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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Jazz 4/9

Jazz fans don't seem like a bad bunch.   They did complain some about the officials but felt that the officiating was more for the Lakers than the Thunder.   Some fun comments and I've put some of my favorites in bold.  What are yours? 

A win for us here would be an even bigger loss for the lakers tonight. GO JAZZ

Maybe the Thunder will rest Westbrook and Durant and take it easy on us.......

Jeremy Evans owns Kevin Durants skinny butt

Marvin Williams (flu) & Kevin Murphy (skin infection) are game-time decisions for #OKCatUTA.

What will we do without Murphy?

Not infect everyone else's skin?

WE should get more fouls now that we are home.

Keeping Westbrook in front of his man is next to impossible, though. With the league not calling palming.....Westbrook has developed an almost impossible move to the basket to stop no matter how much space you give him! If he had half a brain.....he'd be MVP for sure! Still plays out of control more than he should....and Durant can be a turnover machine! We've got a chance, but not much of one!

I want to see Durant get frustrated like the last time the Thunder came to town.

Holy empty seats

I had a dream last night that the jazz were playing okc in the playoffs and were up 2-0 in the series.

Ambien gives you some ****Ed up dreams, huh?

Send in Kevin Murphy! He's got something to get under Durrant's skin and irritate him a little bit. No, I'm serious. The jazz should have Murphy wipe an entire stack of towels on his skin infection and stack them up for the Thunder to use. Marvin should go flu sneezing all over them too. Just in case we meet them in the first round.

We all know the Thunder a a much better team but as long as the Jazz show the same fight (or hopefully even more) as they did in the GSW game I can live with whatever the outcome.

With the Chunder coming off a significant loss, chasing a high play-off seed, I can only reasonably conclude that this will stack up to a Win for the Jazz. I'm calling it now.

....more than likely, Durant will go off for 40 on us.....and Westbrook will probably out do him!

These OKC announcers have zero personality...

Boy, the Jazz just don't have anyone the caliber of Westbrook or Durant.

I swear it looked like Durant was about to give that girl a lap dance

Did anyone hear that woman in the background yell "Go Thunder!!"

Right now we are suddenly reminded: “Oh yeah … the Thunder are really good, and the Jazz are just okay.”

Oh golly, that block...... Ibaka’s good

It's good to see Corbin return to form. I was worried after the last game that maybe he'd been possessed by a capable coach.

I hate that he's the coach. I really, really do.

Jazz look like they're playing in slow motion compared to Thunder.

Ibaka is scared of favors..... Favors forced him to travel and then forced him into an airball

He's not why we are losing, but I hate watching Al play basketball. If he is on the team next year, I kid you not, I'm cancelling my satellite service.

Why don't players ever follow their shots?

They want to pose and look epic And then it clanks, and they say “Wait. What?”

Westbrook is such an actor.

I just can't stand his smug face It makes me want to smack my head on the piano

Just seeing Derek Fisher on the bench gives me a mad

The fun thing is this He basically let the entire world know that he’s a putz. Before it was our little secret, but now after Cuban’s rant it’s well-known.

OK. Who doesn't hate the Fish. I loathe him.

Everyone else is realizing what we all knew years ago. That he is a scumbag.

OKC are fantastic actors. Wish we had some thespians on their level

Lol Stern paying these refs to get Lakers into playoffs That was not a foul before the shot. BS

Favors- the Durant stopper?

I mentioned it. Stern could rig this game easy, and people would easily accept it was because OKC is good.

I really want ibaka to foul out Really

I'm trying to remember if we hosed other teams during our finals years Because of cheap calls all the time like these guys are benefiting from.

I think you have to be in a major market to get the Stern treatment Remember, OKC isn’t getting these calls for them, these calls are for the Lakers.

That was a goaltend on Favors, but I'll take it. We deserve at least one call given the crap Durant gets.

Millsap is killing the Jazz.

Paul Millsap makes Nick Collison look like the hero of Gulliver's Travels

Westbrook is penetrating at will. We're lucky he shoots poorly.

Ibaka is killin' us.

If freaking Tinsley, who hasn’t been a legit NBA player in 4 years, makes the Jazz suddenly look better on offense, what would a real PG who was actually good do for this team?

Have Favors bring the ball up Anything has to be better than Mo’s negative 9

We could always just roll the ball down the court and hope no one picks it up til it gets to the free throw line

I know the refs have been lousy But I loved them that last sequence. Foye flops, trying to get 3 FT’s, Thunder guys flop on the rebound. The refs just stare at everyone for a while, letting the sissiness sink in, and then gesture Jazz ball.

I thought pushing off the defender is an offensive foul? Lovin’ the no calls.

Well because Stern wants the Lakers in the playoffs. We know this

If Harden was still on this team, we'd be down 30.

If refs weren't paid off by Stern we’d be winning

Here's a thought. What if the Jazz lose every game to end the season miss the playoffs and the jazz fire Ty! I'd take that.

I wonder what OKC would want for Jackson. He's improving at a steady pace.

Honest Question Would Ostertag improve this team?

Your honest questions are disturbing

At least I didn't pull out this question... Would Mark Jackson make this team better?

Yes if he was coaching the Thunder.

Thunder and the Nuggets games show we have no business being in the playoffs....

On the bright side... Who really wants to watch four games of this against the Thunder?

Collison and Perkins set devastating screens Haven’t seen a Jazz player screen like that all year

I am really baffled about what happened to our team's screens.

Screens don't show up in the box score And don’t help you get a big contract the next year.

Russell Westbrook is everything that is wrong with today's NBA I HATE that guy

I think Durant is trying to get that final assist to get a triple double.

Holy shot Westbrook is fast. That dunk was filthy.

He is a top 10 player in the NBA

That dunk was so filthy all of ESA tried to wash their mouths with soap The guy in me that just likes good basketball just about died there. Incredible.

It worries me how badly OKC suffocated our offense tonight

This team is custom built to defend the Jazz They have a super long PF shotblocker that Sap has no chance against with Ibaka, and they have Perkins and Collison who are both good ISO post defenders. Then they have quick and long guards and wings who play passing lanes, against a very predictable offense.

We saw this all game. The Thunder defense was always a step ahead of the Jazz offense.

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