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Friday, April 12, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Warriors 4/11

Warriors fans seem like a good bunch.  There were a few complaints about the refs but also some realistic fans who set them straight. The comment about the commercial where the kid picks the Hawks and Wolves to play cracked me up because I think the same thing every time I see it.    Some of my favorites are  in bold.  What are yours? 

Warriors ridin high, they'll win.

Pretty cool how visible Durant was while he was here

I want the Dubs to win so MJ can say the Thunder are in the rear view mirror.

Hey look the games finally on! **** you TNT! Took you long enough

****ing Westbrook.....


Do the Thunder hang old Sonic banners in their current arena? I always thought it sucked that the Sonics became the Thunder( well actually glad because I really hated the thunder mascot for the dubs).

Who the hell wants to see the hawks play the wolves...that commercial cracks me up!

Whoa, Bogut got STUFFED

Perkins abusing Bogut.

Ibaka made a 3? Wtf

So Ibaka's a stretch 4 now?

Perkins is on freaking fire WTF.

I'm not sure which block was worse, Perkins out of position stuffing Barnes in mid-air or Bogut with an open dunk and Ibaka just emerging out the shadows to send to half court

So, the refs don't seem to want to blow the whistle for us...not a good sign.

Every f***ing time martin kills us, can you **** put bazemore on him or someone

How did Fisher get that call? Ridiculous.

Wow we got 2 calls in a row

Now bogut is gone...... Hes not even on the bench ....

Where did he go???? Maybe home to Australia?

We are playing pretty good and still down by 6... Damn, the Thunder are good.

Of course the dubs get shafted on national TV not having a play by play man

Hate you Martin

Let Westbrook shoot. As long as it's not Durant or Ibaka

Westbrook can get hot any time, though.

he's pretty average efficiency-wise While KD is insanely efficient

Refs been pretty brutal both ways

Fisher will cost the Thunder the game

How did Reggie Miller just turn that into a conversation about the Lakers?

They just talk ball not the game at hand

Do they even know which two teams are playing?

I hate Kevin martin

Wow martins the only ones you need to stay on...

K- Mart when he see Oracle He light up any other Stadium he suck

So kmarts the dub killer of the day

When he's not killing the dubs He dreams about killing the dubs

Thank you for NOT calling a foul on that KMart flop

I'm sick of flopping.. If I was Stern I would make the penalty a $1 million dollar fine and a one game suspension. Boom. No more flopping

Players like Blake or Rubio would be the first players ever to have to declare bankruptcy while still BEING in the league

Why don't we sign Martin and sit him on the bench or send him to Santa Cruz That take care of that… being a Dubs killer

Lee cant guard the Fish

Whoa, we got an arguable call Fisher got called for the charge

Refs love us

Now we're picking on Fisher, cool

Nice the Fish is helping us

They asked Curry on the radio, "How do you beat OKC." Curry said "You have to stop their big runs and not play from to far behind." Well, wtf Warriors...

OKC is simply the better team. We would have to play perfect basketball to even have a chance at beating them and we still might lose.

They better hope they don't match up with OKC or its gonna be a very short post season for them.

Wish the Warriors had a Durant

We need to comeback and win or punch kmart in the face Either option will suffice

Westbrook hitting 3's is ridiculous

Did Jack really think he could shoot over Durant?

He doesn't think, he just shoots

This fool Ibaka does it all

They get a lot of free throws huh? How do they do it? How, do, they, do it?

Would be nice if the refs called it the same both ways.

Refs have been fine, there's been sh*TTY calls both ways. The only drastic bad call was on Fisher in the 1st half.

Please retire, Fisher.

Durant yelling after a dunk always makes me laugh It seems so forced and unnatural. And scrawny.

How do they get to the line so often? I have no clue.

Harden taught them well

We look like a cats toy Thunder Cats

How can u let Sefolosha hit 3s? Ohhhh Currys guarding him sigh

OKC has no nerves, that's all we got

Ive said it before but we cant play good defense against these superstar teams because if you press hard the refs call a foul

Were so bad they can get away with playing thabeet lol

Wasn't Thabeet was someone we're supposed to laugh at?

Hey look Fisher dah flopper

Fisher, the biggest leech in the world

I'll forever dislike Fisher

Anyone with integrity will He has no loyalty to his union or to fans, SCREW HIM

One thing I like about Fisher he’s scoreless from the field.

Who the f is cheering for Fisher to hit that shot?

Thunder know exactly what's coming before the Warriors do it They do their film study well.

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