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Friday, March 8, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Knicks 3/7

 Exciting win for the Thunder.   Surprise, surprise!   Knicks fans complained about the refs all through the game.   It's funny that they do the same thing for Celtics games and pretty much every game, even when they get twice as many calls.  They also love their players when they do well and hate them when they struggle.  The definition of fair weather fans.   Hope you enjoy today's comments.  As always, my favorites are in bold.  What are yours? 

Not here to joke, not here to play games. We straight killing these fools

Need Westbrick to take at least 30 shots here.

I hope someone just punches Westbrook in the face.

Scared of what Westbrook is going to do to Felton tonight.

Shump needs to guard Westbrick.

Nobody can guard westbrook

I'm terrified of Kevin friggin' Martin having a big game tonight because our three point defense has been flawed even in wins lately.

Westbrook scares me more than KD You know KD is dropping 30 minimum. Westbrook however can go for 40 + or have an awful night, he only stops himself.

Looks like one of those nights where foul trips will be a regular for the opposition.

Hard fouls on Westbrook, I dont want to see that ass doing his silly antics.


Knicks vs OKC and the refs

Ibaka is not the best guy to test STAT with. Few dudes will match STAT like Ibaka.

Kevin Durant either makes a jump shot, or if he misses he MUST have been fouled. Because he gets fouled on jumpers more than anyone I’ve ever seen.

Damn westbrook still got it tonight. I was hoping Westbrook would have a brain fart night.

Shump can't let Russ get to the midrange jumper

So you want Russ to drive more? LOL

No foul calls for us tonight

Westbrook has the most punchable face in the NBA

He's that dude everyone wants to beat up in the playground for coming off arrogant.

Westbrook is killing us right now

Ibaka down and I couldn't care less. Serge deserved every bit of that elbow.


Amare throwin bows I like it

Might have lost some teef

I think Ibaka Should rest for the rest of the game as a precaution. And KD and Westbrook should do the same just in case Amare hits them with a wild elbow. Better safe than sorry

I hope that Ibaka is OK He should take the rest of the game off just to be safe.

These calls are str8 disgusting.

I'm not looking forward to the OKC Freethrows tonight.. I'm gonna get pissed, even OKC fans say that the refs win them 40 of their games.

How anyone can be a fan of Westbrook is beyond me...

Lol Perkins grumbling about a flop

Kevin Martin's been in the league for 9 years and I still can't figure out if he draws so many damn fouls because he's a dirty flopper like James Harden or he just naturally plays in a way that draws so much contact.

Kevin Martin usually tricks the opposing player or moves into a ticky tack foul. He also does flops, but more of the above than flopping.

KMart sighting! First order on business, put Westbrook on his ass.

if K-mart flagrants ibaka, i wouldnt mind

I wouldn't want to be announcing a game where Kenyon Martin and Kevin Martin were facing off against each other

New York Knicks vs Oklahoma City Free Throws

The Knicks are bitching about every single call.

I normally hate it but tonight's the refs have been ridiculous.

The Thunder make more FTs than most teams attempts

I'm glad I'm not an OKC fan, those games must take 4 hours with all the whistles.

The Knicks are leading.......................................In tattoos.

Just realized Joey Crawford is a ref in this game That explains everything.

Down 4! Pretty sure we’re back in it. And Kenyon Martin’s ancient a** is doing a pretty f***ing excellent job on Kevin Durant. So yeah. Mayans. Is Mayans still a thing? If not, I’m bringing it back.

Why are the refs always against us? Did we do something to them that I don’t know about.

Damn that was a hard foul Thanks KMart. I like you a lot.

That was a legit foul The only only one Ive seen on KD

Great foul. Break his olive oil arms next time K-Mart.

The K-Mart effect


KD=D Whistle part 2 except he doesn't even work for his calls by driving to the basket.

Kevin Martin looks like a dude who should be sitting behind a computer playing World of Warcraft. Get daf*** outta here.

You look like a dude that watched one play and jumped to a stupid ass conclusion.

I don’t think 1 legit foul has been called

Without Referee deference OKC is an average team without all the whistles

“Average” for one of the best teams in the league or something?

K-Mart has been dominating Durant If only we could stop Westbrook

Ibaka is too strong and good defensively I'm afraid. Few guys can check STAT. He can.

Ibaka is a DPOY candidate. STAT is not going to take him 1-on-1

Ibaka's a monster man Has Tyson’s man to man defense, Chris bosh’s mid range jumper, Javale/DeAndre esque athleticism, and insane shot blocking. Just needs a post game and he’s set.

That's why they paid him instead of Harden

I really don't like Westbrook's face Like it seriously bothers me.

KD is so light the slighest bump will have him flailing

Good job refs Handing OKC the game

Good old Scotty brooks:



Durant is too tall to ever have elite handles

Durant is a great player but vastly over rated by the media and fans

Durant wouldn't have those numbers if the NBA wasn't soft.

Durant is such a baby...

Is it just me or is Kevin Martin gonna miss a ton of open 3's in pressure situations in the playoffs and ultimately get blamed when the Thunder get bounced?

These refs needs to be fined after tonight. This is bad...

They're gonna have to invent a flagrant 3 just for Durant.

Damn, referees are handling the game to the Thunder

Forget about flagrant, that was a clean block

Good reversal! Refs actually doing their jobs on that one

How is that two shot foul when he got all ball. WoW F8k NBA

Why don't they bitch when Durant brings the ball up the court and he's a **** decision maker 6 turnovers

The Thunder and Durant are over rated

Thunder and Durant are over rated as ****

Durant really does get superstar calls

I hate golden boys

I'm perfectly happy for the Thunder to put the ball in Sefalosha's hands With the game on the line. More of that please

Ibaka's mohawk looks way goofy

Didn't even have possession...Ref: "TIME OUT OKC!!!"

Timeout??? They didn't even have possession lmao. It's us against OKC and the refs now guys.

Wow that was a foul on RUssel Cant they review that?

You're only allowed to call fouls on the Knicks Not their opponents. Don’t you read the rule book?

How is that a foul on Martin when Durant is initiang the contact

His arm was draped over his shoulder. It was too blatant.

Awful game by KD and OKC. They deserve to lose

Even if we go up 1 I'm gonna petrified of Durant

I'm either about to be the happiest or saddest I've ever been.

I hope you guys/gals are ready for another flop by durant

JR for the game winner calling it.

We should of won this game, no doubt about it...All Woodsons fault

You know your team is in trouble when the coach draws up a play for jr instead of amar'e

Ibaka ate Amar'e's lunch tonight.

Damn that team misses Harden. I was amazed how bogged down the OKC offense got at times. Martin’s a nice player, but he’s basically just a spot-up shooter.

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