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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Grizzlies Game 2 5/7

Tough loss for the Thunder.  But I don't count them out.  They are perfectly capable of winning in Memphis.   In spite of the loss, the comments are fairly amusing.  As always, I've highlighted some of my favorites in bold,  what are yours? 

Grizz need to continue what they have been doing. Ibaka, Perkins, and collision will try and rough up our bigs so get them in foul trouble and dish out when doubles come

We should be able to steal game 2

I still think we have it in 6

KD can will his team to 2 or 3 victories with no help...might not want to give them a recipe to beat us twice in a row..

Durant's jump-shot is unstoppable. He jumps up to like 10 feet then shoots. I like Durant more than Lebron-James, Lebron is just physically stronger. Grizz can't defend Durant's shot but it can makeup for his 30-35 points or double-team him with Tony & Prince and make him tired.

We blew game 1.. Missed free throws, bad late possessions, etc. But if I'm a Thunder fan I would not feel good about this series.. I think we will come out and dominate the series from here on out we are simply just a better team.

We have to stop k mart

Slow KD down and eliminate Martin and Fisher...make non scorers beat you...

Let's keep the crowd standing for 10 minutes.

We can't let Durant move and shoot...

Prince is so worthless

I Love Tayshaun... But Tony Allen needs to be on Kevin Durant. Why he isn’t is beyond me

Starting to realize how boring OKC fans are.

I will be glad when Mike can one day actually "finish" at the rim consistently. This is a matchup that we were supposed to exploit and so far, I think OKC is exploiting it in THEIR favor. Reggie Jackson is bigger, stronger and apparently just as quick and maybe faster. We wont win this series with Mike continually missing at the rim.

Look for Mike to get some fouls if he is left on Punk Martin.

While I cant stand collinson, he does foul like you are supposed to HARD

We need to go right at Thabeet in the post

Give thabust the head fake...falls for it every time

Jackson should not be scoring so easily on us.

Hating the Thunder I know it’s hard to hate the Thunder, but I’m starting to dislike Reggie Jackson.

Howcome they only call us for ticky-tack fouls, b UT the other guys have to hammer us?

How is that not a foul Uh-oh $tern wants the Thunder to win…

Nice to see Some grind towels in the crowd

I love Thabeet's blond hair!

We need to foul Tabeet out He is killing us on the glass. So is everybody else

The Thunder need free throws to stay competitive. It is annoying to see them live off of free throws.

Gasol is letting Thabeet throw him around in those rebounding battles

Bleep you Fisher

I hate that guy... And I never used to He is so cheap

I live in Utah He screwed the Jazz, I’m a Mavs fan, he screwed us :(

Derek Fisher is Outplaying Mike Conley... And in other news, I need a drink.

Durant is going to play the whole game -- would be nice to have a more physical defender on him in first half to wear him down. So he has nothing left in the fourth.

Tony has that "I am playing like an out of control whirling dervish and I am not making smart basketball plays" face on.

Somebody needs to put DFish's old arse on the floor hard when he comes into the lane.

DFisher is all in Mike's grill making him throw up a horrible shot. There is no way Derek effing Fisher is supposed to even be relevant in this game.

Punk Martin is going to eat JBay up and spit him out.

Growl towels really stand out in that sea of blue and white. Good to see em.

Seriously Fisher is killing Mike. We wouldve done better with Westbrook.

I don’t know why Thunder fans hate on Scott Brooks so much. He is out-coaching Hollins right now.

That's not saying much Brooks is mediocre, too. He gets bailed out by having 2 top 10 players. He’s Del Negro with better players.

It must really hurt guys like Blake Griffin and Serge Ibaka who have bodies of steel when they get pushed around by a guy with almost no muscle definition

Coach Hollins - Check yourself into the game! We need somebody who isn't scared to score.

This Thunder team is BAD. Two games in a row with minimal effort, and we are the better team. If we could put together a solid half we'd win by 20.

Durant falls down on his own as the half ends and lays there wondering if the refs realize who he is and why they did not give him his obligatory shooting foul call.

Amazing that we have done a respectable job on Durant but Grandpa Fisher has been a thorn in our side in the first half. I can honestly say that I don't want Fisher to come in for I know he is going to get open 3 look after open 3 look.

Is Prince shaving points?

I hate Durants carry/crossover as much as I hate his flopping

Jackson Just Beat Out Z-Bo for a Rebound...

Why is Jackson playing this well?

The Thunder just seem hungrier. There is no other explanation. We won’t win a one possession game against these guys. Maybe the Thunder are just that good.

Bayless sucks

I can’t decide whether it’s worse that the Thunder is playing Hasheem Thabeet or that we’re playing a 19-year-old rookie point guard in the third quarter of a playoff game

We still have no answer for Durant Double team him, fisher cant keep making shots

Um. This is the playoffs. Fisher hits everything in the playoffs.

Crowd so quite. WOW!

I think you mean quiet.

Maybe it's just me but they've seemed fairly quiet most of the night, particularly since it's a close playoff game. And everyone talks about how it’s so loud out there.

They should have duct taped D.A. To his locker at half time.

Westbrook can be traded.

Ah, the refs, I was wondering when they were coming back into the game for OKC


Its official Kevin Durant has sold his soul to the the devil for all that BS he's hitting

Keep going at ibaka and collison. Now just foul out ibaka and game over. Already Randolph is free to go off.

Marc looks more scared than unselfish right now.

Anybody notice the Grizz fans in the lower bowl..I spotted at least 10 just now

Durant's little pout is childish

Gasol has hooves for hands.

Thanks OKC for letting us get Tony back in by calling the TimeOut.

This first game loss is completely on Hollins. Tony Allen has completely shutdown Durant. Frustrated him out of his game.

Conley is the best pure PG in the game I don't see any player managing his team the way he does

Mike Conley’s blood type is ice water+.

Watch Fisher Guaranteed to do something illegal in the last minute.

Soo obvious they were going to Durant Brooks is useless

I hate fisher Hope he gets embarrassed at the forum

Saying that Mike Conley was clutch is an understatement. Keep the Grit-N-Grind mentality in Game 3. But, one more thing… Practice the freaking FT’s.

Nuggets fan here. I got my bet on you guys since we are out. I hate OKC and the Star calls.

Durant Scored 3 Points in the Last 7 Minutes... Please, PLEASE LIONEL, play Tony Allen.

Hahaha... Charles Barkley is a huge Grizz fan as all of us.

Like I said, Memphis wins. So many of these bipolar hateful so called fans in this forum need a gut check. Glad our boys have more resolve and determination than some of you sitting on your asssses. Can wait to cheer them on Saturday.

Grizzlies have to find a way to contain Durant. Thunders are very little more than Durant and RW. With RW out the Grizzlies are clearly a better team.

Or just keep Martin cold because they can do nothing without a second scorer. Fisher was unusually hot tonight.

What's most encouraging about tonight? We looked like crap the entire tonight until the last 2-3 minutes and still got the win on the road. I think we are a far superior team to the Thunder. It's all about focus and execution at this point.

The commentators did everything they could to jinx the grizzlies. If you noticed, they were making statements to influence peopl into believing the thunder was going to win, in the hopes that the people pulling for the grizzlies would accept the loss.

Kevin Martin was no show in second Half I'm not sure what happen to him but it work.

KD is a star man... Way more than Lebron, I hope we make everything we can to stop him and Win this series.

Martin is like Mayo. He tends to disappear every other or third game. Inconsistent. Probably because he's not physically strong like Westbrook and Harden so it's hard for him to get easy paint buckets

The play of the game was when Tony Allen pulled off the chair to Durant...

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