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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Grizzlies Game 2 5/7

Tough loss for the Thunder.  But I don't count them out.  They are perfectly capable of winning in Memphis.   In spite of the loss, the comments are fairly amusing.  As always, I've highlighted some of my favorites in bold,  what are yours? 

Grizz need to continue what they have been doing. Ibaka, Perkins, and collision will try and rough up our bigs so get them in foul trouble and dish out when doubles come

We should be able to steal game 2

I still think we have it in 6

KD can will his team to 2 or 3 victories with no help...might not want to give them a recipe to beat us twice in a row..

Durant's jump-shot is unstoppable. He jumps up to like 10 feet then shoots. I like Durant more than Lebron-James, Lebron is just physically stronger. Grizz can't defend Durant's shot but it can makeup for his 30-35 points or double-team him with Tony & Prince and make him tired.

Monday, May 6, 2013

ESPN's Dunk of the Night

Perk with ESPN's Dunk of the Night!  Throw it down, big guy!!! 

Comments from the Other Side - Grizzlies Game 1 5/5

As with every game, they complain about the refs giving OKC special treatment.  Sometimes I wonder if they are watching the game or just making it up because that's what they think will happen.  I thought the synchronized flopping video was hilarious.  All in all, Grizzlies fans seem so much nicer than the Houston crowd.   I've highlighted some of my favorites in bold.  What are yours?   Enjoy....

The Season of Redemption Continues... Let KD get his, shut down the rest and don’t let him facilitate for others.

Full court press on Reggie Jackson. If they put Fischer in, Conley to the hoop all day. This is just going to be a tough series for the thunder, no doubt. Not sure how they are going to handle the ball pressure memphis brings.

Early game time is what scares me. Remember, Zach needs a huge lunch to have a great game. He gotta eat at like 10 AM!

Reggie Jackson can't be under-estimated. While he's certainly no Westbrook, he still does have the ability to catch fire at times.

Collison also scares me a lot...he fits in with our grit 'n grind style of play and doesn't seem to be scared of Z-Bo. He is very likely to foul out if Z-Bo starts schooling him, so let's hope we see the same Zachary we've been seeing lately.

With both teams coming off the same amount of rest, I think that helps us because Durant has to be getting tired playing as many minutes and taking as many shots as he is this week.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Rockets Game 6 5/3

Good win for the Thunder.   Most Rockets fans still found ways to blame it on the refs even though the Rockets took 31 free throws to 16 for the Thunder.   Strange way for the refs to give the game to the Thunder.   Guess it was the refs that made them miss 11 of their free throws also.   I've highlighted some of my favorite comments in bold.  What are yours? 

OKC has done something remarkable this season that almost no other team in the NBA has ever done - become hated by everyone around the league aside from their delusional fanbase thinking Beverly was intending on taking Westbrook the ninja turtle out. If they continue the flopping and the hands in the air and stares at the refs, the endless pouting over fouls that don't exist and whatnot, they're destined to fail.

Let's beat the **** out of methlahoma!

The Thunder don't look like a playoff team without Westbrook!

Kevin Durant, please leave and don't leave anything behind because "THIS IS MY CITY!!!!!!!!" Sweep the Thunder, book them for being infamous.

Beverly will make KD injured, so we can win game6&7.

If we win tonight id kinda feel sorry for westbrook, sitting back watching his team get dominated by the last seed without him being able to do a thing. it's got to be a terrible feeling.

As long as we don't let OKC get out to a huge early lead, I say we got this one.