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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Commants from the Other Side - Wolves 3/29

Thunder just couldn't seem to get it going last night.   It was just one of those games. There aren't a lot of Wolves fans out there on the boards these days.  Sad to see fan bases shrivel when the team's not playing well.    At least the Wolves fans couldn't complain about not getting calls.  Well, they did a little, but not as much as fans usually do.  My favorite was JJ trying to crawl between Thabeet's legs.  That had tears running down my cheeks from laughing so hard.   I hope you enjoy these comments in spite of the loss. 

Wolves vs. Thunder + Refs

I got a goood feeling tonight

Higher percentage... Durant from 20 or a Flipper layup attempt?

Durant no doubt

That Kmart post fadeaway Was one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen

Perkins is not worthy to have P E K in his name… he should be known as ‘Kendrick Rins’.

I swear JJ annoys EVERYONE he plays against.

And half the guys he plays with

Fisher is in! We got a shot!

Are Roy and Love wearing the same shirt? Was there a sale?

Durant He scores when he wants

He Can score in his sleep…

How does Durant ever miss? He barely grazes rim.

What's Russian for 'discombobulated'?

Too much vodka?

Thunder cant handle all this international flava!

Corrupted refs again

LOL Kevin Martin v. Barea. I'll put my money on JJ.

A few years ago I knew this girl that just LOVED Kevin Martin. I mean, if they were in the same room, he would be sexually assaulted.

Ricky looks so confident shooting the ball now.

And adorable

He always been Adorable.

That looked like a real offense.

I think that was our make up call For the Kobe thing.

OKC elite defensively? I don’t buy it, they have 2 excellent defensive players I’d take Indy’s offense over OKC’s defense

I've got a feeling there is going to be a scuffle and possibly an ejection later in this game.

I'm going to need a GIF of JJ going between Thabeet's legs.

I'm beginning to question Shved's mental toughness.

Rubio is still upset. He needs to get his emotions in check.

Amazing how all of our guys got injured yet Westbrook has never missed a basketball game in his life

Retribution for a missed goaltend call. Nice turnaround by Pekovic.

OKC really working Rubio with that arm he just banged

They're trying to sweep the leg.

Classic villain move. Ricky needs to crane kick their faces.

Don't make me have to hunt down A scowling Perkins tonight!

Use a long-range weapon.

Laxatives at close range Are much more satisfying…

Westbrook's foul on AK looked pretty excessive.

Flagrants don't happen in MN It’s too cold. It’s impossible.

He did a windup like Karch Kiraly and swung down like 4 feet before he made contact w AK

Almost always nice to see Westbrook launch 18 footers

10 points for OKC in the 4th so far

I don't understand why it's all RW At the end of this kind of game. Don’t they have anyone else who can shoot?

Refs forgot what side they were on... That was pretty much at least 99.99% a 3 by Sefolosha. Oh well, good for the wolves.

I wonder how many calls we would have gotten tonight if not for the Kobe no-call fiasco

Man, was that satisfying. F*** tanking.

Ah, I'll regret it in the morning if they lose out on a great draft pick, but right now it's awesome

Virtual group hug

That was immensely satisfying We’ve given OKC 10% of their losses this season.

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