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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Rockets Game 4 4/30

Durant played 47min last game. No Westbrook. We'll get the win.

Just gotta take it one game at a time. We went on a 4 game winning streak in the regular season right??? Anything is possible.

If the Rockets lose, there will be "We want Howard" chant in 4q.

I'm tired as **** of okc beating us by 2 or 3 points, it's about time we get a W for once.

I'll be there cheering my butt off again. OKC fan beware because I will insult you and am willing to get kicked out. I have nothing to lose.

We will win tonight and we will make history when we win the next four games! Go Rockets!

Dwight's watching tonight's game. We must show him what we are about.

Nice to see everybody gets a red t shirt tonight. Us folks who braved hell n high water Saturday in the upper bowl deserved a tee shirt for showing up !!! Boo on u management ! Just because the cameras didn't see us u went cheapo ?....

Is Jeremy lin completely unavailable? What a loser!!!

Durant better not have the basketball luck on his side in this game .. That last shot in game 3 killed me ...

I just want to see us fight like the Celtics and not give up like the Lakers

Okc closes us out tonite...looking forward to off season

I have a feeling that Kevin Martin will have a big game tonight

The odds are against us without a healthy Lin. He's like a mini-Westbrook. 

Playing without Lin obviously makes us a better, more dynamic team   

Man put on the free red shirts people!!!!

Camera zooms in on rockets crowd
: 30% empty seats 
50% arms crossed 
10% on cell phones
 10% actually cheering

OMG.......Perkins actually gets whistled for a moving screen………

The refs are like the opposite of last game, they are seemingly on the Rockets’ side so far.

Refs may finally favor us. I hope you are watching, Dwight Howard

Here come the weak fouls on durant

Kevin martin has played like shit this series

I'm sick of harden's turnovers. Stop trying to get the **** foul, just play the daam game

OKC lax with a 3-0 lead, gotta open up a lead before they serious.

Ibaka must be shooting like 80%

Harden sucks.

Refs are going to keep this game close.

That injury to lin might be a blessing in disguise since the okc backcourt don't really play D except Sefa

Thunder Treating This as a Throwaway Game........ Durant is riding pine in the first half.

Love that the crowd gives it to Fisher again. What a poster child for unprofessional behavior that guy is.

The officiating has been terrible...who needs Westbrook when you have the officials.

Oklahoma Untouchables

Fisher must die

My goodness KD is just amazing

Durant gets every call...

How in the f*** we are supposed to win even one damn game if the refs call a foul by just breathing on one of the Thunder players?

Refs are seriously rigging it. Rockets can't even touch Durant!

Seriously if Harden was getting the calls Kd is getting he would have 10 FT attempts already.

The thunder are the most protected team in the league, even more than the heat

Harden is horrible..

Harden needs to sit....the game is too big for him.

Ok, I'm starting to believe harden is just trying to help his buddies to the finals.

Whoever called Kmart going off...well, idk whether to give you props or curse you.

At least three times a game, harden passes to the wrong team

Harden led the league in turnovers so this isn't new

This game is fixed, I have no doubt!

Rox ain't winning no championship with the beard.

Until Lebron retires no ones winning anything with anyone

Harden is ****ing trash....no mid range..no post game...who does a ****ing floater in the post other than Shawn Marion?

Parsons needs to stick to Fisher. At least Durant is turning the ball over like Harden as well.


Durant's the only superstar on the court. Harden doesn't deserve that title anymore

Harden is not clutch and is not Max player. He got exposed by OKC bigtime. Without foul calls, he sucks.

C'mon we got Fishers old a** draining 3s - can SOMEBODY freakin cover someobody!?!?

****! I wish Dan Crawford can ref every nba game

Durant jumps on/thru a lil girl and lady in the first row - soo much effort, so much fire.

People were hugging Durant when he dove into the crowd.... What happened to spilling every drop of your drink on an opposing player?

All of OKC fans are probably delightful that Harden aint in their team!!

YOU CAN'T LOOK AT KD Without gettinga foul called

Breathe on Kevin Durant and you run the risk of a flagrant.

Every team we played that complained about Harden getting calls.. The ones Durant gets are worse. No question.

Harden is still mistaking his old teammates with his new ones. Just giving away possessions.

Harden is exactly the type of player who wants to give durant more rest. Man. Their camraderie is amazing.

If only we still had Lamb

Damn you Kevin Durant And your silky smooth jumpers

It's baffling how easily he shoots over a 7 footer

I hate Derek fisher more than anyone else in the nba

Probably not gonna win when our superstar is the other team's 2nd best player

I'm convince Harden is throwing this game on purpose.

You know, I think Durant may one day play for the Rockets. Because Harden threw this game for him.

Fisher should receive a call from the league for that flop as well as a hefty fine...that kind of up$$y **** during crunch time damages the integrity if the game.

I never understand why players leave fisher open in these situations, he's been doing this his whole career wtf

Durant is NBA version of Jon "Bone" Jones in UFC. There is no answer for him. So Athletic yet unselfish.

Can Houston media please cry about this officiating.

KD will be on the line every time down....bank it.

Refs trying to give it to OKC lol. **** outta here with this bull****.


I hate Derek fisher so ****ing much


The thunder aren't getting past the second round.

They need to foul Durant as hard as they can when they are going to foul him. Don’t give him any cheap FT’s

I would love to see some hybrid of wrestling and basketball Where it would be okay to smack the refs

Sometimes you really got to hand it to durant. Guy is impossible to guard.

Durant is not very good at defense

Fisher just got Durant hurt.

Durant rammed that table... How long til Perkins sets a hard screen on it?

I really hope Durant wasn't trying to argue that foul. No one is THAT much of a superstar.

He was telling them to delete the pictures So they don't make no poster out of it

Durant needs to develop that lebron assasin look and I just saw it... Phew.. I'm scared.

How dare did delfino's jersey get caught up in durant's fingers? FOUL!

Harden just wants to be the hero, what a black hole.

Fisher sucks chants. I love it

Man, thunder really need WBs ball handling.

OMG these refs are relentless

The refs will ensure that this game ends in heartbreak for the Rockets.

Derek fisher is a dick i’m so happy is gonna get beat up by the grizzlies If they play the clippers I expect to see a double flop

I'd like nothing more Than him to lose his memory and championship rings in a tragic car accident

I hope the Thunders are proud 2nd best player in the league on the team and they still neeed 6th, 7th and 8th man help on the court

I hope they don't tell Jackson to stop shooting... Its the role of the thunder pg to ignore Kevin durant

When you got Durant and Martin on the floor and the person jacking 3’s is Jackson, I’ll take it.

Who do you think the new coach for the Thunder will be? Stan Van Gundy? Or McMillian?

Kevin durant is amazign by the way. Did I say that?

Absolute travesty what the refs are doing to us

Durant is insane

He is fairly decent at basketball.

We we didn't lose this game, and its not for lakc of trying


4/30/2013 The day the Rockets beat the NBA refs!

Well the Refs tried hard enough for us not to win this game that’s for sure! Go Rockets! You deserved this win!

Harden should be traded. The guy is a ball hog. We have found our new sg. Garcia for 5 years max contract.

From the 3:15 mark in the 4th to the end of the game we scored ONE point

The problem with OKC is that they don't run plays for Ibaka.

Rockets (1-3) >>>> Lakers (0-4) LOL

If any team can come back from down 0-3, it’s the 2012-2013 Houston Rockets. Against the Thunder? Maybe not. But we’re sure as hell gonna try

If we can actually win a game in OKC...I'll start to really believe But for now I’m not feeling it….. Yet. But without Westbrook, OKC isn’t the same dominant team…they are quite mortal……

They are like a better version of the Rockets, mostly because of Serge Ibaka.

Funny how K-mart played in this game. He was on fire to begin the game, but he ended up trying too much later on leading to bad shots and turnovers. And then he was invisible in the 4th quarter.

Typical Kevin Martin... On NBA 2k13 its one of his signature skills

If that were Princess Durant who drove into Asik on the last play, it would've been called a blocking foul. No doubt in my mind


Thank you Ibaka! For pulling that clutch Jermaine O'neal-esque move. The Thunder are not getting past the 2nd round, hell they might not even pass the 1st

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