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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Blazers 4/12

Poor Blazers fans are stuck in that terrible spot where they aren't good enough to make the playoffs but aren't bad enough to get a top pick.  The Celtics were there for a long time so I know how frustrating it is.  As always, my favorites are in bold.  What are yours? 

We should include a poll in this one.. "when will the game be over?" before tipoff, 5 minutes into 1st quarter, end of 1st, halftime, and #tankwithus

There's a chance we win this game, but then again there's also a 'chance' I'll get struck by lightning while I'm sitting on the toilet. Of course there's always a chance OKC starts resting guys.

Much as I hate the Thunder and would like to beat them, I will take comfort from the fact that a loss will help to set up a Lakers-OKC first round matchup, meaning that one of my two most hated franchises has to be eliminated in the first round.

Somehow I missed this news earlier: Hasheem Thabeet is starting.

BTW that feels a little insulting. “We’re so sure we’re winning this game that we’re starting The Beat tonight.”

Hopefully Durant won't make any "menacing gestures" tonight....

Durant needs 60 pts to pass Melo... Durant meet the Blazers’ defense. You don’t see anything you say? …that’s normal.

Every time I see someone flail their arms around for no reason I cringe. Announcers praise Durant and Harden and the like for “drawing” fouls, I just think it’s cheap.

I have to say that I can't stand the Thunder isolation- I mean offense.

And with the number one pick, the Portland Trailblazers pick......Kevin Durrant....ahhhh to dream...

Why did we let Thabeet go? He's a defensive center.

His brain is not connected with his body

When sefalosha is looking like an all-star.....it's time to go home.

Westbrook moves like a guy who's going to end up with a knee injury. It’s almost unnatural.

Surprising how he hasn't missed a single game in his NBA career.

OKC's biggest stroke of luck, other than getting the second pick, is finding guys who are scary durable.

Stop Sefolosha! You're not suppose to do this to us!

Why doesn't Fisher go away?

I don't care about how many people say he's such a nice guy Still one of my least favorite players of all time. A flopper and a Laker.

Thunder play really well Or our defense is just that bad

C. Both A & B

Crazy that Durant doesn't even lead his team in shots attempted.

Yes Russell westbrook is crazy

He's a fantastic player, but there's no way he should have more FGA than KD.

Yep, KD's fault though Because he’s so cool about it (or says he is)

Yeah and on pace for the 50/40/90 club and to lead the league in scoring. He's an amazing player

Whos that female screaming her lungs off while Joel shoots free throws... Kick her out

Hasheem Thabeet's mom

Their passing is crisp, ours is just spazzy

Dam on replay that poster on sephalosha was vicious

Yeah, Barton cocked it all the way back with 2 hands and slammed it over that fool.

Ibaka's only 23?

Well, that's a Congolese 23. So he might actually be 28.

This is why I hate OKC So much of their offense is predicated off of intentionally drawing iffy fouls.

I like how the refs are making sure Lillard knows he's not Russel Westbrook by calling random fouls on Lillard when Russel has the ball.

If we lose tonight. We are one 76er win and one more PDX loss to being the 11th spot in the lottery.

"Unmitigated disaster" sounds about right for this quarter.

And yet only outscored by 9.

Statheads who peg Portland as a bad defensive team are incorrect. They don’t play defense in the first place.

I think Thabeet was knocked out right there He had that look

Thabeet's team mates are certainly unconcerned.

Geez westbrook Get pumped for nothing why don't you

Can't stand his antics.

I really hate the Thunder... And most of it is Westbrook. I think Durant is a good dude. Westbrook is a cocky piece of shit.

He's near the top of my least favorite player list There are a lot of guys I really don’t like, so that’s an accomplishment

Well, this was what I expected for the whole game So the game is still an upgrade.

Yep this is basically how the OKC-GSW game went last night Except we are worse than the warriors obviously

I haven't seen Damian getting abused on offense and defense this season Russel is really good

Everybody has trouble with Westbrook. There’s a reason he’s an All-Star.

Every hero has his origin, every comeback has it's beginning Every rose has it's thorn And Damian’s thorn appears to be Russ Westbrook

My roommate just came in and asked me why every PG in the league goes off against his Lakers I had to work hard to refrain from LOLing

Where does okc find these gems? Reggie Jackson? Smh

I will take delight in watching this OKC team miss winning a title every single season of KD's and Westbrook's career.

Well that sucked

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