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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Rockets Game 6 5/3

Good win for the Thunder.   Most Rockets fans still found ways to blame it on the refs even though the Rockets took 31 free throws to 16 for the Thunder.   Strange way for the refs to give the game to the Thunder.   Guess it was the refs that made them miss 11 of their free throws also.   I've highlighted some of my favorite comments in bold.  What are yours? 

OKC has done something remarkable this season that almost no other team in the NBA has ever done - become hated by everyone around the league aside from their delusional fanbase thinking Beverly was intending on taking Westbrook the ninja turtle out. If they continue the flopping and the hands in the air and stares at the refs, the endless pouting over fouls that don't exist and whatnot, they're destined to fail.

Let's beat the **** out of methlahoma!

The Thunder don't look like a playoff team without Westbrook!

Kevin Durant, please leave and don't leave anything behind because "THIS IS MY CITY!!!!!!!!" Sweep the Thunder, book them for being infamous.

Beverly will make KD injured, so we can win game6&7.

If we win tonight id kinda feel sorry for westbrook, sitting back watching his team get dominated by the last seed without him being able to do a thing. it's got to be a terrible feeling.

As long as we don't let OKC get out to a huge early lead, I say we got this one.

I don't know who I hate more Perkins or fisher

As someone who has always hated OKC It’s hard for me to sympathise with them. Durant has reached a point where he expects everyone to fall his way and gets annoyed when anyone not named Lebron even thinks of challenging him. They have Derek Fisher and Kendrick Perkins. They’re shocked faces for every foul are truly remarkable. They genuinely don’t seem to realize that fouls are called on both teams.

Durant arm-swing automatic foul is the most pathetic. Everyone from the Rockets side should just start arm swinging like a baboon and get the entire OKC team to foul out. Or is that a privilege reserved only for KD?

We're about to find out what the rockets are made of This is gonna be tough, but I think the rockets are the better team

Perkins trying to pull an horry By getting the players ejected

So far, KD has looked like a non-factor. Playing too much point forward.

Love Durant giving it up so other bros can clank threes.

Thanks to okc, asik is good at ft.

I love the fisher boos

OKC is truly different without Westbrook....

Imagine Ibaka getting into a shouting match with Asik. Nobody would understand anything.

KD is not nice

I wish someone would just put Durant on his ass you know they are going to call foul might as well make it count.

Eve the announcers said 'the thunder got away with 2 hard fouls." translation=refs are throwing the game. They don't call obvious fouls

Love that even Hubie Brown is calling out that the Thunder have gotten away with a couple of blatant fouls.

Kevi nMartin with a flop.

I really don't like Durant. He whines about everything..

I hate Martin's voice... I hate everything about this OKC team Durant, Westbrook, Martin, Porkins, Fisher... Bitch ass team

DAMMIT why is it ALWAYS Fisher????

We need to give the ball to whoever Kevin Martin is guarding

They're actually playing better without KD. They're playing harder and not just standing around.

Reggie Jackson is torching all of our PGs.

Harden has been fouled 3 times for ft's but doesn't get em because the nba loves okc

Man, what is happening. Rockets can't buy a SINGLE call, and Thunder simply CANNOT miss.

If Harden got those phantom fouls he’d be at the line 40 times a game.

WHY do they get ALL the fouls!!

Their bench is beating ours Struggling with Durant on the bench is not a way to win this game

F*** you Martin. Play like Game 5

We just need to make him play defense. he’ll go back to crap

Refs have definitely been targeting Beverly since westbrook's hissy fit

Bad news folks, Scott Brooks finally realized that he should play Collison

Jackson's wingspan really make him hard to guard when he get into the paint

Sure the Rockets Were a favorite on paper, but anyone who bet on them is a sucker. There was no way the league would have allowed the Rockets to win this one. They want the next round to start.

Kevin Martin...... We used to have one of those…

Man I am really starting to hate OKC Dumbass flopping cheating players all of them…they are turning into the freaking lakers with all the ref love

Wow, their letting Durant tackle our guys. This isn’t football

I hope someone punches the refs...


I want to see a brawl if the refs are just gonna hand them the game

Its tough to win 3 in a row against a good team..

With refs on there side too almost impossible

**** KD is dirty

Is Nick Collison really this good?

I really hate Kevin Martin. He's a beautiful flopper.

I hate Durant, I hate fisher, and I hate Martin. Heck, I hate them all

The refs are making Durant untouchable..

Go OKC Blunder!

Beverly needs to do a better job containing Reggie Jackson. He's killing us by himself.

Anyone know why Collison isn't playing? Not that I'm complaining.

Because Brooks can't coach.

Don't get Ibaka in trouble we need Collison on the bench

Its only the 3rd quarter and Martin is bricking already

Man, Durant is looking so average. Oh Westbrook, wherefore art thou?

I think the problem is he has been losing sleep over facing us And his own self doubt That and the guy has had to play at such a high level for long minutes just to keep his team in it basically since game 2… he has to be wiped out.

THEY CALLED A FOUL FOR FISHER GRABBING HARDEN I guess the refs realized they've given Fisher enough preferential treatment

I don't even know why there is special treatment for him. Senior citizen discount?

Hahahaa Randolph vs Griffin This is like Malone vs Rodman back in the day

Dang Reggie Jackson might become a really good player PGs just comes out of nowhere these days

I'm still reminding Myself that the NBA will not allow the Rockets to force a game 7 and push back the start of the second round.

I really hate OKC now, they used to be my distant second team....

A lot of their aspects are easily dislikeable.

I don't trust Harden at all.

How does Fisher stay open every single time?

Why it is always freaking Fisher? Why? Why?!

Someone needs to Metta World Peace Fisher

How many times does that d****e, fisher, have to burn you before you finally decide to guard the three point shot. Then again fisher should be with the mavs. Ugh

Let's see Oklahama City Blunder this.

Fisher flopppsss ugghhh

How the hell does Fisher get away with all of these flops?

Harden can't even abuse Derek ****ing fisher

Harden superstar my ars...Turnover machine during clutch

**** you Fisher. You piece of **** Fisher needs to retire

Touch foul on Durant but not the tackle from Fisher on Harden

We need to take some chances on Durant and start closing out these other guys damn Collison, get off the floor soon

Harden single-handedly destroying any chance we have...

The refs killed us

We're getting owned by Derick Fisher

I want mchale gone next year

I want McHale to play the 4 for us next year ;)

I'm glad that okc has no chance to win a championship Fisher shouldn't ever get another ring

Harden 7-22, back to his usual self. Harden was guarded by fish no excuses not to take advantage of the match up

I dunno why people are blaming our players. The reason why OKC is winning is cuz their bench played great.

Seriously, How come Fisher never gets fine flopping so many times?!? He must average at least 3 flops per game. I don't get it

It sucks when the best point guard in the game was Derek Fisher...

Reggie Jackson and Fisher really stepped up tonight against our guards. They were the key to OKC tonight

It kinda sucks that Derek Fisher has completely shut down James Harden

I hope Fisher tears his ACL when trying to flop

R u F##@#$32 kidding me? Timeout with 18.7 seconds left and 9 poinits lead?!!! Scooty Brooks, you and your star player or role players, what a bunch of losers.

Come on Bev, take Fisher out when you foul him. F*** it take the flagrant.

Don't hurt Fisher. I want him to be on the court as the Spurs burn him. I also want to witness a double flop with 2 opposing players.

They're not getting past Memphis

Look's Like Royce White's Tweet Motivated the Thunder.............. Otherwise the Rox win this game.

Lol you are delusional

More like we lost Delfino and Kevin Martin showed up And Collison FINALLY got the playing time he deserved

To be fair, if we hadn't knocked Westbrook out... I think we get swept.

And now the NBA gets to start the second round on Sunday instead of just having one game, ratings FTW

Lol OKC was called for 7 more fouls than us Try harder dude. Did the refs give Kevin Martin his jump shot back?

You can do more damage with no calls than by calling fouls a lot of the time.

Can't wait to see MEM beat OKC. They're owed a grizzly mauling

Lol says the team that does this

Asik's force field?

Lol that is a decent consolation prize, because they will get knocked out next round

I wonder if the true winner tonight is Scotty Brooks If we’d have forced Game 7, I think he’d be for sure fired

it's unbelievable how ineffective Ibaka became after Westbrook's injury

I doubt he would have been fired. He gets a big plus for not playing Perkins today. He’s going to need him against Memphis though.

But then is OKC secretly a loser because Scotty survives to coach another few years?

In the end he has Durant and Westbrook. So he really only has to be an ok coach since the best plays are pretty much set, unless an injury comes up and takes one of them out.

OKC must really hate Houston now. We took away their chance at a championship, and exposed their weaknesses.

Without Westbrook, Memphis is going to kick their ass.

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