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Monday, May 6, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Grizzlies Game 1 5/5

As with every game, they complain about the refs giving OKC special treatment.  Sometimes I wonder if they are watching the game or just making it up because that's what they think will happen.  I thought the synchronized flopping video was hilarious.  All in all, Grizzlies fans seem so much nicer than the Houston crowd.   I've highlighted some of my favorites in bold.  What are yours?   Enjoy....

The Season of Redemption Continues... Let KD get his, shut down the rest and don’t let him facilitate for others.

Full court press on Reggie Jackson. If they put Fischer in, Conley to the hoop all day. This is just going to be a tough series for the thunder, no doubt. Not sure how they are going to handle the ball pressure memphis brings.

Early game time is what scares me. Remember, Zach needs a huge lunch to have a great game. He gotta eat at like 10 AM!

Reggie Jackson can't be under-estimated. While he's certainly no Westbrook, he still does have the ability to catch fire at times.

Collison also scares me a lot...he fits in with our grit 'n grind style of play and doesn't seem to be scared of Z-Bo. He is very likely to foul out if Z-Bo starts schooling him, so let's hope we see the same Zachary we've been seeing lately.

With both teams coming off the same amount of rest, I think that helps us because Durant has to be getting tired playing as many minutes and taking as many shots as he is this week.

Ibaka is way overrated. People seem to forget Brooks took him out for the last 20min of the last Grizz-Okc game b/c he was useless

The rockets didn't make Durant work...he brought the ball full court for plays many times...won't happen against us

Ibaka sucks as a post defender. Collison will get more minutes than him.

For some reason I don't believe Nick Collison will be as effective against us as he has in the past. I think that Z-Bo is focused and he will be even better this round than he was last round.

We are ready. The Thunder are weakened, we must go for the kill. No mercy. Leave the blood on the court.

Wow So loud I can’t hear the announcers…

The Growl Towels Really Stand Out Against that Blue... I see you Grizz Nation! Good start…

OKC Fans Stand Until First Basket is Made... Stood for a while there.

Can Marc Gasol even look at the basket on offense

You are a scorer Serge. Keep shooting.

The game is favoring us. They will not beat us with out ISO's.

I hope ZBO shows Collison up this series

Kevin Martin... Cannot allow him to get going.

Somehow he always get phantom foul calls

Are they gonna give Kevin martin the Kobe treatment?

Collison gives me heartburn. Always.

If u'r relying on Fisher...you'r in big trouble..

It wasn't a flagrant, but now I hate Nick Collison....

That's how Collison plays. He's a hard nosed player but not a cheap shot guy. Nothing wrong with it.

Those refs are destroying the game.

Man ... OKC crowd gets their 'Silent Night' on when they are at the line...

Last round we played the floppers, now we have to play the flailers. Does anyone play like men anymore besides us?

Would somebody tell this Jackson dude that he is supposed to SUCK ? Tell him twice - make sure he gets the message.

Do we deserve this type of plays from our guys? I guess they all got drunk and celebrated..Again..

Man I hate that man more than any of the clippers Martin that is

Once again, the announcers seem more excited about our opponents baskets.

There’s the supposedly illegal rip move again. One of Durant’s favorites.

That is such a cheap foul. That move is garbage. They are calling us for touch off ball stuff, and they are letting them play more physical on defense.


That was the slowest drive and dunk in the history of the NBA for Perkins.

Thatbeet is thaworst

It is so annoying how you can’t breathe on Durant at times.

Time for the halftime show where they mostly talk about Durant and showOKC highlights.

Kinda feelin like the refs are gonna swing this game Need to let these boys play

Why doesn't the person guarding KM stick to him like glue? He seems to always be open on the 3 point line

If you're going to foul Durant Make sure he lands on the ground to shake him up.

Durant is doing his best CP3 impression. He is soft.

No one breathe on durant

So irritating how much the refs baby durant

Jackson is showing us what he learned - practicing with Westbrook ...

The refs have definitely made it clear what side they're on

We need to flood OKC with growl towels and grizzlies fans

Seriously our guys are getting abused by refs calls.

I mean does Martin have to fall after every shot?

Can't wait to play spurs or warriors so sick of all commercials for our opponents (KD CP3 griffin).

This team is a bad matchup for us. Their interior defense and team length at every position gives them a significant advantage. Can only imagine how tough it would be if they had Westbrook.

Martin is a terrible defender.

I know for SURE now -> the Thunder are piping in crowd noise. The camera cuts to the crowd .. And they are clapping ... But not ONE mouth is open!

We miss our best defender against KD - Westbrook.

Durant's crossover is a carry.

We look more like the Knicks today than the Grizzlies. Wonder if fatigue is setting in on the short turnaround.

Sir chewbaca Got away with a massive hack there

That's what I don't like about the NBA ..people will shot blocking reputations get aways with hacks...

....more fawning over KD......kiss kiss kiss kiss.......KD so wonderful, amazing KD.....smooch smooch. UGH!

We will win this series.

We just seen what KD can do...I don't think so.

Q is completely useless. What a choke.

Tony on Martin and we win easy

Why so pessimist? We were clear the best team out there.

Thunder survived a game one no reason to lose sleep over this one. Memphis in 6

The troubling part is that with a team that turns the D up in the 4th quarter (unlike the Clips who played with no heart) we cant score -

We got the calls - and had the chances - we had them on the hook - and we let them get away.

The Thunder played a great game ... Durant did what he does ... Martin did his thing too... The Jackson dude is announcing his arrival...

Very frustrating that after a great series agaisnt CP3 Mike gets schooled by 80 year old D Fisher

We also got punked by Fisher oh wowwie. I hope we go out and give him hell next time. Just burn him on offense.

You guys have got to remember this game came down to the 2nd best player in basketball saving the game for his team. That won't happen again this series. We got the hero game out of the way.

We outplayed them in every aspect. If you can’t hit free throws, you don’t deserve to win.

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