favorable calls right now

Send out Ebanks to punch Ibaka in the balls

If it's a 25k fine, hell... Punch them all in the nuts... Coaching staff and announcers too...

Okc bench is better than the whole Lakers team That bench is a plus 6 against us, just pathetic

Can I kick Sefalosha in his funky little face?

OKC is bored. They are playing at like 50% effort.

Perkins begs for T's....absolutely begs for them and they will not call it.

To be honest that wasn't much of a foul but if it gets Porkins out of the game, I'm all for it. Maybe Dwight will start playing now.

Ibaka trips metta. Dirty player but league doesn't buy it

OKC gets the benefit of every call. Must be nice to get so much help from the refs...especially when they don't need it.

Gee...another call for OKC. Shocker. Most rigged game ever

Why did Fisher have to be a traitor and go to OKC

Durant is untouchable. Can't breath on him.

I mean if they are gonna call it like that in OKC, no one can beat them

ANOTHER bogus call for OKC. Losing count so far. This league has no mercy. It's like the mob. Ridiculous.

I have more trust in injured Kobe than I have in a healthy 39 yr old Nash there's something funny about seeing a 39 yr old white guy try to play at a faster pace than Westbrook

Refs are terrible tonight

Fouls are 7-6 with OKC having more…. Stop blaming the refs for the Lakers poor play...

Why the F did Oklahoma City need a team...

Tehhese (bleep) refs..everytime they drive they get a call we drive and get no call

Thabeet is still in the league?

If only Durant could've played back in the day. He wouldn't get to the FT line HALF as much as he does now. Can't even breathe on the dude most of the time.

Get Dwight Howard out of this [expletive]ing game. Get him out of a [expletive]ing Lakers jersey.

Don't get me wrong, I love Durant, just annoyed at how many touch fouls that go his way, even more than LeBron Imo.

Westbrook is gonna be [expletive]ing beastly as hell by the end of his prime... Of course he always rapes us but the guy is starting to be smarter on his shot selection and is getting better at passing every game it seems like. [expletive] is scary with him and Durant

Someone should take the hit of a fine/suspension and just lay into Durant or Westbrook... Preferably Westbrook. I know I'm a bad person, I just hate those guys.

I'm starting to lose respect for durant. He's added some good flopping to his arsenal this year. Between that and that cheap arm swinging then flailing arms trash. On top of that he tries to be a bad guy now with his 13 techs. Bad guy but trains over the summer with the guy who whooped your *** in the finals.

We need a run here

Run to get on a plane and get the HELL of OKC

Thabeet is 50 years old.

Man it's 8 on 5 out there, anybody saying it ain't needs brain surgery.

Nash is so cold I saw a penguin cheering for him.

Refs cheating for us and we are still getting that ass whooped lol

From the first whistle I could tell that the refs were making up for Ibaka not getting suspended

I hate OKC players with passion. Too many cry baby and bunch of show offs

Can someone set a hard screen on Sefalosha?

Embarrassing for any team that lets Thabeet score... Really.

It would be enjoyable to see someone deck Westbrook out there..

Refs go kill yourself

Travel, touch foul = OKC offense Flop, handchecking = OKC defense

Yet another touch foul for Durant, gotta' love it.

Seriously where is the foul. Westbrook isnt even getting touched.

Glad I'm not the only one seeing this [expletive], but it's not surprising

Ibaka looks like a little [expletive] clapping on the ground like that. Get the [expletive] up scumbag.

I'm still pissed Ibaka is able to play tonight! Such BS!!!

Big game.. And we turn in a piece of **** effort. We should not be called the Lakers. We are the Fakers.

I didn't realize Michael Jordan was on the Thunder... Oh that's Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson!? Really? **** Why do scrubs always kill us?

WHO THE (bleep) IS THIS JACKSON??? (bleep)!

I want to punch Nick Collison in the face

Have you ever seen a non-White OKC fan?

Why does OKC have a team again

Screw u durant, there is nothing to be proud of when all u do is rely on the referees' protection

Its all rigged man, Stern likes OKC better now...F'ING HILLBILLIES!

End the Dantoni error...please

OKC has a real coach. Up big and his team shows a lack of effort on D.....TIMEOUT.

MDA is passive aggressive. He's not a drill sgt on defense. He puts his arms together and just makes faces. Because he doesn't know the solutions to problems. Love coaches like Brooks.

Joey Crawford making magical foul calls for OKC and non for the Lakers

Refs trying their hardest to give the game to the Thunder

Ibaka for 3? What a hore (bleep) shot.

Ibaka shouldn't even be in this game.

A 3 by the guy who should have been suspended for the game. Perfect.

Westbrook deserves a beating. The guy is good, but he needs to be humbled. He is the exact kind of point guard that will never win a ring.

Still annoyed ibaka wasn't suspended. League really want the thunder to succeed though.

Metta reddem yourself by smacking ibaka

Westbrook instead, he'd be dumb enough to retaliate.

This front office hasn't built a good supporting cast in years they need to catch up with the new league Metta World Trash should of been let go 2 [expletive]ing years ago All they sign is old/slow/and white free agents

Thunder ain't winning it all hahaha the refs and stern like the Heat more than them

Hard to believe after what I just saw.

Kevin Durant gets any call he wants even when he gets his shot blocked cleaned

Yup. OKC gets bailed out.

I think OKC is definitely a front runner for a team that will be involved in a brawl one day.

We win this if it wasn't a TNT game ... Meaning Ibaka would've been suspended like other guys who did what he did ..

Westbrook is kind of a d***he.

I would trade Dwight for him though. You never question his fire

2 turnovers for the Thunder. Don't underestimate how amazing that is. Wow

That dude is one of the worst sportsman in the league... F'n hate westbrook

This is NBA not little league

Pretty much, one of the only players in the league I enjoy see failing. He a stud though

Would also like to thank Stern for his basketball reasons and not suspending Ibaka despite precedents being set before that already. GO TO HELL!


Dwight is too old to actually make a successful post move on ;nick freaking collision?

How the hell did they score the last 12 points, and we couldn't score anything?

I would rather we send out the fat kid from the goonies than play metta

The Thunder are just gonna give Heat a dynasty...their the worst matchup for Miami, Lebron is just gonna get ring after ring after ring for the next few years

One last thing, someone needs to give Westbrook and Ibaka a hard foul and knock them on their a&*, they talk too much and get away with far too much. In the old school NBA, they wouldn't be getting away with all of that yapping.

Ibaka is a punk. Kobe did a good job of staying calm because you could tell he wanted to clock him.

Who the hell is reggie Jackson? Never hard of him and he was schooling us all night long

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