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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Bucks 3/30

It amazes me that teams like the Bucks who are headed to the playoffs don't have more fans on the boards, unless they have a secret hidden one that other fans can't find.  They spent a lot of time trashing Ellis and Jennings.  Fans who trash their own team must be very unhappy fans.   Some of my favorites are in bold, what are yours?   Enjoy today's comments and Happy Easter to everyone. 

We will get blown out.

Yeah, if we lose this one by less than double digits I will be stun.

But, the TWolves beat them last night.

Only reason I'll be tuning in is in hopes of seeing a Larry Sanders blocked shot fly into the stands, taking Herb Kohl's head off.

Larry tends to struggle with fouls against good individual matchups. Ibaka isn't much of a threat as far as dominating in the post or anything

Keep chuckin westbrook just keep chuckin

Luc just straight body checked Ronnie Brewer

When Hammond was trading Bogut I wanted K-mart even though he was a little older than Monta Do you guys think K-mart would of been better for this team or Ellis

I think K-mart is best as a 6th man like he is at OKC now Doesn’t provide enough to justify big minutes/being a linchpin of a lineup, but can give a sweet boost to a bench unit

Man OKC scores like crazy One second we’re down by 2 and I look away for less than a minute and we are down again by 10

OKC shooting a cool 70%

What the hell, Ellis just got called for a tech. Is he trying to purposely kill our momentum?

Man, I hate the Thunder.

So I'm listening on radio. Is the crowd really that dead, or does the radio broadcast not pick up natural sound very well?

Bucks crowd is usually pretty dead Imo For some reason they are crazy at Brewer games though which I don’t understand

Just take the other eight guys off the court and make it Sanders vs. Ibaka



I figured Larry was getting annoyed with Collison since he hit him with the ball earlier in the game after a made basket.

Collison = smart player. The book is out on Sanders unfortunately.

**** off with the calls.

Free-ThrowKC Thunder

Most of these have been fouls I think. Its not as bad as the Lakers game where they were bailing out Kobe's horrific hero ball shot selection with phantom calls. Wouldn't be surprised to see a final line of ~40 FTs to 20 though. The benefits of having stars.

Redick getting shut down by Derick Fisher

Anyone else notice that every time we get anything going OKC takes a time out. Boylan will wait till we are on the wrong end of a 15-0 run before we do.

Monta all sliding around like a worm down there and stuff

Can someone punch ibaka in the balls.

Poetic justice after what he did to Deandre Jordan earlier in the season.

I think I'd be a terrible coach Not only would I not know how to run plays, but I’d just scream obscenities at my players all the time

PJ Carlesimo doesn't see the problem with that.

Why does Ibaka decides to have his season high in blocks tonight?

Sanders is feisty.

Anger management's not his strongest point :(

I hate Derek fisher

Quisy just got blocked by Fisher.  He should just retire now to avoid further embarrassment.  

Is the team just tired?

No, just massively inferior.

Pashke says the bucks just got tired in this one. What an excuse. Wtf

They played last night and while we had the day off.

And Durant with the dagger. I wish with all my might that one day we will be able to acquire a superstar. They make everyone around them so much better.

Are there d****es actually clapping at the Thunder's win?

Redick's game is dying now that he's got to be a man here.

He was getting defended by Derrick Fisher most of the game. No top 10 SG can seriously be held in check by 38 year old Derrick Fisher.

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