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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Rockets Game 3 4/27

Lots of complaining about the refs. They did call it tight, but not one sided. There are a few posts wishing injury on players and on Joey Crawford but for the most part, Rockets fans were sorry to see Russ hurt. Lots of good stuff here. Which comments were your favorites?

We got this, I feel like if we can beat okc well go all the way to the finals, this teams improving every game, so much fun to watch

Let's show them that they picked the wrong team to mess around with....especially to Perkins.....

I still don't understand why people are so mad at Perkins. It's the ref who should have called.

Classless player and an even worse human being off the court.

Rockets will take game three, and calls will be on the rockets side considering the bad call in game two.

We should get 3-4 extra points from technicals and cheap shots.

Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons said what Beverly did was unnecessary smh

If we "Beverly" Durant, this may be the biggest upset ever!

It's amazing that a team with Durant and Westbrook was still bad enough to get the number 3 pick.

Couldn't be a better guy to step in than Derek Fisher. I don't expect much of a drop off for the Thunder. Unfortunately, they've still got more healthy talent than we do.

You don't expect a drop off from Westbrook to Fisher? Come on bro

Real curious to see if any Thunder's players will try to get someone on the Rockets injured.

You can count on Derek Fisher to take a cheap shot at someone.

Without Westbrook all we need to do is Double Durant every possession. Make his skinny ass work for it. Let their role players beat us.

Are floods affecting attendance??? Holy empty seats!!! At first I thought it was full, then I realized most are just white shirts!

Omg our stadium is so embarrassing.

Not Houston's fault it's flooding too hard to get to the stadium

Perkins starts the game off by being an asshole, refs punish Rockets...

I knew he was gonna do it...bev should've seen it coming...he should've tried to put his shoulder into perk

And there's the game plan. Harden with two immediate fouls.

Refs: "Don't worry Durant, we got this."

Reggie Jackson is good. This worries me.

Joey Crawford is a piece of shit. Why couldn't he drown somewhere before the game

If this shit keeps up I’m gong to stop watching. I hate rigged basketball.

So much for homecourt advantage

Can we just tear Perkins ACL? Or kill his family?

NBA wants to make sure OKC at least gets to the 2nd round!

It's embarrassing how many empty seats are in the arena right now. I know it's raining something awful - but this is the playoffs!

Joey Crawford stepping up for WB injury!

Joey Crawford has an OKC jersey on

Stern must be afraid that without Westbrook, we'll take the series from this team...and he would NEVER let that happen...

I really really really Really really really hate Delfino. Why is he allowed to live?

We have a chance if we can get ibaka in foul trouble...otherwise

We came out fine until the fouls started Started w/ that punk Perkin move on Bev and Tech on Garcia.

Asik is useless

i wont be surprised if sombody throws a beer bottle at Perkins

Delfino is garbage

Ibaka v. 4 Rockets. Ibaka gets the rebound. Sad.

At least Crawford is calling it on both ends...he is the only official making every single call Those other 2 officials must be scared of him

Kevin Durant is as good as Lebron when he gets the most touches on the team.

Bev has to be careful OKC and refs are out for him tonight.

Prediction: Our entire team will be fouled out by halftime and the Rockets will have to forfeit. Joey Crawford gets a 15 year extension after this game.

We'd be in this game if Joey Crawford wasn't officiating

Wow, KD is the best player in the NBA.

When he's not Held back by Westbrick, pretty damn close.

If there is a sweatier human than Kendrick Perkins on this planet, I haven't seen him.

The difference is coaching... One team runs sets..the other doesn't!!

I can't tell whose side Joey is on. And wtf is up with all these damn bandwagon fans cheering for OKC?!

I wonder how WB feels seeing KD go off like this w/out him.

I'm more interested in who scores more. KD or Rox?

Jeremy Lin's out, playing with a dead arm out there

Not that he used it much before he hurt it

Durant just slapped (?) Lin on his injured chest after he already called a timeout. Omg what a nasty play!

KD took a cheap shot at Lin as he called time out, take f***ing Durant’s knee out now. It’ll be worth the fine

Remember, KD isn't nice anymore

He'll get a lot nicer If you tear his ACL….

I wouldn't be mad if Joey Crawford had a heart attack

I am officially embarrassed. We are getting crushed and they don't even have Westbrook.

Only harden could let Kevin freakin Martin blow by him like that.

KD is a thug

It's official, I HATE the Thunder and Durant is a full on *itch

KD can talk all the smack he wants, he'll be the one bounced by CP3 in the next round.

Durant could easily drop 40 on any given night if the Thunder didn't have Westbrick.

I want Durant to eat his word...he "owns our city" f*** that

Someone needs to put Durant on his ass next time he tries to dunk.

Gawd. Not even everyone is buying into the "wear the free white tshirts so we can look cool" idea that every other team in the playoffs does.

Man, the refs are really swallowing hard on the whistles when we drive, but when the Thunder drives it's a whistle everytime.

Four white shirts, and Ibaka gets the rebound.

David Stern is punishing us for Beverley taking out Westbrook. He's being pretty blatant about it too, to serve as a warning.

Where's Beverly? I need someone to ~accidentally~ knock out Joey Crawford unconscious. I know Rockets are playing like garbage, but I can't take his attention whoring reffing abuse any longer.

If these refs were even halfway fair, this game would be close.

After tonight, I sincerely hope that Durant never even sniffs another Finals, and that he forever be know as Dominique Wilkens II

Durant wants everyone to think he's a tough guy. Mr. Doodle Jump

I've been reading online that Durant is actually a nice guy but dude's acting like a little punk out there tonight.

What do you choose? Be a nice guy not winning or be a punk and be holding the trophy?

I really dislike these Thunder players. A bunch of spoilt brats. New most hated team, will cheer their demise in these playoffs!

If It Weren't for Durant..........Joey Crawford would be the star of the game…………….

Turn on them Joey! You can still get us back in this!

Durant seems like he isn't used to handling the ball this much and getting this many shots. He’s forgotten he can just rise up and shoot

Please. Harden. Push all of ibaka’s buttons. The less ibaka plays, the better our chances.

Hate to say it but that T on Ibaka was totally uncalled for. Joey trying to make this game all about him.

Where's Thomas Robinson when you need him I just need him to give Kevin Durant a Thigh bruise or chest contusion

I kindah love durant. I want him completely healthy and scary for the upcoming Lebronapocalypse.

I don't think that's happening this year Maybe next year

I think the thunder have a chance. Durant and Ibaka’s improvement is really really good. Without Westbrook, I think R. Jackson will defer to durant a whole lot more. Thabeet and Collison. Ronnie Brewer. K. Mart. J. Lamb.

Westbrick is the only player who can shut down Durant and he’s not there anymore.

I love how completely shocked anyone on the Thunder is any time there is a foul called on them for literally anything they do.

Durant isn't used to taking this many shots. It takes a while to get used to freedom

Okc cannot run offense without westbrook

We are so lucky they can't score right now

Its going to be hard watching all the calls that go durants way toward the end of this game.

Francisco GODcia = Durant's kryptonite.

Someone else needs to immediately switch. Harden can never, EVER be on KD.

Should make KD play defense, attack him

You do realize that KD is an amazing fast learner. I don’t want to involve kd in anything. Let’s have him not be in any play.

Did he get any rest so far?

It doesn't matter. he’s really good.

This is where they miss Westbrook No one to break down the defense when Durant gets a little cold.

These refs are giving the Thunder all the help they need

I hate Derek Fisher so much.

Fisher kills us again

I feel like we need to build a lead, I don't like any scenario where durant could win a game with a shot..

The refs are screwing us

Stern has told the refs Durant must be portected

I guess okc is immune to fouling?

I'm going to kill Harden. He didn't even try. Take him out, he is doing nothing but failing us down the stretch.


Perkins and Fisher?

Hey look at me I'm Joey Crawford I'm part of the game..****ing sick.

This is where Durant isn't as good as Kobe. All plays aside, there just isn't as much concentration on the release. Very Tmac like

5 on thabo, 5 on perk Get em out get em out

It seems like the thunder are getting all the ticky tacky calls and we arent getting calls even when there is sufficient contact

Martin gifting us some bad shots

Quadriple team durant!

No way OKC can get this one

OKC are a dirty f***ing team

I swear everything goes thunders way every ****ing thing...

OMG how many turnovers did harden have... This is the game guys. Harden really did single handedly lose this one.

Harden might want to let durant sweep us. Just so his buddy goes to face 2nd round untired.

I hate durant

****ing lucky ass skinny ass ugly damn ****head Durant. That shot was all luck

Will be sweet when okc gets destroyed by the rest of the west

Durant is a punk....he really isnt that nice as ppl try to promote him to be...he got a lil nasty in that punka**, saw him played dirty against the jazz in the reg season

Stupid a** harden and his no look pass AGAIN ****ing idiot a**hole, thanks for ruining everything and ending our playoffs, damn you

Sports gods hate Houston

Such a bummer, we deserved to win

Harden....once a choker, always a choker

Durant is such a cold blooded player, Harden just doesn't have what Durant has right now but I hope it comes in the future.

Durant is no where near Lebron. He's soo passive for the supposed #2 player in the league

OKC won because they got all the calls. KD is Stern's chosen one. F*** Durant F***OKC F*** Joey Crawford F*** my life

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