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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Magic 3/15

Good game by the Thunder.  Orlando fans seem like a decent lot.  They complained a bit about the fouls but admitted that most were legit and unlike some fans didn't blame the loss on the refs.  I've highlighted my favorites.  What are yours?

This one is going to be a nail biter, Oklahoma City will be overconfident, we sneak in a victory.

We lose by fitty.

Like every OKC game is all depends on Russell Westbrook, if his hot its a blow out, if his cold it could be close. Is KD the only scoring leader in history to not get the most shots in his own team?

The Jacque Vaughn's winning strategy : Ib-hack-a

The Thunder are whopping 17 1/2 point favorites I’m pretty sure that’s the largest point spread in the league this season.

OKC up 10-5 early

Yeah we suck

Durant is skinny

Note to people defending Westbrook: He is fast. The end

OKC has scored 30 and there is 2:48 left in the 1st. Magic Basketball

How does anyone defend that move by Durant? Just insane.

Is it just me or do the thunder look really good

Whole mess o' garbage time coming up.

Times like this I wish I could just fast forward to the draft

I kinda want to see them double our score.

So HOW many FTs is that for OKC already??

And they are to the line again. They now have 12 In the first quarter

Can I ask the Magic why they hired Vaughn? Just to see if they would say anything lol

This could get pretty ugly, pretty quickly, if we keep sending them to the line and turning the ball over

OKC shooting 74% for the game....says it all

Harkless is the only bright spot tonight, A gold coin floating in a sea of dog ****.

The other bright spot is that OKC sucked horribly for a long time, too, and look at them now.

Durant has turned into an entitled little bitch.

The score in The Magic-Thunder game is one you have at the end of the third quarter not the 2nd

They’ve already had 18 free throws to the Magic’s 1 (now 3)? Really?

They are amazing

Thunder or refs?


Were they legit fouls?

I'd say 85% were. The other couple, not so much

"Just get it under 20 by halftime" The prayer of the pathetic.

Thunder are down to just 67% shooting. So, that’s an improvement. :/

Particularly glad that shot didn't go for Westbrook given the HUGE carry he made in the middle of the floor.

Impressed by Harris and Harkless again, just wish we could speed up player development 3 years so then we wouldz winz all the gamez.

The letter Z would like to have a word with you

I'm sure it would sayz thanks for utilizing me to my full potential, I never get the respectz I deservezzz.

Sooo that Thunder guy doesn't get a tech for slamming the ball against the basketball hoop base thing?

Why are we still switching everything?

Coach is deaf, blind, and brain dead?

Well at least the Thunder aren't shooting 70% anymore?

Yeah, just 61.5% now.

Durant with the blatant push-off to get room for his jumper. He’s allowed to do that.

Is it a coincidence that once Westbrook started to rely on his jumper, we got back into the game? I think not.

Gotta love a game with 55 freethrows with 2 minutes to go in the 3rd. 36 for the Thunder, natch.

We look like a high school team.

I'll judge coach when he has a good roster around him. Phil Jackson wasn't winning anything with that smush parker/Kobe roster. Having a good roster is a big part of the coach's success

Not saying it would matter, but DAMN the refs have been super biased to OKC tonight.

Durant is playing like the Magic right now.

Nelson and Afflalo make me sick.

Who would've guessed that in the 4th quarter we would have two players that have more points than either Westbrook or Durant?

Why is OKC trying to throw this game?

They want to be like the Heat? Go down and then come back with the help of the refs and then have Durant beat us on the last shot?

Has Ibaka hit anyone in the nutz yet?

Sadly no. But he did hit KOQ a couple times

OKC should have a Ibaka Nutcracker giveaway next Christmas...

That Durant fella.............he's pretty good

He's my generation's Larry Bird

Dang it OKC. Scored too many points

The Westbrook prayer 3's doomed the Magic

Sure ref. Help them out. They obviously need it.

AA getting owned by Perkins.

Good fight by our squad. Just can't stop the best offensive team in the league.

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