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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Spurs 3/11

Spurs fans are among the worst for whining about the refs. They started complaining about the officiating before the game even started and kept it up all the way through. There were a few honest fans who admitted that the Spurs got the benefit of quite a few calls themselves.  Then there's the fan wishing an aneurysm on Ibaka.  I will never ever understand wishing an injury on a player.  In spite of the loss, I hope you can enjoy the idiocy of today's comments....

With Tony gone and the OKCfaggots streaking, Manu needs a 35+ point game tonight for us to win, tbh.

Thunderefs: over/under 40 FTA?

OKC is going to be exposed. This will be treated as a playoff game by both sides, and Martin is nowhere near the player that Harden was. Oh, and OKC better play better than they did in Boston yesterday if they want a win in SA.

Referees: James Capers, Tony Brown, Josh Tiven

Fixed. Additional Thunder team members: James Capers, Tony Brown, Josh Tiven

How many 3s does Ibaka hit tonight?

1, but knowing OKC the odds are the 1 three Ibaka will hit will be the one in the 4th quarter where we need a stop desperately and we've successfully contained their heaviest artillery and somehow f***in' Ibaka hits a three..

If Spurs win, OKC let down their guard and didn't bring the proper intensity against a wounded opponent.

No sir, those chucking faggots don't get that excuse twice in the same season against the same team.

How many 3s does Fisher hit tonight?

Fify. Scurbbiest player on the team, perhaps the league, but always finds a way to shit on us. He could be out there in a bodycast and coma and still find a way to give us a pain

The Thunder(less) are going to get crushed tonight by the superior team.

I hope the Spurs play angry tonight. Go Spurs Go!

The Spurs must win. For the good of all that is and all that will ever be.

OKC’s Top 6 players have missed a total of 7 games this season. Our Top 6 players have missed 51. And we still have a lead over them. If we are healthy for the League finals, we will beat them. Everything we have seen this season says so.

If the coaches were switched… after last night, Pop would sit Durant and play Punkbrook 20 min. And care less. Brooksie would play Tim 38 & Manu 36 for ESPN.

With the improved defense I think the key is more accurately “will the officiating allow the Spurs to play as physical as the Thunder?”.

Serge Ibaka is rapidly becoming one of my least favorite humans.

Go to hell durant >__>

Holy shit we got a call!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?

Duncan: No call. Refsbrook: Call. Difference between the teams right now.

Durant and westbrook alone have more FT’s than 11 other teams? Can we call league bias?

Refs made Green miss a layup too?

Teams miss layups all the time. It happens. The Spurs should not have to play a perfect game to win.

There was no foul there. Wow even thabo’s getting the calls here 5 vs 8


May I suggest Westbrook?

Can we not get a foul call on every time a thunder drives to the basket?

Stern denies your request.

Thunder with more offensive rebounds than Spurs have rebounds is probably not a good recipe for a win. Westbrook doing his part for us early though.

Thunder don’t commit fouls apparently.

So Thunder gonna be on the FT line at least 87 times tonight ?

Your guess is too low.

I guess the refs think they’re in Oklahoma

Get Thabo to do anything other than shoot 3s and he's a liability of offence.

Man durant shot is so pure

Thunderefs per par

The fouls are disgusting... How do you guard these guys??

Wow 5 on 8 already

OKC on pace to shoot 32 free throws on our floor.

Free throws isn't what's gonna kill us, it's letting rebounds go like that last one. Everybody just stood there

Having no Tony DOES NOT excuse giving up so many offensive rebounds. PATHETIC!

This OKC team is a lot better than the OKC team when we beat on opening night. Look like only Miami has the chance to stop OKC.

Lol Miami will curb stomp reflahoma

Spurs don't have anyone to attack the rim so why would the thunder foul?

Stick a fork in her she's done. Need to lose for a season and get some youth

And everyone calling 'game over' already, I hope you turn off the game so nobody in here has to listen to your shitty opinions.

This is where Jackson wakes up and hits some threes or hits someone

That's off refsbrook

Ibaka has more rebounds than we do

The Spurs have followed the refs lead and are stinking it up

Refs messed up and got the Spurs to the line.

Amazing how the Thunder are struggling to score when they aren't put at the line 15 times per quarter.

Holy sh** Neal is terrible.

And of course they leave martin open why would they do this??

K Marts closed it TX… Didn’t they hear?..

I hate OKC’s screens.

Refs wern't gonna let Joseph stay in the game and guard westmonkey

Thunder outrebound the Spurs 15-4, and they’re 4-5 on threes while Spurs are 0-2. Oh, and four more FTA.

This is all Dwight Howard’s fault

Whenever a player loses their confidence, they just need to play the Spurs to get it back

finally the refs call something in our favor

The Thunder don't want to win the championship that easily. That’s the only reason I can think that they are playing Fisher

He’s unflappable. That has some value. And you know that unless Westbrook breaks his neck he will barely play in the playoffs.

They said the same last season and Fisher ended up playing like 20mins a game.

He can make the occasional dagger. Or maybe I’m scarred for life.

How useless Fisher is? He might be the only player in the league that Gary Neal can guard

The refereeing in this game has been ridiculous. They give OKC every 50/50 call and often late.

We cant compete against their 3 top stars and by stars I mean the 3 refs

I've been saying that Martin is a good player since the trade when everyone was saying he was a scrub. The guy can shoot the 3, and that's al he's asked to do in that offense. He's a big part of what they do.

Nobody is saying he's a scrub, but he's not even close to Hardens level so they got worse. Also, he's a horrible defender.

Even fisher getting calls Thunder refs in full affect!!

Leonard needs to post up Martin's frail ass. Why would we not exploit a major mismatch?

Somebody needs to get physical with this thunder team tbh. One of their top three players need some a** time

Lets put one of them on the floor

If they leave Fisher on Green we might actually have a chance in this game.

Watching Derek Fisher play defense is the perfect way to get everybody in a good mood.

Tivo confirms it. Fisher was on Green for both of his 3's, and he switched onto Kawhi right before Kawhi hit the 3. Theme: pick on Fish

Thank God for Westbrick. Bless his heart.

I might regret this come playoffs, but why is Derek Fisher getting minutes for the Thunder?

Thunderef call

Again The ref is just too good for SA to handle That guy is a superstar

I really don’t think the refs are being that big of a factor.

Wow KD can do no wrong huh. He gets every call

Why does the Thunder’s blog suck so much?


Because they still havent had a team for enough years to form a rabid fanbase

Because most of Oklahoma doesn’t have Internet yet.

Westbrook's mutant looking a** is all over the boards tonight

WE have to admit that after the Thunder went up by so much they sort of let up their intensity. IF we can keep them from getting it back in the third, we might have a shot.

Okc is playing 4 in 5. Gotta keep pouring it on.

Seems like all of westbrooks shots are always lucky bounces

I hate Perkins tbh

Hopefully Westbrook continues chucking..

I like this keep shooting Russel!

Durant won't stop arguing.

The Thunder are likely so used to calls going their way that they feel slighted when the calls are correct for a change. Their reactions are pretty much testament to that.

Wow now we’re getting the BS superstar calls There IS a god

Jesus westbrook is FAST!

Westbrook did not earn that “and 1” what a crock

we’re used to it, especially against OKC

I think in games like these the lack of Harden is obvious. OKC really slows down when they go the bench. They have basically only one good ball handler (Westbrook),

2 ball handlers Durant is kind of good at that too

Nah, he is just so-so. He can blow by or get a shot off against anybody, but pressure him and he gives up the ball easily. Lebron James he aint.

Manute bol's errr I mean durant's ball handling is overrated

Actually, I’m pretty impressed with this Jackson kid’s potential.

Thunderefs getting early fouls in their favor

I just love Fisher being out there


Tiago says falling on fish is like falling on a old piece of toast

Fisher has done nothing productive for okc this game

Refs think it's game 6 of the WCF and the Spurs are OKC.

Okc bench is melting down

We’re getting the calls…. I can’t believe that…

Ooh the Thunder are losing their cool

Not used to playing with refs not totally cooperative

Spurs getting calls against the Thunder. This is a big surprise

Anybody believe we'll get calls like this against OKC in the playoffs??

What the F*** was westbrook trying to do????

He thought he had a deal with the ref to get a call every time he handles the ball. He didn’t know the deal didn’t extend to half court.

KD's shot has been on tonight. Thankfully, Westbrook has done a great job helping us defend Durant.

Collison doesn't have a prayer guarding Tiago

Of course The refs were just teasing us So we can’t complain later

Durant talking to the ref: You doooo know who I am, right? Didn’t you get the memo?

Its funny how stupid can Durant and Westbrook look sometimes on those rare ocassions the refs don't call everything on their favor

Westbrook getting a rebound with 4 of our guys in the paint.. Lucky he jacked it up


LMAO, now Westbrook is getting his teammates hurt.

Told you Ibaka ain't about this life. Ibaka just got punished lol

Wish Abaka had suffered a brain contusion/aneurysm, tbh.

Durant is going to shoot 20 FT's this quarter

Westbrook's hero balling is pathetic.


Like I was saying, Kevin “Manute Bol” Durant’s ball handling is overrated. He only gets extra credit because he’s like 9 feet tall and he can dribble a little bit. But in reality his handles are ordinary.

Just wish you were allowed to play Durant physically

Still too much time for a Thunderef FT parade to win the game.

Fisher flop Of course….

Damn I hate Fisher

How is Fisher still in the league

Durant: 7-11 Westbrook - 9-22 Pathetic Westbrick

Reflahoma City tbh. Durant missed? Lets call a BS foul

I thought refsbrook would have gotten that call tbh


Thunderefs, 8v5 fast break.

Stern must have just called

The ref screw job

Refs keeping these assholes in the game

Thank you okc for being turnover prone!

Refs trying to get Stern's darling butt buddies back in

The refs are making it very hard for me to like Durant with the ridiculous amount of FT's..

Thunderrefs going to town.

These refs are allstars

Their numbers will be hung in the OKC rafters.

These refs are atrocious

This is ridiculous. Amazing we are winning by 15 playing 5 on 8 the entire fourth.

I guess dribbling rules don't apply to them either.

The Thunder core have increasingly gotten more arrogant the more media attention they get, but Ibaka is still my least favorite of all of them. Westbrook is an amazing athlete and is good enough to merit his arrogance, but Ibaka does that annoying clap after every foul

I hate OKC really. They cant play basketball, all they do is shoot free throws. F*** THE REFS

I dun know why they say OKC’s game is entertaining. It is just a refball game with FT shooting that occupies 90% of the time. Time for you to at $tern

Okc doesn’t know how to win without the ref’s help

God, Ginobili sucks.

it’s hard to blame that possession on the refs

Good work, refs. You didn’t negatively impact one full possession for the Spurs in the fourth

Only because the Spurs turned it over before they could blow the whistle

A W is a W, but it's a shame that we taught OKC the lesson that the Spurs invariably cannot hold a lead. Of course, OKC knows that already.

Refs with some whoppers down the stretch just reminding us of what's to come.

I've said it all along OKC vs. Spurs is a 50-50 on either side, now that Harden is gone. It's all pointless cause Heat will pummel either one.

Westbrick, more shot attempts than points. F***ing loser

Had to listen to thunders' announcers tonight. They focused on the refs quite a bit. Pussys

Durant not really giving the Spurs' defense the credit there. Screw him, Leonard got his goat!!

I wonder who will be the mvp for okc this season Dick Bavetta or Joey Crawford

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